Boars of Education Meeting

Board of Education Meeting Tuesday February 9, 2016 at 6 p.m. at the Hamburg Administration Building.

The auditors of Bahgat & Laurio- Bahgat will be present at 6 p.m..

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Stone faced Bores of Education met with real parent concerns

It was a standing room only crowd of disgruntled parents at the February 9, 2016 Bores of Education meeting.  Moms and Dads are angry as hell.  Two significant real* issues seem to be at the core of the parental distress:  the busing of children to Saints Peter and Paul Roman Catholic School, and the policy recently adopted in the schools for young people who identify as transgendered.   Transgendered students can elect to enter the rest rooms and gym locker rooms with which they identify.  The taxpaying parents were made to sit for several hours during the dull meeting awaiting for public comments.   The the bores sat stone cold as parents addressed real concerns for their little ones sitting on buses for hours, transferring through the Hamburg Middle School and generally being exposed to an unsafe inappropriate school transportation plan. **

* real. adjective.  actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact, not imagined or supposed.

** tip to parents:  check out the transportation budget line,  the busing bidding process or lack there of in Hamburg Central Schools, the fuel supply and costs of running the buses and the oodles of transportation devices enjoyed by none other than Hamburg king of the cheese bus Mr. K. Fisher of Fisher Bus. He has been spotted showing up to schools in his little Porsche.
From the website of Fisher Bus, one can see that the company was started for the sole purpose of driving Hamburg kids to school.   It appears that as a single bus provider, with little to no competitive bidding, the bus is wagging the district.  


Fisher Bus Service came to inception when we started service to the Hamburg Central School District with the purchase of two buses.


Purchased two additional buses to service the Hamburg Central School District.


Successfully bid and awarded contract for full service of the Hamburg Central School District, operating with ten school buses.


Successfully bid and awarded contract for service of the Orchard Park School District. We were the successful bidder for twenty-three routes.

Present: 68 AND COUNTING

Our current fleet consists of sixty-eight school buses! Operating regular routes for the Hamburg Central School District and the Orchard Park School District, and available for charter services for all types of groups and organizations.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Cornell's Coffee Klatch

Here you have it Hamburg, a chance to meet the Superintendent of Schools, and "klatschen" in a relaxed setting.   

Some interesting proposals for chatter might be to ask the superintendent about the Petition filed with the NYS Education Commissioner to have Cornell removed from his position.  In the Petition, the parent of a youngster, requests the Commish ouster Cornell for lying about a district student. Cornell was only on the job for weeks at the time the Petition was filed.   There has been no discussion of the Petition in front of the Commissioner, which reportedly also seeks the removal of Flynn, Yovienne, Heeter and others from the Board.  Yet, the public has not heard one iota of discussion about this matter, and there is not one single mention of indemnification in any of the published bored of education minutes.  

So, Hamburg residents, should you care to wag chins with Mr. Cornell, he has opened the door.  Now, open your mouths and ask some hard questions of the Superintendent of last resort.  As the District primes for another school budget season, its time for the call for more tax payer dollars.  If a conversation about his removal doesn't strike your fancy, perhaps a query about the District's reckless expenditures might be hit closer to your pocket book. 

"The Hamburg Central School District invites school district residents to join Superintendent Michael Cornell for coffee and conversation in a relaxed setting. This is an opportunity for you to engage in one-on- one dialogue with the Superintendent of Schools."

All meetings are from 8:8:45 p.m. except on 2/29/16 which is 4:45-5:15 p.m. *
2/12/16 Boston Valley School 7476 Back Creek Road  
2/22/16 Armor School 5301 Abbott Road
2/25/16 Charlotte Avenue School 301 Charlotte Ave.
2/29/16  Union Pleasant School 150 Pleasant Ave.
*Those of you who work are out of luck 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Superintendent Cornell creates labor unrest with Hamburg teachers union

The Hamburg teachers union have filed an arbitration motion to address a teacher's grievance for an alleged violation of the teacher's contract agreement.

Superintendent Cornell, who is facing removal from his position as Hamburg Superintendent resultant of a petition filed with the New York State Education Commissioner for allegations he is a liar, is now at odds with the teachers in Hamburg.

The Hamburg School Board voted 3-4 against the teacher grievance which prompted the union to address the labor violations in an arbitration hearing.   Arbitration is an expensive final option to sort out labor disputes.

Cornell, who has served less than one year in Hamburg,  is exhibiting a dreadful lack of skills necessary to direct a school district.  Less than one year ago, Cornell arrived in Hamburg as the Superintendent of last resort.   A short stroll down memory lane will serve as a reminder of the B.S. Cornell churned when he arrived in Hamburg.  So, how much has Mr. Cornell's inexperience cost the Hamburg tax payer?  One can only wait until budget season and the inevitable request for more hard earn dollars to fund the incompetence of inexperience.

THE B.S. STARTS AT 8:30, save yourself the pain of listening to Yoviene.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hamburg Parent files a petition with NYSED to have Mr. M. Cornell, Hamburg Superintendent removed for willful and intentional misconduct.

This is a repost from June 2015.  Mr. Cornell with less than 3 months on the job was already fabricating to parents, and not telling the truth in sworn documents.     An email that was recently received by Concerned Hamburger from the parent, outlined the petition filed with the New York State Education Commissioner for the removal of Mr. Cornell as superintendent of schools.  Oddly, upon examination of the Hamburg School Board minutes since June 2015, there is no mention of the petition to remove Cornell and the entire school board for denying and education and due process to a young student in the district.   It is understood that a vote of the boars of education is necessary to engage indemnification.  Who is paying of the legal defense of Cornell and the boars?  Where is the Hamburg Community?  In June 2015, with less than 3 months on the job, Cornell had an administrative proceeding filed against him at NYSED to remove him as superintendent of schools.   This is very serious business.   It would seem that as a newbie superintendent, Cornell would tread lightly in his first few years.   It would also seem that if he really wanted to demonstrate an enthusiasm for his position, he would stay out of trouble and do what is in the best interests of the students, parents and taxpayers.  One would think that that Community would have had a wake up call with the dishonest theatrics of Richard Jetter, and so it seems that Mr. Cornell isn't much better.  

June 2015 POST:

Gee that didn't take long.

A parent of a Hamburg student has filed several petitions, on behalf of their child,  with the New York State Education Department because of alleged denial of due process by the Hamburg Central School District.     It has been reported to Concerned Hamburger, that a parent of a student, allegedly mistreated and denied due process and access to educational services, filed a petition to have Mr. M. Cornell and certain members of the Hamburg School Board removed from their judge and jury perch.   Other allegations in the petition claim that big boy mall-cop James Martinez, and attorney Andrew Freedman, Esq. , threatened this parent with being arrested should they attend a public meeting of the school board.

Well, heck Hamburg, that didn't take long.  And on goes the dysfunction.   A new superintendent, with less than 3 months on the job,  facing a possible removal by the NYSED  and a crazy body of idiots doing as they please.  

It was reported that the parent  petitioned to have Mr. Cornell, Mr. Yoviene, Mr. Flynn (the turd), Mz. Heeter, Mz. Patt (bubble over the eye) Collins, Mr. List, and Mr. Hall removed.  So it seems this lot is up to no good again.  

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Santa comes to Hamburg

See through New York publishes public employee salaries.  Here is a look at some of the top paid administrators in Hamburg Central Schools, and Erie County.   The second half of this post addresses the incredible benefits given to Colleen Kaney, Barbara Sporaz and Brent Jordan just days before former Superintendent Jetter was charged with committing crimes.   

          YEAR                              2011            2012              2013           2014
M. Gallagher,  Principal         132,466       132,466         135,095      137,777
Jackie Peffer, Principal          127,462       129,462         131,992      134,572
Leslie Bennet, Principal         106,184       106,189         108,308       110,000
Jennifer Giallela, Princip         97,854         97,854           99,811        102,807
James Martinez, Principal        92,477         93,631           97,502          99,692
Colleen Kaney, Admin           97,018         97,018          100,795       122,000
Barbara Sporaz, Admin         85,500        113,800          116,076       125,000
Brent Jordan, Admin              88,967        101,467         111,496        110,000
Kevin Strong, Mystery Man      93,072         92,155           93,475          95,285


Since 2011,  Barbara Sporaz reaped a 46% raise*,  Colleen Kaney has seen an increase of 26%, and Brent Jordan a mere 24% increase in compensation.  Days before Richard Jetter was outed for a Cinco de Mayo day drinking disaster with Hamburg Middle School Principal thus revealing his nut-job, sinister and delusional real-self, he banged up the salaries and bennies of Kaney, Sporaz, Jordan and Simonick ( see: Curious Case).  In addition to the outrageous salaries, the benefits alone are fit for a King, or Queen, as it were.

Kaney, Sporaz and Jordan essentially share the same benefits package.  All three administrators were offered tenure days before the Jetter bombshell went off.   Mr. Jordan was granted tenure before spending even a single year in the position he holds as keeper and massage therapist of the district data.  It seems like Jetter gave his co-workers quite a boost in the days before he turned himself in to the police. 
  1. 20 sick days per year shall be accumulated to a total of 240 days. ( Part-time, retired, Simonick gets merely 230.) 
  2. The BOARD OF EDUCATION can extend the sick leave because of extraordinary circumstances.  What is extraordinary?  In some circles adult acne is considered extraordinary. 
  3. Accummulated sick leave of up to 240 days will be paid at $130.00 to fund a health insurance premium fund upon retirement. If the employee dies, this benefit goes to the spouse.  
  4. 20 of the sick days can be used if someone in the family gets sick. (Part-time, retired, Simonick gets merely 12)
  5.  7 Bereavement days ( Same as part-time retired Simonick)
  6. 4 Personal days credited to sick leave if unused. (Same as  part-time, retired, Simonick)
  7. Upon completion of the agreement, the unused vacation days can be cashed in at her daily rate of pay.
  8.  Kaney, Sporaz and Jordan are offered district health insurance benefits and pay 15 % of the premium.   
    1. (Check out the deal part-time retired Simonick enjoys: Participation in the health care program, which the District pays in its entirety.  That's right folks, Buffalo teachers aren't the one only ones in the County getting this deal.   In Hamburg, a retiree collecting a state pension is getting 100% healthcare benefits paid by the taxpayers.  "The District will pay the premium cost of the Human Resource Office Managers's health insurance premiums". ) 
  9. Kaney, Sporaz and Jordan get a fat $1800.00 health maintenance account credit.  That means if there is some medical expense, for example band-aids, that are not covered by insurance they can use a tax free gift of $1800.00 to pay for the bandages.  Out of pocket medical expenses are covered with this gift. 
  10. Kaney, Sporaz and Jordan enjoy 28 vacations days per year, with the option to carry over 5 days per year. So folks, the claim that these folks work 12 months a year is a fallacy.  In addition to all national holidays these folks can take off over one month.  And if they don't use the available vacation days, they can......
  11. Cash in 6 vacation days per year at their per diem rate, which is 1/240 of the yearly salary.  
    1. So, for example, if we take Miss Kaney's $122,000 salary and divided it by 240, we get $508.34 as a daily rate of pay.  So, lets say Miss Kaney would like to go shopping at the mall, she might turn in 6 of her unused vacation days and fill her pockets with $3050.00. Imagine what $3050.00 could do for a classroom? 
  12. Unused sick days are cashed out at the per diem rate up to 50 days. 
*Sporaz controls the finances of the district.

This information was taken directly from the contracts of Kaney, Sporaz, Jetter and Simonick which are available on the Hamburg District webpage.   

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Progressive Hamburg?

At a recent  Hamburg Board of Education meeting, the Board voted unanimously to permit students who identify as transgendered to choose which restroom and lockroom they feel more comfortable using.   As reported in the Buffalo News: 
"When the Hamburg School District on Tuesday adopted a new policy allowing transgender students access to restrooms and locker rooms for the gender that they identify with, it very well may have been the first district in Erie County to do so.
It was not a tough sell in Hamburg. The board held no public comment or board debate, and the policy, which also applies to gender nonconforming students, passed quickly and unanimously.“I think we wanted to get out in front of it and get it done. We didn’t really see it as that big of a deal, other than memorializiing what we’re already doing,” said Thomas F. Flynn, Hamburg’s School Board president. “I brought it up to a vote, and everyone voted. I guess everyone understood the background of it. Our point wasn’t to try to make a big deal about it and grandstand on it. It’s just another policy that we passed.”
In Hamburg, Cornell said he wouldn’t be surprised if people within the community object to the new transgender policy.
“But our obligation is to do the right things for students, and legally, to protect transgendered students from discrimination. It’s the right thing to do,” he said.
Flynn said Hamburg has long given students the option of using a more private area within the school, if they wish, such as a nurse’s or coach’s office. “We didn’t really have a lot of discussion on it. As a board, we were pretty much on the same line on it,” he said."
And surprise the Board held NO public comment or board debate, despite the wet behind his ears Superintendent remarking that he wouldn't be surprised if the people within the community object to the new transgender policy.   

Well, Middle School Mike, here's a tough question:  HOW WOULD YOU KNOW IF THEY OBJECT, WHEN YOU DON'T PREMIT THEM TO WEIGH IN THE MATTER?  Gee, you can spot a rookie from the foolishness that rolls from their tongues.  

So what to make of this progressive Hamburg policy?  There is little doubt that students should feel comfortable at school.  All students have this right.  But permitting transgendered kids to use traditional single sex accommodations is a sticky wicket.  Sure, transgendered people should not be left to feel uncomfortable changing for gym class, sports or taking a restroom break- that is true.  Yet, what about the kids who aren't transgendered.  You know, your run of the mill suburban boy or girl, how do they feel?  Aren't their feelings equally as important?   These are questions that need to be presented and hashed out by the school community, and a deliberative Board of Education. 

This matter is a big deal, Mr. Flynn. And its not just another policy that was passed.  And the parents and kids of Hamburg, like families in other communities around the country need to be heard on this matter.   

And, Mr. Flynn, what do you mean, "memorializing what you were already doing".  

First off, thats a pretty big word for you, did the lawyers script your remarks?  You are known not to be too bright, and thats a pretty big SAT word for a simpleton such as yourself.  Secondly, do the parents of Hamburg know that transgendered kids have been making this choice?  Were the parents notified?   

Where are the parents on this issue?   There was a large public uproar about an extended school day, which makes little sense.  Don't we want more education, not less?  

But, when it comes to a sensitive political issue such as the transgendered policy the silence is deafening. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Curious Case of Loraine Simonick, Hamburg Human Resource Officer Manager PART TIME

According to See Though NY, which reports financial information about public employees,  Hamburg Central School District has at least one employee reaping the benefits of retirement while working a sweet part-time job as Human Resource Office Manager (.6).   Lorraine Simonick, who worked full time in the District for decades retired effective July 7/1/08.  It is believed that Ms. Simonick worked in various capacities, and prior to retirement was working in the personnel department.
Ms. Simonick in the center observing the
Doctor Jetter rally May 2014

See Through NY reports that Ms. Simonick receives an annual New York State Public Employees pension of $46,433 as result of her several decades of service to former notable school administrators Ed Osborne, Donald Ogilve, and Peter Roswell,  to mention a few.  

In an effort to bring Ms. Simonick back after retirement the Hamburg Central School District applied for a waiver to the NYS Public Employees Retirement System in 2010, which would permit Ms. Simonick to work in Hamburg at an earning rate higher than what the system limits a person collecting a pension.  The various state retirement systems set earnings limits for those collecting a pension to avoid what is commonly referred to as "double dipping".  In 2010, the NYS Public Employees pension disapproved the application (aka rejected) Hamburg's application, which means Ms. Simonick would have to abide by the set annual earnings limit if she continued to collect her pension of $46,433.

The waiver process requires the public employer, in this case Hamburg, to demonstrate that the retiree in question, Lorraine, has a set of skills, which no one else has, that uniquely qualify her for the position.

Again, the District's application was rejected.  Again, Ms. Simonick collects a $46,433 annual pension.    Concerned is not sure why it was rejected, but can only guess that human resource/personnel qualified workers are as plentiful as grains of sand on the beach.

So, here comes the strangely sweet part of the story,  Ms. Simonick is retired, collecting her $46,433 yearly pension, and is working as a part-time .6 Human Resource Office Manager.  In an agreement entered into on or about July 1, 2014 (during the Jetter years),  the Hamburg School Board approved a two year contract with Ms. Simonick.  Nice work if you can get it.

In year one, the part-time .6 Human Resource Office Manager earned $41,500 through June 30, 2015 and from July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016 $42,500.  In each year, a $2,300 stipend is paid for the confidential nature of the position.  (One must wonder why anyone would hire someone if they needed to pay them extra to meet a minimal standard of keeping their mouth shut about employee's personal lives?)  This is no criticism of Ms. Simonick.  Heck who wouldn't want a deal like this?

The sweetness continues in this retiree's contract with the District.  Here are some other perks of Ms. Simonicks contract:
  1. 20 sick days per year shall be accumulated to a total of 230 days (so if you are going to get sick, get sick on days off)
  2. 12 of the sick days can be used if someone in the family gets sick.
  3.  7 Bereavement days
  4. 4 Personal days
  5. 25 vacation days, and can accumulate up to 45 vacation days
  6. Upon completion of the agreement, the unused vacation days can be cashed in at her daily rate of pay.
  7.  Participation in the health care program, which the District pays in its entirety.  That's right folks, Buffalo teachers aren't the one only ones in the County getting this deal.   In Hamburg, a retiree collecting a state pension is getting 100% healthcare benefits paid by the taxpayers.  "The District will pay the premium cost of the Human Resource Office Managers's health insurance premiums".   
  8. It gets better........
  9. The Human Resource Office Manager, (remember folks this person is retired and this a part-time job) shall be compensated at $120.00 per day for up to 100 accumulated leave days to the maximum of $12,100.00.  
  10. So, if Lorraine decides to leave at the end of the contract, cash in her sick and vacation days to go sit on a beach and drink fuzzy navels,  the first round is on her. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Hamburg Middle School Staff-Anything Goes

Concerned Hamburger received an email and picture from a Hamburg Middle School Student who saw his teachers on a teacher's Facebook boozing it up in Bulldog pride gear.   Where is the good judgement?   It seems like anything goes at Hamburg Middle School- lie and drink- and let the students observe the poor judgement of their teachers and staff.   It wasn't two years ago that the Principal of Hamburg Middle School was the focus of the Jetter hoax, and in that situation Richard Jetter and the Hamburg Middle School Principal were out drinking and were drunk during the school day.   Why would any teacher be friends with middle school aged children on Facebook?

A note from a 7th graders,

"Dear Bloger (sic),
My teacher at hamburg middle school lets us be friends with her on her Facebook.   My mom only lets me go on Facebook when she is in the room with me next to our iPad.   Today we saw this picture of our principle (sic) and some of my  teachers.  My mom and her friends drink wine  and I know that adults if they are 21 can drink alcohol but a few of the teachers in this  picture are drinking and I don't think thats a good idea as role models for us students.   When I go to school next week and see these teachers and  if I ask them if they were drinking in a picture in Mrs Sperrys Facebook they might get mad at me and send me to see the Principle, who was written about last year in the newspaper that she was doing bad things with our Superintendent.   We are told at school about alcohol and drugs and I know some of my friends have tried beer,  and now that our teachers who teach us the bad things about alcohol are on Facebook with it I am confused.    I want to be a good kid and do what is right but there is so much pressure from some kids to drink and now I see my teachers with alcohol making it seem cool or something like that.    I wonder why the adults can do bad things and if us kids did we have to go to detention or get kicked out.  One of my friends called our Principle a liar, and he got kicked out school for good and has not come back.  He was right about the lies and now I am wondering if its OK for adults to say one thing and do another. I won't give you my name because I will go to the Principles office, and might not be able to stay in school."    

Hamburg Middle School staff and teachers imbibing alcohol in their Bulldog Pride gear

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hamburg District Safety Officer, and other Hamburg Administrators create false safety threats- District rewards bizarre conduct-SED ignors

"There's a new sense of security in Hamburg Schools" , so goes the introductory line of the District's publication of The Focus for November and December 2015.    This statement begs the question, was there ever a doubt that Hamburg Schools are safe?    The District publication states that Boston Valley Elementary School Principal James Martinez is the District Safety Officer.    The concerns for safety in the District should be about Mr. Martinez, not the external threats to the buildings that the elaborate "state of the art" security addresses.  

This past week, Concerned Hamburger received  disturbing emails from two separate sources.  Both, in  independent reports, verified that James Martinez, Boston Valley Elementary School Principal, made false and disturbing reports to the New York State Police and the Hamburg Village Police targeting a staff member.  

Mr. Martinez, who, from all reports seems to be a bit off his rocker, called the New York State Police and the Hamburg Village Policeman Capt'n Melisz and falsely reported a staff member was going to bring a gun to school.   Mr. Martinez made the claim knowing it was false.    The staff member was unaware of the hoax, but Martinez and other members of the "security team" including Mr. Brent Jordan were well aware of the lies that were being created to instill  fear in certain members of the community.    The date of this disturbing occurrence was 9-11-13. 

In a strange twist, Safety Officer Martinez, called a* parent of students in Hamburg High School and Hamburg Middle School and reported that her children could not be guaranteed  safety at Hamburg High School and Middle Schools.  Mall Cop Martinez and District Administrator Brent Jordan created a safety plan for a student at Hamburg High School with the sole intent to instill fear in  students and a family for no other reason than to harass a targeted staff member, who according to sources was not present in the buildings at the time.  

The entire tale about guns and lack of safety were lies created by a seemingly crazy man to tarnish the reputation of staff members.  Martinez with the assistance of Brent Jordan and a newly appointed High School Assistant Principal A. Bolin created lies about safety for no other purpose than to create false documents about a staff member.   These incidents were reported to the school board, two superintendents- Coppola and Cornell, (Doc. Jetter was well aware of it, but he was proven to be insane) and the New York State Department of Education.  The replies are shocking.   Hamburg Superintendent, fresh from a perch as a Middle School Principal offered tenure to Mr. Martinez, ignoring multiple reports of his mentally unstable conduct.   As for Jordan and Bolin they received hefty raises from the school district according to District records. 

In a recently released recording between a private citizen and the head of investigations with the New York State Education Department (SED), the department at SED that investigates "immoral" certificate holders didn't think it was a big deal that a man who is entrusted to look after several hundred people called in a fake gun threat to two police agencies.   One must guess that SED hasn't been made aware of violence in schools, and if they are aware of gun violence in schools they seemingly do not take it seriously.  If a child called in a fake gun threat it would be on the front page of the USA Today. 

Additionally, Concerned was notified that Safety Officer Martinez made two separate false break in reports at Boston Valley Elementary School. Mr. Martinez, in another act of insanity, made the claim to the Hamburg School Board that over two separate weekends in October, a gang of 3 or 4 individuals were seen entering the Boston Valley Elementary School.  Mr. Martinez, in a departure from his conduct related to the gun hoax, did NOT call the police, even though the New York State Police have an office just a stones throw from Boston Valley.    Mr. Martinez, instead of calling the police, falsely accused his secretary, and a handful of others.   Martinez as a building principal and school safety officer didn't think it was important to call the police, because as it turns out it was indeed Mr. Martinez who entered his own building and staged a break-in.     The police eventually investigated the fake break-ins, but not until several weeks after Martinez made up the stories.   The security firm that installed the cameras at Boston Valley told the District that the cameras were manually turned off by the person who had the security code.  (aka James Martinez)

Well, if that doesn't make you wonder what is wrong with Mr. Martinez, this will, and it has been reported before in other media formats. James Martinez knew Dick Jetter damaged his own car back in May 2014.   As a re-fresher, Jetter was in a drunken state resultant of a day drinking outing with the Hamburg Middle School Principal. While drunk, Jetter wrapped his car around a utility pole and then made a false claims that it was his imaginary demons that damaged his car.   Jetter despite making over $170,000 per year, then pilfered district money to pay the repair costs.  Mr. Martinez, who was recently tenured by Superintendent Cornell, was not fired by the District for his insane actions, but rather rewarded.    Martinez aided and abetted in Jetter's crime, and the Hamburg School District, the Boars of Education, and the investigators at SED think this is conduct that should be excused. Fake reports about guns in schools do not seem to bother Cornell, the Boars and SED.   

So, Hamburg Focus readers,  the bells and whistles of the new district safety plan are indeed impressive, they will help keep the children safe while studying.   

However, the one must consider that the external threats are minimal compared to the bizarre conduct of District Safety Officer Martinez. 

The recording between a private Hamburg citizen and Mr. Bart Zabin of the New York State Education Department regarding Mr. James Martinez will be made available shortly on You Tube.  Technical difficulties came up.  CH will up date the post when the recording is up and running.  

* this means only one parent.  There are approximately 1,500 children in Hamburg, but Martinez only seemed concerned about one child  in Hamburg High School, and one child in Hamburg Middle School.    So, parents, unless it was you that was call, you should have dire concerns about this man and his lies. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

What took SO long?

The  Hamburg Boars of Education finally approved the Alternate Veterans' Tax Exemption that will kick in for our brave men and women in 2016-17.  Thank you VETS for your service to our great nation.  It is vexing that the Hamburg School District has taken three years to finally arrive at a decision to provide our Vets with small relief from sky rocketing school taxes.   Most bizarre is that some of the Boars actually criticized the State of New York for making it their job to set the level of exemption.  Yes, Boars, you might have to do something while on the school board, other than do shady things out of the public's eye.  ( Didn't Danny tell you this when he bought your seat for you? Perhaps you should've just called Dan, and asked him what to do.  He never spent a single day in the Unites States Military*)

It is down right humorous that some of the Boars spoke about the shifting of tax burden to non-veterans, by providing the Vets a small relief.    Not  one of the members of the Hamburg School Board, nor any of the over paid, under worked administrators spent one single day in then United States Military.  Shame on you for making such thankless remarks.   Are the Boars concerned hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars being filtered to Hodgson Russ Law Firm?

The tax relief given to the our brave men and women would likely not amount to more than one month of the District's legal bills.

*would likely be rejected for not meeting the height and weight requirements, but would've made a perfect flying monkey in the emerald forest.