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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hamburg School Foundation alerted Concerned Hamburger to an opening on their Board.

The Hamburg Alumni Foundation is looking for one new board member to fill a vacancy. The person must be a Hamburg School District  graduate and preferably someone with website skills. Please send resume to Hamburg Alumni Foundation PO Box 174 Hamburg, NY 14075.   They did not suggest who resigned, and why,  from the board of the foundation.    

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Commish John King STEPPING DOWN, but moving up.

 John King is moving to DC to work for Arne Duncan in the US Education Department.  Now that John has completely screwed up NYS Education, he is off to cast his misguided net on a wider field.

And, John, who we know has visited Concerned Hamburger, we offer you the following remarks to chew on : 

The 10 Amendment to the United States Constitution states: 

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." 

Since education is not mentioned in the Constitution, it is one of those powers reserved to the states. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A scab has been picked

The Hamburg School Board voted to appoint Mr. Robbin List to fill the seat from which Catherine Forcucci was oustered in one of the most disgusting affronts to democracy in New York State School history.   Mrs. Forucci appealed the action of the boars of Hamburg to the New York State Education Commish John King.  And, she is challenging the votes of Canadian Cam and David Yoviene in Federal Court.  

It seems that the Hamburg School Board hasn't quite gotten that for which they have been searching.  The Boars made absurd justifications that Forcucci had to go so that dignity would be restored to the Norman Rockwell-esque community.    


President Yoviene is quoted in a WIVB report saying, "that in Hamburg we don't always get along".    What a strange remark coming from a man who spearheaded the charge of a wild spending spree to ouster a publicly elected official and in so doing made several claims that she was the reason that the Boars weren't getting along.   In the absence of Forcucci what seems to be the problem?    It was reported that Vice President Tom Flynn the turd had another emotional outburst when Mr. Robert Madden was questioned about his affiliations with Concerned Hamburger Awardee Mr. Daniel Chiacchia, and his participation in the public meetings organized by Misters. Edward Pizza  and D. Chiacchia et. al..   Apparently Mr. Madden did not like that question and stormed out of school board meeting after his interview.  What childish conduct for someone who stood at the Hamburg Fairgrounds Grange Building and announced that he and Mr. Chiacchia needed to "grow grass" and get more community members out to hear Mr. Chiacchia et.al plot their course for the district.  Gee Mr. Madden, you should thank your lucky stars that you were not chosen, you might've been the next topic of a Buffalo News article.

So a new body on the school board.   Mr. Robbin List, an educator.  He spent several years on the West Seneca Board of Education in the 1980s and 1990s and again in 2010- filling a vacant seat.   He ran again for West Seneca Board in 2011, won a seat and resigned effective January 3, 2013.  He and his family moved to Hamburg, which disqualified him from serving in West Seneca.

 Good wishes to you Mr. List, you surely will have much on your plate.  The next 6 months of work in Hamburg will include hiring a new superintendent, and digging out of the wild financial mess created by Dick Jetter.   A word of advice to Mr. List, do not ask any questions and certainly do not raise any issues that might actually be cause for any other member of the school board to think.  You see, Mr. List, you will find out very quickly, these are not the brightest people on the planet.  If you show up, sit down and vote yes- you will do just fine sir.   And,  should you have the opportunity to choose your seat, do not sit near Mr. Flynn, he has been known to throw his books when having his temper tantrums.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Jetter in Alcoholic Outpatient Therapy- Court Approval Needed Before Getting an Education Job

Former Hamburg School Superintendent Richard Jetter appeared in Erie County court to answer for the lies he was caught telling about damage to his car.  (It has been suggested that his other lies that haven't been caught will have consequences that lie in the future, no doubt. )  Dick Jetter's suave attorney played the fiddle of "Jetter the Victim".    One is to guess that his defense cost him at the very least $20,000.   His attorney read statements from Steven Achramovitch, Colleen Kaney, Captain Michael Melisz  (Hamburg Village Police) and his wife's former husband.  These individuals suggested that Jetter was a victim of a dysfunctional Hamburg School District.

Jetter the Jerk
Jetter- the liar, the thief and the infidel- is also  Jetter the Drunkard.   The judge ordered the lush to remain in alcohol abuse treatment, and to keep himself clean for at least one year.  Jetter has to pay $1,000 of taxpayer dollars as a fine and do about 250 days of community service.   It was revealed to Concerned Hamburger, that the Erie County Assistant District Attorney read a statement in court asking the Judge to sentence drunk Dick to jail time.   The ADA told the Court that Dick's lies were known to Hamburg School District Safety Office, James Martinez, on the evening of May 6, 2014.   It was stated that Mr. Martinez plucked utility pole shrapnel from the door jam of Jetter's white Nissan.  It was stated that Jetter told James Martinez, a probationary district employee, to " go along with the lies".  It appears that Martinez, and possibly others, covered for  Dick the Drunkard.

James Martinez, a probationary employee,  is still employed by the district, even though it appears he aided and abetted Jetter in his lies.

Dick Jetter is collecting a pay check from the district and one years health insurance.   The Judge denied local Hamburg attorney Dan Chiacchia the opportunity to speak at the Jetter sentencing.   It was reported that a concerned Mr. Chiacchia was seated in the court room, and was chummy with the Assistant District Attorney.  Erie County DA Sedita appeared on WIVB calling Jetter a Jerk for calling a press conference after he lied about his car trying to portray himself a martyr.   Click here for the link to WIVB:  Jetter Sentenced.   Concerned Hamburger suggests that " jerk", while accurate,  understates the mental disposition of Dick Jetter.   Strangely, the attorneys for Jetter attempted to blame the alleged Hamburg dysfunction as the cause of Jetter's conduct.   Rather, the dysfunction in Hamburg was the result of Jetter.   In fact, it was Jetter, himself, who labeled Hamburg as dysfunctional.   Takes one to know one, so it seems,  Jetter.

The Judge ordered that Dick Jetter must have court clearance before obtaining any job in public education.  So, if some school district were stupid enough to offer Dick a job, he would have to ask the court for permission to work in public schools.

Dick Jetter's license to hold public school credentials is under review by NYSED. He could lose his license to teach in NYS when it is determined he does not possess morals nor character.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Richard Jetter, " I am not scared"

Richard Jetter, "I am not scared".  So were the words of Richard Jetter in news media reports just 6 months ago.  Click link for WGRZ report : WGRZ REPORT MAY 7, 2014.  One wonders if days before Jetter faces the man in the black ropes if he is now scared?

Former Hamburg School Superintendent Richard Jetter will be sentenced on Tuesday November 25, 2014.  Richard Jetter's crimes were reduced in a deal cut with the Erie County DA's office.   One wonders what sort of horse trading was being done for Jetter's crimes to be reduced.  Surely, any public official who steals money, lies, files false police reports and accuses innocent people of crimes they did not commit should face the music?   But, so it seems, not in this case.   Doctor Jetter appears to have the goods on lots of folks, and in exchange for a reduced charge, he might keep his mouth shut.   So it seems.

Dick Jetter left his job as superintendent on May 5, 2014 and got  drunk during the day with a district employee.  Dr. Jetter drove his car around a utility pole.  The next day after a Hamburg School Board meeting, in an effort to blame others,  Dick feigned shock and horror to the community and media after viewing his damaged car. He pretended it was his first encounter with the bumped up vehicle.    Dick, members of the Hamburg Board of Education, staff members and union leadership attempted to hoodwink the public into believing that some "rogue" faction in Hamburg were responsible for the damage.    In the furtherance of his fantasy,  Dick had himself a pity party.  He called a media conference, and a rally to dress-up up his lies.  The community was drowning in condolences for Dick.  Dick was a victim.

Dick and Hamburg Board President attempted to blame the "CSF" camp.  Dick Jetter lied to his wife, Jennifer Jetter, which prompted her to make a Facebook post in which she cast blame on CSF, Sally Stephenson and others (did she ever apologize to those folks?).   It is clear that Dr. Jetter's lies were not told only to the school community, but also to his wife.   Dick Jetter allowed the lies to continue, despite the facts that were revealed.  

On June 25, 2014 during the kangaroo hearings of Catherine S. Forcucci (aka CSF), her attorney revealed evidence to Hamburg District attorney Andrew Freedman which placed Jetter and his white Nissan Sentra around a utility pole in South Buffalo on 5-5-14.  Andew Freedman did nothing with this information (see Hodgson Russ-Hamburg legal bills).   Dick Jetter and some members of the board allowed the lies to continue.   Eyewitnesses saw Dick Jetter wrap his car around a utility pole as a Hamburg School administrator stood by laughing at the sight, but why let the truth get in the way of a good story?   Dick Jetter submitted claims to the school district for the damage to his car, and he was reimbursed.  In other words, he is a thief.

Make no bones about it readers, it was Catherine Forcucci and her attorney that discovered and uncovered Doctor Jetter's lies, not the Hamburg Village police,  like some people might like you to believe.

Dick's mask started to crack, and by the middle of July seeing the writing on the wall, he turned himself in to the Hamburg Village Police.   But prior to turning himself in to the police, Doctor Jetter put in a legal claim against board members and the district (see legal bills). Was he planning a lawsuit against the district?

And, it has been stated by some, that Dick Jetter claimed he would "sue" the Buffalo News if any allegations were made that he damaged his own car in a drunken escapade with a school district employee.   Various media outlets reported that Dick tried to blame board member Sally Stephenson for cooking up the truthful story of his rendezvous with the utility pole.  Dick was blaming any of his imaginary demons, yet all he needed to do was take a look at demon number one in the mirror.

Richard Jetter has no conscience.  Even a cursory review of psychopathic traits would lead one to thoughts of Richard Jetter.  

And, Hamburg you are paying for it.   It is time for you to make your voice heard to the Judge.   You should write a letter telling the Judge that this kind of conduct is not acceptable in public service, or anywhere for that matter.  Hamburg Schools has lost clubs, and programs.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been wasted,  and you paid for it. The lies of the Jetter Administration soiled an entire generation of Hamburg students.   And, what will Jetter get?

Recently a blogger remarked about a post on local attorney Dan Chiacchia's Facebook page, and Concerned Hamburger can not agree more.   Mr. Chiacchia urges his friends to take pen to paper and write to Judge Franczyk.   He suggests that the Jetter conduct should not be tolerated in public life (see in blue below).

So Hamburg community- now is your chance to tell Richard Jetter what you think of his conduct.   It is your public duty to be heard.  Take a moment and write to the Judge.   Silence suggests indifference.

Dick Jetter 
Hats off to you Mr. Chiacchia- your Facebook post gets the "Concerned Hamburger" award. 

"Former Hamburg School Superintendant Richard Jetter is being sentenced before Judge Thomas P. Franczyk on Tuesday, November 25, 2014 at 2 PM after having pled guilty to Filing a False Police Report. I urge all members of our community to attend the sentencing or at the very least write a letter to the judge urging just and fair punishment for a public official who violated our trust. Something is just not right when someone pleads guilty to perpetrating a fraud upon the public and then walks away with $125,000.00 for his troubles. This does not include the thousands in attorney fees to clean up his mess. Don't forget the time and energy expended by our Village Police Department in investigating this false crime Jetter reported. Taking full responsibility for your actions is not holding our district hostage for additional pay and benefits. The old saying that he's laughing all the way to the bank keeps resonating in my ears. Let Judge Franczyk know that Jetter needs to make full restitution, which means paying back all the money that he coerced from our district after he failed us. 
Your letters can be addressed to 
Judge Franczyk at 
25 Delaware Ave.
Part 20
Buffalo, New York, 14202 
The fax number is 845-7510."

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Buffalo News just can't get enough of Jetter

Disgraced former Hamburg School Superintendent Dick Jetter and his bride, Jennifer, make a cameo appearance in this morning's Buffalo News.   At the risk of feeding Dick's megalomania, he looks like he and his wife are singing back- up for the prominent local attorney recently hired by Canisius High School Board of Trustees to look into the fired administrator/athlete cheating scandal.   At the very least, Canisius High School has legitimate school related scandals unlike the as the world churns soap operatic drama of Hamburg Schools.

Dick and Jen Jetter doing back up. Wouldn't it be nice to know what he knows. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Scab Finalists

Hamburg School Board has released the names of the residents of the district who are willing to be scabs.    Two of the individuals picked by the Hamburg School Board lost real elections- when the people of the school district get their chance to vote.
But it seems that in Hamburg elections don't  matter.   This panel of idiots, who are running a 60 million dollar organization have continually stomp on  the fundamental democratic principles of this nation.  

We honor our deserving veterans, and hang banners of character virtues from the light posts in Hamburg, but it seems for this school board those practices are merely window dressing.  When it boils right down to it, the Hamburg School Board has exhibited un-American conduct by undoing the rights of the voters to elected school board members.  Now, the imbeciles have chosen  8 people, 6 never ran for the Hamburg School Board in a real election- with live people.   Mr. Madden and Mrs. Ditkowski did run, but both lost.  Is it not clear to the dunces that perhaps the voters of Hamburg do not want Mr. Madden and Mrs. Ditkowski on the Board?  The voters clearly made this statement at the ballot box. 

The Boars of Education will  meet on December 2, 2014 to select the scab who will take their place alongside the trough.  

Amy Brodfuehrer

Mark Cuda 
Candy Ditkowski- Loser in 2014 Board elections
Dana Lamb
Robbin List 
Bob Madden- Loser in 2011 elections, professional substitute boar member
Judy Piskun  
Richard Schneider

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Hamburg School Board is looking for another superintendent of schools.  Since 2007, Hamburg Schools has had 5 superintendents.   Any superintendent hopeful can visit the district web page for more information about the open position.   The stated application deadline is November 21, 2014.   But sometimes that changes like in 2010 when Donald Ogilve decided Mr. Achramovitch would do the job, and when candidate Dick Jetter decided to go on a family vacation during the school year and on the day he was meant to be interviewed.  So, perhaps the dates listed are suggested dates, based on who you know.

It is not clear what the interview process will be like.   Surely, the committee members who recommended Dick Jetter should be precluded from having any involvement in selecting the next school leader.  In fact, anyone who couldn't see Dick Jetter for the wanker he turned out to be should be made to wear a sign reading, "I was fooled by Jetter the wanker".

The Board of Education in Hamburg has exhibited consistent substandard judgement. This cadre of idiots foolishly entered into an iron clad contract with wanker Jetter which  cost the district enough money to fund the entire athletic program for one year.  It makes one wonders if perhaps the boars are collectively taking a hit from a weed infested hookah prior to meetings.

So,  Hamburg School Superintendent hopefuls welcome to the twilight zone.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Scab

A Federal Judge denied Mrs. Forcucci's request for a temporary restraining order, which would have prevented the Hamburg School Board from filling her seat.   However, it appears from recent media reports, the matter is not over, and Mrs. Forcucci and her attorneys will be returning to court in the next few weeks for further consideration on the matter.   It seems that David Yoviene and Canadian Cam shouldn't have voted on the removal of Mrs. Forcucci.  Frankly if either of these men had a scintilla of honor, they would have recused themselves from voting.  

So the Hamburg Board will meet on November 5, to review the credentials of the 18 hopeful candidates.   The last time the Hamburg School Board met and made a selection for someone to fill an office, they appointed Dick Jetter as Superintendent.  The lack of good judgement of the Hamburg School Board is undeniable.

The 18 people who have put forth their name to fill the Forcucci seat are nothing short of a scabs.  Crossing the line and stepping on the rights of others has enjoyed a long history of scorn in America, and the folks who think themselves above the democratic process should be publicly chided by those who respect due process and other rights enshrined in the US Constitution.    A person who would take the seat of an elected official tossed aside by the fanatical majority, with deeply rooted personal agendas and the taxpayers purse,  is a knobstick and has no respect for democratic principles.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Why run for election when you can take the seat of someone who did?

There are 18 people interested in the seat vacated when the Hamburg School Board in a shocking anti-democratic move ousted publicly elected school board member Mrs. C. Forcucci.   18 Hamburg Central School residents have expressed interest in taking a board seat they did not run for, except in once instance.

The following Hamburg folks feel it honorable to put their name forth to be hand selected to serve.  One person on the list did run for the Hamburg School Board in May 2013, and lost.

The list of folks who are hopeful Forcucci seat fillers are:

Mr. Steve Barber
Ms. Amy Brohfuehrer
Mr. Mark Cuda
Mr. Benjamin Davis
Ms. Candy Ditkowski (May 2013 BOE election loser)
Mr. Terry Dunford 
Ms. Joanne H. Smith
Mr. Chad Witherell
Mr. Richard Scheider
Mr. Patrick Ryan
Ms. Judy Piskun
Mr. Gary Rog
Mr. Bob Madden "professional substitute BOE Member" (filled in for Ms. Kelly Harper and then lost a real election with live voters in May 2011)
Mr. Peter Meyers
Mr. Robert Lohr
Mr. Robbin List
Ms. Dana Lamb
Ms. Kristie Kustra

Remember folks, Candy Ditkowski lost the election in May, 2013.  The others were not on the ballot. They did not run for election. 
There are reasons why we have elections in America, and one is playing out right before your eyes in Hamburg N.Y..   It is the people, the voters, those who honor their obligations to vote in elections that decide who represents the interests of the people and who monitor our tax dollars.   The Hamburg School Board is a panel of money spending fanatics on a witch hunt of a woman who simply asked prickly questions, like wouldn't it be a good idea to have an external audit?   This small group of Hamburg School Board fanatics- the rogues- are being lead by a group of lawyers who are laughing all the way to the country club for game of golf and a spot of tea.  Almost 200 years ago,  Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville warned America of the fragility of our democracy and the specter of the tyranny of the majority. 

In the eyes of Concerned Hamburger, no one in Hamburg should stain the democratic process by putting their name forth.  By offering to sit in a seat vacated in such a vile undemocratic way the 18 volunteers and others who think they are worthy are validating the tyranny of the Hamburg School Board fanatics.   Each of the 18 people who are clamoring for the vacant chair should publicly denounce the actions the Hamburg School Board, and its out of control spending.  The seat of Mrs. Forcucci should remain vacant, until a sensible objective democracy loving judge or commissioner rightfully reverses the actions of the autocratic tyrants.

De Tocqueville cautioned America would be "reduced to nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious animals of which the government is the shepherd".  So if the 18 hopefuls must carry on,  they should remember who ever is selected must sit down and shut up- take your cue from Patty Brunner Collins- say nothing and do nothing.  This will ensure that you can serve on the Hamburg School Board for over a decade and make your contribution to the decay of democracy.  And remember honor President Dave and Tom the Turd, or you can count on the wrath of the frothing at the mouth attorneys with seemingly and endless source of money.   
Good Night, and Good Luck