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Hamburg Board of Education Meeting Thursday August 21, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. to appoint Acting Superintendent.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jetter the Liar

Today, Hamburg School Superintendent Richard Jetter pled guilty of filing a false police report after he reported his car was damaged by a vandal belonging to the "rogue" faction of the Hamburg School Community.  See Buffalo News ( Jetter the Liar).

Richard Jetter was out on May 5, 2014 during the school  day partying, and drinking in excess with Hamburg Middle School Principal Jennifer Giallella.   Both were drinking heavily, and several people  have reported that neither can remember their sick behavior that day.  Miss Giallella remains the principal of Hamburg Middle School, and Dick Jetter continues to get paid his excessive salary by the taxpayers of Hamburg.

Dick Jetter has been on paid leave since July, 2014, and he continues to collect a full salary in excessof $150,000 per year and benefits.  It seems that the Hamburg School Board sans fiscal watchdog Mrs. Forcucci is dragging its collective foot on bring charges against Dick Jetter and is refusing to move forward towards a hearing, which will land Dick Jetter on the curb rattling a tin cup and in search of his next meal.

Instead, the Hamburg Board prefers to spill taxpayer dollars into the pockets of a clearly unethical man, with deep emotional issues, who makes enough money off the Hamburg taxpayer to feed his face with the finest cut meats available at the local butcher shop (and Craigslist).

Hamburg Schools Superintendent Dick Jetter as he appeared at his arraignment- Mr. Shifty Eyes.

It has been reported that Doctor Jetter, after a lengthy stay at Brylin Hospital is claiming he is disabled and is now attempting to collect his salary and benefits per the disability clause in his contract.    Let us recall how incredibly stupid the Hamburg School Board, in particular David Yoviene,  revealed themselves to be when they voted to approve Dick Jetter's contract just 6 months ago.    Dick hit the jackpot, and went on wild adventures with the men and women of Hamburg all on the dime of the tax payer.   

Dick Jetter's attorney, Mr. Terrence Connors stated, Dr. Jetter accepted responsibility for a report that was false. He put the district and the children first and brought some closure to what was an isolated act in an otherwise exemplary career. Right now, he’s focusing on his family, and he’s evaluating his options.”

With all due respect,  Mr. Connors, please refrain from the posturing. It appears as phony as the gel in your hair.  Dick has NOT put the kids of Hamburg first.  Just last week Mr. Connors, Hamburg High School cut the beloved DECA club for students who have an interest in business.  The price tag of DECA is less than what Dick makes in day. 

And, Mr. Connors, sir, ask the parents of Hamburg how many study halls their children are sitting in, or why their youngsters are not playing intramural sports.  If you can't find those parents, call the ones who want a girls hockey team.   You are wrong, Terry Connors,  Dick Jetter has not put the kids first, if he had any educational interest in children, he never would have entered public education. He is an unstable man.  So, Mr. Connors, if you want to make your statements true, please advise Dick to walk away from Hamburg.

Dick Jetter went to incredible lengths to spin his machinations of rogue faction members, fender benders, crazy notes, and late night eggings.  But, Dick didn't stop there, his lies continued at home to his wifey Jen Jetter. Mrs. Jetter posted the below photo on her Facebook page on 5-7-14,  less than 48 hours after Dick Jetter spent a drunken night with Miss. Giallella at her South Buffalo home.  
Jetter picture posted on 5-7-14 hours after Jetter's all day bender with Hamburg Middle School Principal.

In July,  Mrs. Jetter posted on her Facebook page that the Buffalo News would be popping a story about her husband, and it was all a lie.   Jen Jetter then attempted to blame school board members and a school employee for the damage to her husbands car.    Mrs. Jetter removed the Facebook posting, but it has been saved by a regular blogger. 

So, Hamburg, while Dick Jetter pled guilty today of a misdemeanor, that is not the real crime this sick man committed.   Dick committed higher crimes against his family (likely not the first time), his children, the kids of Hamburg, parents, staff, members of the board, and any trusting person. 

The Erie County Judge Thomas P. Franczyk  please throw the book at this man, who has terrorized an entire school community.   Dick Jetter will be sentenced on November 25, 2014. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Santa Claus comes to the Hoover and Freedman households

Well done David Hoover, Esq. you made a complete fool of yourself, and surely continued the fine reputation of other attorneys of your ilk.   Really Hearing Officer Hoover, "Santa Claus is coming to the Jetter household",  a remark uttered by Mrs. Forcucci in reply to the disgraced Richard Jetter's fat-cat contract, rises to "official misconduct"?

Sir, you really need to get out more often, expand your circles and just flip on the boob-tube and spend a day with CSpan.   Take no umbrage Mr. Hoover, but it looks like Santa made a stop the the Hoover and Freeman homes.  How much money are you and others sticking in your pockets?  Remember when you cash the check, it was for the kids.  Meanwhile,  28 kiddies jam into classrooms at most of the district's elementary schools (except the children of some board members, they got special treatment). 

No one doubted that the farce of an independent hearing would lead to an opinion from you suggesting Mrs. Forcucci somehow marred the position of a Hamburg School Board official.   After all, Sir, as you well know, the dirt of the district has always been swept under the carpet.  And, Sir, the deal was done before the hearings even started.  

How dare Mrs. Forcucci depart from the stupor of a Hamburg School Board member?  Dare she ask questions, raise issues and possibly offend those who are long over due a barb?  How dare Mrs. Forcucci insult the fragile Richard Jetter, who is facing a double felony charges for trying to gain reimbursement by the district for the damage done to his car while he was out day drinking with Hamburg Middle School Principal Jennifer Giallella.*  Surely, Mrs. Forcucci should have exhibited more respect for the respectable Doctor Jetter.   Mrs. Forcucci offended the office of Hamburg School Board Member by raising questions and requesting legal invoices, that the district and others would have liked to keep secret.   Too bad every Hamburg School Board member doesn't exhibit misconduct, because if this is misconnect, most Americans would take it every day.  Mrs. Forcucci did not exhibit misconduct, but you did, Sir. 

Secrets are Hamburg's specialty, and our free open society thanks you for abusing your position and making politically charged and reprehensible conclusions in an otherwise ridiculous witch hunt.   Some folks held out that you were a decent human being that would rise to the occasion and tell the outside influencers to "feck off" (because that's what moral people do).  But no Sir, you had a hand in the filth, and will hopefully wake each morning knowing that you and your commentary violated the very fabric of a representative democracy.  Remember Sir, Mrs. Forcucci was elected by voters not the stooges on the school board.   

Sir, you proved yourself a fool by placing an iota of confidence in one single word that came out of the hole in Stooge Yoviene's face.  You see Sir, since you missed it, Stooge Yoviene has trouble with the truth.  And the mad woman, secretary to the superintendent, one need only review the tapes on the WGRZ webpage to know she seems well suited for an audition to play Nurse Ratched. 

Perhaps, Mr. Hoover, one needs to examine your interest in Hamburg School Board hearings.   Why Sir did you not disclose your relationship with Attorney Andrew Freedman, Esq, and his dad, Bernard Freedman, Esq?   The Freedman fellas are both partners at the law firm, Hodgson Russ.  The Freedman duo came to their present positions after a brief stint in Syracuse, NY.   But, prior, in approximately 2009, father and son were partners in a law firm called Norton Radin Hoover** Freedman.   If one examines the legal bills on the Buffalo News webpage, they will see Bernard Freedman billing for work on the hearings.  

So, Sir, why didn't  you bring that up to the good folks of Hamburg?   Sometimes the truth is an inconvenient thing, isn't it Mr. Hoover?   Enjoy that big fat check you will be getting from the Hamburg taxpayers, and remember the kids and lessons that you taught them last evening.  

* some people have said Mrs. Giallella was too wasted to know what what going on (how does Mrs. Jetter feel about that?)
** that's you,  Dave.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Oink, Oink, Oink, Piggies at the Hamburg Trough

Well Hamburg, here we go again.  The appointment of the honorable Vincent Coppola was overshadowed by the release of the Hamburg School District legal bills for the partial month of January, and all of February, March, April, May, June and July, 2014.   In a front page Buffalo News article, the appointment of Dr. Coppola got scant attention.   In addition, it was reported that few people attended the appointment meeting, not even district safety patrolman Mr. James Martinez (apparently, the Russian snipers from the woods of Boston are on summer holiday). 

The Attorneys for Hamburg Central School District
Well Hamburg, now what?  Almost one quarter of one million dollars spent on what?   Concerned Hamburger reviewed the legal bills as posted on the Buffalo News website.  Calling the invoices "absolutely ridiculous" is an understatement.  Being understated is often a good thing, if one is an elected official, as Mrs. Stephenson likely learned in her many years as a public official for the town of Hamburg.   It appears, however, that Mr. Yoviene has not quite learned that public relations tactic.  Yoviene is quoted in the news as saying, " I certainly think it was worth it. Its something we had to do".   It would be nice if Mr. Yoviene would explain who "we" is?  Are these the people who elected him to the school board on his personal promise to reduce legal fees?  Concerned thinks not.  So readers, who is "we"? Who thinks this kind of outrageous expense is good for kids, teachers and education?

What is most interesting in reviewing the 125 pages of Hodgson Russ legal invoices is not entirely what they say, its what they don't say.  What lies underneath those dark magic marker redactions?  It surely is the hope of this blogger that the Buffalo News will take the Hamburg School District to NYS Supreme Court in an Article 78 proceeding to force the district's hand to release the pure form of the legal invoices.   It would be interesting to see some of those blocked out names, and so then the public can get a clearer picture on who has been running the school district in the darkness of the Jetter months.  

"Meanwhile,  the School Board on Thursday night appointed Vincent J. Coppola as acting superintendent."  

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


According to a recently posted agenda on the Hamburg Central Schools webpage (link: New Acting Superintendent), the Board of Education will meet Thursday August 21, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. at the administration building  to appoint Mr. Vincent Coppola as Acting Superintendent of Schools. *

Mr. Coppola is an icon in the New York State School community, and has a long, respectable and honorable career servicing the youth of Western New York and the adult stakeholders in various school districts.  According to Mr. Coppola's Linked in account, he has served as the Superintendent of Corning-Painted Post and West Seneca Schools, and was the Director of Personnel in West Seneca Schools. Prior to entering administration, Mr. Coppola was a principal, school counselor and English teacher.

Hamburg should be honored that Mr. Coppola came forward to pick up the pieces of a broken district in an attempt to make it whole again.   Best of luck to the Board of Education and Mr. Coppola as a new school year approaches.  No doubt that school counseling experience will surely come in handy for Mr. Coppola.

 *Doctor Jetter is still on the payroll.  

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Are You Smarter Than A 3rd Grader?

Recently, New York State Education Department published the results of the 2014 Math and English Language Arts exams.  Concerned Hamburger reviewed the data as it was presented by the Buffalo News (click here: 2014 Math and English Exam Results).

The test results of the Hamburg School District should shock the conscience of every mother, father, teacher and taxpayer.   While some schools like Charlotte Avenue scored about 70% in Grade 3 Math, other schools like Boston Valley scored around 40% in 3rd Grade Math.  Boston Valley's 3rd Grade English scores were below 40%.

The Hamburg Middle School results are equally appalling.   In 8th grade English,  Hamburg has about a 40% proficiency and in Math it is closer to 30%.  The numbers speak for themselves.  Some might say, these results mean nothing because it is the nasty doing of Pearson testing in an effort to undermine public schools, others might say the kids are too young to be tested and still others may just "blame it on the rain".

In most regards, the flaw-finders of NYS testing do not need to go too far to find support in their  arguments.  In some cases, the arguments against testing are undeniably strong.  However, until NYS gives up the testing culture, the stakeholders need to take responsibility.  Perhaps if the Hamburg School District made an effort to put money in the classrooms and not in the pockets of overpriced administrators and zany bow-tie clad attorneys, the testing results would be different.

In the case of Hamburg, the 2014 test results were predictable.  From the weekly onslaught of drama that occurred in Hamburg during the 2013-14 school year, it is no wonder that the kids have suffered.  Each week, a new spectacle unfolded in Hamburg with a handful of parents lead by local attorney Daniel Chiacchia, Esq. leading the charge to disrupt the school board, and the functioning of schools.  This dirty dozen of so called, "concerned parents" pushed hard to anoint the disgraceful Richard Jetter as Superintendent of Schools, a job he screwed up in just two short months.  On May 5, 2014, Doctor Jetter was out drinking heavily, during the school day, with Hamburg Middle School Principal Jennifer Giallella.  Perhaps, Ms. Giallella should have been running her building that day.

To further turn the Hamburg "carnival into a circus show", the Hamburg School Board tossed Boston Valley Principal James Martinez a stipend of $2,500 to act as district safety officer.  Mr. Martinez disrupted each and every school board meeting by casting aspersions at board members, and community members.  Mr. Martinez took his job to a delusional level in making the claim he would arrest Hamburg School Board members with his NYS Administrators license.  The man has exhibited very strange conduct.  One does wonder about the Boston Valley School break-ins last October.  Additionally, it was reported to Concerned Hamburger by several people, that on the last day of school in June at Boston Valley, Mr. Martinez told the teachers to hold the children in doors, thus canceling field day activities, because "there were Russians in the woods".  (We trust Safety Officer Martinez notified US Department of Homeland Security to sweep the woods in search of Russians and other aliens who may be in the Town of Boston)

Once upon a time, not too long ago, Charlotte Avenue Elementary School enjoyed "Blue Ribbon" status and now it is struggling to maintain a 70% passing rate for 3rd graders.  Where were the dirty dozen parents group when Charlotte Avenue sank in the rankings from a top 10 school to a middle 30s school?  That would seem to be a very large concern for moms, dads and school boards.

Hamburg is not the school system it once was, and the numbers reveal that reality.  Hamburg has become tolerant of staff, superintendents  and community members who lie, connive and exhibit unstable and irrational conduct.

With any hope the Hamburg School Board will wake up and realize how incredibly foolish they are.  The Forcucci hearings, the 306 appeal of Mr. Daniel Chiacchia, Esq, the petitions passed by staff members during the school day to remove Stephenson and Balaya, the community "hate-meetings", the alcohol guzzling school administrators,  fake pep rallies, high taxes and low results are on the shoulders of a school board run by a president with little if any back bone or integrity.

It is hoped that in the very near future, for the sake of the children and the teachers who try hard to do good things, that a person with honor will be seated at the head of the table, and she or he shall be called the Superintendent of Hamburg Central Schools.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hamburg Cabaret

What do Hamburg School District administrators Brent Jordan, Barb Sporyz and Colleen Kaney have in common?  
Give up?  

Money, Money, Money. 

Money makes the world go 'round in Doctor Jetter's version of Hamburg Caberet

Thank you Super-duper-intendent Doctor Jetter and Hamburg School Board for siphoning our children's educational dollars into the pockets of lawyers and administrators.  In addition to the $200,000 legal budget presented to and approved by the Hamburg School Board, part of which is being used to fund the attempted removal of a publicly elected official, certain members of the Hamburg Administrative team are lining their pockets with mammoth raises in salary and benefits.  To think Board President David Yoviene ran on a platform of reigning in administrative salaries.  

Yes Hamburg Administrators, there is a Santa Clause. 

Since 2012, some administrators in the Hamburg Central School District have received raises in salary and benefits in excess of 48%.   Much of the these large boosts in salary were bestowed upon the administrators in July 2014, just days before Doc. Jetter revealed to the world that he is not what he appeared to be.  Perhaps, Doc. Jetter saw the writing on the wall and he wanted to be sure his "team" was taken care of before checking himself into BryLin.

Consider the following: 

Hamburglar Barb Sporyz
HAMBURGLAR CASE #1- On July 1, 2014, Barbara Sporyz was promoted to Assistant Superintendent of Administrative Services and Finance (click here for Barbara Sporyz's Contract 14-17).   Without serving one single day in her new position as Assistant Superintendent, Mrs. Sporaz was granted tenure on July 1, 2014.  Mrs. Sporaz's contract with the district secures her $125,000 in 2014-15, $126,000 in 2015-16, and $127,000 in 2016-17.  According to records compiled by the State of New York, Mrs. Sporyz earned salaries of $85,500 in 2012 and $113,000 in 2013.   So folks, from 2012-2017 Mrs. Sporyz will have gained a 49% raise, plus tenure and oodles of benefits.  Therefore, Mrs. Sporyz, in two years, has increased her salary $39,500.  Her $39,500 increase is more than a new teacher with a Master's degree (click here for teacher's salary schedule).  Keep that increase in mind when your elementary students are packed into classes of 30 students.  Mrs. Sporyz came to Hamburg after a short stint as business manager of the North Collins School District.

Hamburglar Brent Jordan
HAMBURGLAR CASE #2- July 1, 2014 bought good tidings to Brent Jordan as well.  Mr. Jordan was granted tenure as Director of Technology and Information Services, a position he filled temporarily for less than one year.   Mr. Jordan's three year contract (click here for Brent Jordan's contract 2014-2017) garners him $110,000 in 2014-15, $111,000 in 2015-16 and $112,000 in 2016-17.   Since his earnings in 2012 that represents in excess of a 30% raise plus tenure and benefits.  Mr. Jordan started his career in Hamburg as a teacher and just recently resigned his former position as Assistant Principal of the High School.  

Hamburglar Colleen Kaney
HAMBURGLAR CASE #3- In a third eye-brow raising move, the Hamburg School Board appointed Colleen Kaney as Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, Curriculum and Instruction.  Miss Kaney, who started out as a teacher for the Hamburg Schools certainly has climbed to the top of the school organization.  There is little doubt that Miss Kaney was provided good mentors along the way, who allowed her to reach her career aspirations through various avenues of career development and professional networking.   For her outstanding service to the administrators and the District, Mrs. Kaney secured a three year contract starting with a salary in 2014-15 of $122,000, 2015-16 of $123,000, and 2016-17  of $125,000 (click here for Colleen Kaney's contract 2014-17).  Since 2012, this represents in excess of a 28% raise.  Also, let us not forget that since Doc. Jetter is out on paid administrative leave, Miss Kaney and Mrs. Sporyz split an additional $160 a day.  That means together,  Miss Kaney and Mrs. Sporyz could make an additional $41,600 this year if the Board cannot get an interim superintendent lined up.  This again, is more than the District would have to pay for a new elementary school teacher.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Hamburg School Board Boldly Burns Our Tax Dollars

Hamburg School Board will continue in an attempt to remove an elected official from her position.  This evening at Armor Elementary School at 6 p.m., you can witness the precursor to the Hamburg Fair, which opens this week on that large piece of property between So. Park and McKinley which pays nil in school taxes. 

Come One, Come All.  

Celebrate the ignorance of the Hamburg School Board as you watch them attempt to remove an elected official! 

Witness the disappearance of your tax dollars right before your very eyes.   

Sadly the uneducated members of the Hamburg School Board ( how many actually have advanced degrees or any degree?) have not realized that removing a public official from office stands the same chance as the Hamburg Agricultural Society being subjected to school taxes on their multi-million dollar enterprise.  

Meanwhile, the elementary school teachers can stack more children into the already crowded classrooms of over 32.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

David Yoviene's personal piggy bank

Channel 4 Senior News Reporter Rich Newberg gave a glimpse into the costs associated with the Hamburg School Boards attempt to remove Catherine Forcucci.   (see: Richard Jetter's contract: NO BUY OUT CLAUSE)

WIVB reported that the cost per hour for 2 Hodgson Russ Attorneys is $458.00, Forcucci's two lawyers fetch $500.00, and Hearing Officer David Hoover clocks in at $250.00.   So every hour that goes by in the Forcucci hearings is approximately $1208.00 in the pockets of the attorneys.  The transcriptionist according to Channel 4 is on average about $5.00 per page.  So far the hearings have been about 30 hours, not including preparation time for the attorneys (which some estimate to be about another 30 hours).  There are 3 hearing dates already scheduled for August 4, 7, and 9.  Why visit the Erie County Fair, when you can go to the Hamburg School Board circus and carnival for free?

An adamant Hamburg School Board President David Yoveine is hellbent on continuing the hearings. But guess what Hamburg taxpayers, this doesn't cost David a penny from his own pocket.  As the days go by more and more people are fed-up with this mess.

Mrs. Forcucci's attorney indicated that the costs for these hearings could top $200,000.  And that is just for the hearings.   Now add on to the hearing costs, the costs of keeping Jetter on paid leave at a minimum of $164,000 and the cost of an interim Superintendent at another $164,000 and the taxpayers are footing the bill in excess of $325, 000 just in salary an

It seems to Concerned Hamburger that it is NOT Mrs. Forcucci who should be tossed off the Board of  Education but rather David Yoviene.  It is hoped that the Erie County DA's Office questions Mr. Yoviene about what he knew and when he knew it.


According to WKBW Channel 7 at noon, the Erie County District Attorney's office is picking up the case of the beleaguered  Hamburg School Superintendent Richard Jetter.    More news on this will be forthcoming.  The matter is being moved from the Hamburg Village to the District Attorney's office.

Wow, it looks like Doctor Jetter is getting into some deeper trouble.

Where in the World is Richard Jetter?

You can not make this stuff up.  The Doctor Jetter, Jennifer Giallella and Andrew Freedman story is getting richer and richer as it twists and turns.   Last evening Channel 7 WKBW reporter John Borsa ( click link to story: Where in the World is Richard Jetter) interviewed Andrew Freedman Esq. regarding the future of Doctor Jetter.  Freedman indicated he would like Doctor Jetter to cut ties with the district, but they are having trouble finding him.

Concerned Hamburger finds this incomprehensible.  

The Hamburg school district can not find their superintendent? 

Mr. Freedman here are a few ideas: call his wife, call Bry-Lyn, or put out a missing persons report to the police.  You know, a Jetter Amber Alert.   Concerned Hamburger bets the police could help you find him.    Or, Mr. Freedman ask David Yoveine where Jetter might be.  From reports coming into this blog, it seems that Mr. Yoviene knew about the Jetter pole accident that day after you did in June.  So, why did the both of you allow this to continue for a month, before the community was made aware of the truth?   Since Yoveine appears to be in the "know" from the many reports he has given to the various news agencies, perhaps he might be able to lead you to Doc. Jetter. 

If Doc. Jetter doesn't call in or advise his employer of his intentions to be away from work,  doesn't that mean he has abandoned his job?  Of course, Doctor Jetter would be foolish to walk away from his contract without a fight.  Heck, Doc. Jetter is in the driver's seat and could likely walk away from Hamburg with hundreds of thousands of dollars in his pocket. 

Andrew Freedman later remarks in the interview with Channel 7 News that the district has NOT questioned Hamburg Middle School Principal Jennifer Giallella, because they can not coordinate schedules.   It appears from all reports, Mrs. Giallella knew about the pole incident, attended the "we love Rick" rally on 5-7-14 and covered up her involvement in and  knowledge of Jetter's deception scheme.  Perhaps, Mrs. Giallella was scare to come forward and tell the truth in fear of retaliation from the off-kilter Jetter.  Regardless of her story, the district has an obligation to pin her down and ask the right questions.  

Andrew Freedman appears not to be credible in the Channel 7 interview.  It is impossible to believe the story he gave to reporter John Borsa. The community is wondering what is going on, and who was involved.  But, the attorney for the district can only comment that he and the principal can not coordinate schedules for an interview, and he would like Jetter to resign.  

It seems to Concerned Hamburger that interviewing the principal should be a priority over all others.  One is left to wonder if the district isn't intentionally dragging their feet.  After all, Mr Freedman wrote Doctor Jetter's contract and according to reports last week Mr. Freedman knew the facts of this matter  several weeks ago and did nothing about it.