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Hamburg Board of Education will meet to pick a scab on Wednesday November 5, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. Armor Elementary School.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Scab

A Federal Judge denied Mrs. Forcucci's request for a temporary restraining order, which would have prevented the Hamburg School Board from filling her seat.   However, it appears from recent media reports, the matter is not over, and Mrs. Forcucci and her attorneys will be returning to court in the next few weeks for further consideration on the matter.   It seems that David Yoviene and Canadian Cam shouldn't have voted on the removal of Mrs. Forcucci.  Frankly if either of these men had a scintilla of honor, they would have recused themselves from voting.  

So the Hamburg Board will meet on November 5, to review the credentials of the 18 hopeful candidates.   The last time the Hamburg School Board met and made a selection for someone to fill an office, they appointed Dick Jetter as Superintendent.  The lack of good judgement of the Hamburg School Board is undeniable.

The 18 people who have put forth their name to fill the Forcucci seat are nothing short of a scabs.  Crossing the line and stepping on the rights of others has enjoyed a long history of scorn in America, and the folks who think themselves above the democratic process should be publicly chided by those who respect due process and other rights enshrined in the US Constitution.    A person who would take the seat of an elected official tossed aside by the fanatical majority, with deeply rooted personal agendas and the taxpayers purse,  is a knobstick and has no respect for democratic principles.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Why run for election when you can take the seat of someone who did?

There are 18 people interested in the seat vacated when the Hamburg School Board in a shocking anti-democratic move ousted publicly elected school board member Mrs. C. Forcucci.   18 Hamburg Central School residents have expressed interest in taking a board seat they did not run for, except in once instance.

The following Hamburg folks feel it honorable to put their name forth to be hand selected to serve.  One person on the list did run for the Hamburg School Board in May 2013, and lost.

The list of folks who are hopeful Forcucci seat fillers are:

Mr. Steve Barber
Ms. Amy Brohfuehrer
Mr. Mark Cuda
Mr. Benjamin Davis
Ms. Candy Ditkowski (May 2013 BOE election loser)
Mr. Terry Dunford 
Ms. Joanne H. Smith
Mr. Chad Witherell
Mr. Richard Scheider
Mr. Patrick Ryan
Ms. Judy Piskun
Mr. Gary Rog
Mr. Bob Madden "professional substitute BOE Member" (filled in for Ms. Kelly Harper and then lost a real election with live voters in May 2011)
Mr. Peter Meyers
Mr. Robert Lohr
Mr. Robbin List
Ms. Dana Lamb
Ms. Kristie Kustra

Remember folks, Candy Ditkowski lost the election in May, 2013.  The others were not on the ballot. They did not run for election. 
There are reasons why we have elections in America, and one is playing out right before your eyes in Hamburg N.Y..   It is the people, the voters, those who honor their obligations to vote in elections that decide who represents the interests of the people and who monitor our tax dollars.   The Hamburg School Board is a panel of money spending fanatics on a witch hunt of a woman who simply asked prickly questions, like wouldn't it be a good idea to have an external audit?   This small group of Hamburg School Board fanatics- the rogues- are being lead by a group of lawyers who are laughing all the way to the country club for game of golf and a spot of tea.  Almost 200 years ago,  Frenchman Alexis de Tocqueville warned America of the fragility of our democracy and the specter of the tyranny of the majority. 

In the eyes of Concerned Hamburger, no one in Hamburg should stain the democratic process by putting their name forth.  By offering to sit in a seat vacated in such a vile undemocratic way the 18 volunteers and others who think they are worthy are validating the tyranny of the Hamburg School Board fanatics.   Each of the 18 people who are clamoring for the vacant chair should publicly denounce the actions the Hamburg School Board, and its out of control spending.  The seat of Mrs. Forcucci should remain vacant, until a sensible objective democracy loving judge or commissioner rightfully reverses the actions of the autocratic tyrants.

De Tocqueville cautioned America would be "reduced to nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious animals of which the government is the shepherd".  So if the 18 hopefuls must carry on,  they should remember who ever is selected must sit down and shut up- take your cue from Patty Brunner Collins- say nothing and do nothing.  This will ensure that you can serve on the Hamburg School Board for over a decade and make your contribution to the decay of democracy.  And remember honor President Dave and Tom the Turd, or you can count on the wrath of the frothing at the mouth attorneys with seemingly and endless source of money.   
Good Night, and Good Luck

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Hamburg Schools Attorney Andrew Freedman and Attorneys for Catherine Forcucci summons to Federal Court

Concerned Hamburger has learned from a reliable source that Hamburg School District Attorneys Andrew Freedman and Catherine Cooley of Hodgson Russ and attorneys for removed Hamburg School Board member Catherine Forcucci were called into Federal Court today.

It seems that the Federal Judge assigned to this matter has something to say, and it could not wait for the normal court calendar process.

As reported by Concerned Hamburger, on October 8, 2014, Hamburg School Attorney Mr. Freedman motioned to move Mrs. Forcucci's petition from NYS Supreme Court to Federal Court.   Mrs. Forcucci and former Board Member Holly Balaya filed papers with NYS Courts in an effort to nullify the votes of President David Yoviene and "Canadian Cam" Hall.   Some people are suggesting Mr. Freedman's actions to move the matter to Federal Court were done in an effort to delay the case from being heard
It seems his plot, if indeed true, backfired.   He and his Hodgson Russ sidekick will be in court today.  Ironically, had Mr. Freedman kept the Forcucci matter in Judge Devlin's court, he would have appeared today in front of her.   So, much for the forum shopping lawyer delay games.

Mr. Yoviene it is claimed by Forcucci acted as accuser, prosecutor and jury in the matter of the Forcucci removal.  "Canadian Cam' Hall is claimed to have operated as an operative for his campaign financier- Mr. Daniel Chiacchia, Esq.    Mr. Chiacchia has publicly aired his disdain for Forcucci. Neither men should have voted on the removal of Forcucci.  In fact, charges should have never been filled against Forcucci.  The woman did nothing wrong, and this is American with elections.  Removing someone from an elected position should be reserved for the likes of   Congressman "Beam me up" James Traficant, a notorious criminal.  

Who on earth do these people in Hamburg think themselves to be?  Any lawyer involved in this should have their license to practice law revoked.   How can they be trusted to safeguard  the US Constitution?

The Hamburg School Board will likely spend close to a 1/2 million dollars once this is all said and done.
What a shame.
What about the kids?

Perhaps the Federal Judge in this matter will send a strong message to Hamburg.   Perhaps he should require all those involved in this sick miscarriage of power mandatory community service.  All those narrow minded tyrannical members of the Hamburg community who plotted and schemed to remove an elected official ought be require to take a civics course, and perhaps interview a new legally immigrated American from a country where there is no democracy.  These people in Hamburg need a wake up call.  This is America.  And if you don't like it, take Canadian Cam and the rest of the Board and move into  Tom Flynn the turd's parents' house in Canada.    

Visit Link to see motion papers submitted by Attorney Freedman : Hamburg Money Spent in Lawyer Forum Shopping

Friday, October 10, 2014

Question: What will 1/4 of a million get you in Hamburg?

Answer: A bakers dozen at Hodgson Russ.

Legal spending by the Hamburg School Board is far worse than in earlier reports.

Remember readers, these are the invoices through July.  August, September and the rest of the year are still not known by the public.  Hopefully, Buffalo News reporter Barb O'Brien will keep at it, and continue to reveal these wild expenses to the public.

As of the end of July the school board, "client representatives" and Hamburg staff have jacked up over 1/4 million dollars in legal fees.

See Buffalo News link:  School District Spends over 1/4 million dollars in 7 months

What would you do with 1/4 million bucks if you had to run a school district?

Cooler Heads Prevail

A blogger posted the following insightful remarks (purple).  These are great questions that should elevate the discussion of the current state of affairs in the Hamburg School District.  Thank you blogger for your thoughts on these important topics.  Hopefully this will generate some serious discussion about how the district might fix the predicament the Hamburg School Board has created with taxpayers dollars. 

"What some supporters of the Yoviene cabal who post here refuse to understand is that you can absolutely take a stand for what you believe in, but when that stand extends to using your board faction's voting majority to kick a dissenter off the board for incredibly minor things like merely saying "Santa Claus came early to the Jetter household", it's gone way too far.

And the very idea that the Yoviene school board's supporters actually believe that it was right to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars prosecuting Forcucci for NON-CRIMINAL conduct while awarding Jetter for CRIMINAL conduct should entirely undermine their credibility.

HERE ARE A FEW QUESTIONS FOR THE YOVIENE FACTION SUPPORTER--instead of constantly whining about people who don't share your views of Forcucci and Stephenson (who you appear to be obsessed with), answer these questions:

Do you believe that it is responsible to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on attorneys' fees chasing an non-criminal with politeness problems while you are simultaneously cutting the kids' K-12 intrumural programs, refusing to fund girls' hockey, and not providing anywhere near sufficient Common Core training for teachers and parents?

Do you believe that it is proper for the board to spend money on attorneys to provide public relations advice on how to handle the media regarding the secret hearings controversy?

Do you believe that it was smart or proper to spend so much money on the Forcucci prosecution that it put the board in a position where it did not have the funds necessary to fight Jetter, forcing the board to offer him a huge settlement after admitting to criminal conduct?

Don't you believe that when Jetter was exposed as a criminal who victimized his supporters and the community at large with his dishonesty, Mr. Yoviene and his faction missed the opportunity to reach out to Forcucci and resolve the hearings with a compromise (especially considering that Jetter was a chief accuser)?

Wouldn't compromising with Forcucci after the Jetter drama and moving forward have been a MUCH MORE ETHICAL choice--and much smarter--than continuing this incredibly expensive fight where the price, so far, includes the board caving in to a criminal and giving him more than $100,000 simply because the board is worn out by its continuing fight against someone who has committed no crimes?

When all the bills are finally in, from the full cost of the board's Forcucci adventure to the ill-advised settlement awarded to Jetter--do you understand the rest of the community's concern that that HUGE pile of money could have been spent on teachers to alleviate elementary school overcrowding or vital Common Core training or kids' sports or any number of other needs that are important to kids? How can you justify the incredible costs of the board's political infighting to already strapped taxpayers?

Yoviene school board supporters, you can contribute to a healthy discussion on this blog by answering these questions. They are the questions of most of the community, not just a small group. Get a dialogue going that is more than just your usual personal defenses of people on your side of the aisle.

In short, step back from your personal involvement with the personalities at the center of this mess and consider what the rest of the adults in Hamburg are seriously worried about."

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hamburg Board of Education files a Federal Lawsuit

Well it looks like the school board has fired up the printing presses and is issuing some more debt for future generations of Hamburg School District residents.  Andrew Freedman of Hodgson Russ, attorney for the school board, filed a law suit in Federal Court in reply to Mrs Forcucci's appeal in NYS Court.    It is not a wonder that this board refuses to fund student programs, clubs and activities.   You see readers,  David Yoviene would rather give your money to Andrew Freedman, the guy who knew about Jetter weeks before the rest of us. 

So folks,  just when you think the school board couldn't spend more of your money, think again.     More on this matter as details become available.   In the mean time, hang on to your wallet, they are coming for more money in just 7 short months.   

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"Forcucci As Hero*"

Early Saturday morning, Concerned Hamburger was emailed a link to the New York State Court webpage which revealed the Summons and Complaint filed by Margaret Murphy, Esq attorney for Ms. Catherine Forcucci. (see:Summons and Complaints with Juicy Exhibits)

Catherine Forcucci is placing the matter of her removal from an publicly elected position on the Hamburg School Board in the hands of New York State Supreme Court Justice the Honorable Diane Devlin.   A hearing is scheduled to take place in Judge Devlin's court on October 16, 2014.  The Hamburg School District will need to respond to the summons and will appear for arguments in front of the Honorable D. Devlin.

After reading the documents, Concerned Hamburger has more questions related to the actors in the Forcucci matter.  We know some people in Hamburg suggested Mrs. Forcucci was rude and perhaps uncivil toward them. (So what?)   Secretary Jennifer Lackie,  employees Jodi McNamara and Sharon Matern, Hamburg School Board President David Yoviene, Laura Heeter, and of course Hamburg's very own over paid buffoon Dick Jetter all testified on the district side of the hearing- against Forcucci.  Boston Valley Principal James Martinez made claims against Forcucci, but sources revealed that he was likely too volatile to testify and refused to take the stand (quite bold for a probationary employee, wouldn't you say?) Mr. Martinez did have a public outburst at a hearing in July which was cause for the hearings to stop and order to be restored.

What we don't have are answers to other nagging questions, one would ponder after reading the very lengthy list of "juicy"exhibits attached to the summons.

Question 1.
Why did Hamburg Attorney Daniel Chiacchia, Esq send a very spooky email to Forcucci's attorney Margaret Murphy?    
Spooky Email sent May 3, 2014 at 11:23 am
Concerned Hamburger can not quite understand the meaning of this email sent by Mr. Chiacchia and marked as Exhibit I.  It seems to be a threat that if Mrs. Forcucci doesn't step off the board then she will permanently cement a tarnished reputation.  Perhaps other readers can come to other conclusions, but in the opinion of Concerned Hamburger is seems like a glaring threat made by Mr. Chiacchia, of the Chiacchia and Fleming Law Firm**.     What is Mr. Chiacchia's skin in this game?

Just yesterday, the Hamburg Sun Newspaper published  remarks from Mr. Chiacchia related to Forcucci's legal action.   "Hamburg citizen and concerned parent Dan Chiacchia, who has been vocally opposed to Schrauth Forcucci throughout the hearing process and events leading up to it, said the documents filed "have no basis in fact. "  What a strange remark by an attorney.  Is he suggesting that the Summons and Complaint are filled with lies?  The Sun further reports that Chiacchia remarked,  "She just wants to be in the limelight," he said, of Schrauth Forcucci. "They're trying to create something out of nothing. Sure, I wanted her gone. I want all of them gone, Sally [Stephenson], Holly [Balaya], Martha [Cavanaugh], Chuck [Mahoney]. If they were all out of this district, we would be fine."   
D. Chiacchia passing out campaign materials, 2013.
His candidate Joan Calkins lost by 72 votes
to Catherine Forcucci 

The spooky Mr. Chiacchia veers off on a tangent unrelated to the summons and attacks, and threatens,  individuals whose names are not mentioned in the summons.   Surely, if anyone is seeking the limelight it is none other than Mr. Chiacchia, as he has done month after month with his poor political posturing at school board meetings.  This has done nothing but make him look foolish in the eyes of any on looker.   

Who is the "they're" that Mr. Chiacchia references?  

Is he suggesting the "CSF CAMP" (Catherine Schrauth Forcucci), as referenced in Exhibit N, a text message sent by Hamburg Board President David Yoviene in an attempt to blame others for the damage to Dick Jetters' car, when in fact it was Jetter himself  who drove his car into a pole after a day of boozing with Middle School Principal J. Giallela.  

One wonders if Mr. Chiacchia isn't working very hard to suppress other issues? Perhaps he has imaginary demons?  He sure did blow a wad on the failed Joan Calkins and Shiela Ruhland campaign in 2013, and then another gob of cash on Canadian Cam, and Thomas Flynn the turd campaigns in 2014.   Perhaps Mr. Chiacchia is bitter because Mrs. Forcucci beat Joan Calkins in the May 2013 school board election by 72 votes.  Get over it, this is America. 

Question 2: What did Andrew Freedman and David Hoover know and when did they know it? 

The reader must review the letter sent on June 26, 2014 by M. Murphy to David Hoover and Andrew Freedman (Exhibit U).  In this letter, Ms. Murphy memorializes a conversation she had with the attorney for the district and the attorney presiding as the hearing officer.  She writes a letter to ascertain the information that she shared with Freedman and Hoover was entered into the record.  Murphy shared with the two fellas the outcome of an investigation that was conducted as part of the defense in the removal hearing.  It appears that Murphy notified the two attorneys Hoover and Freedman on June 25, 2014 that she had evidence that Jetter twisted his car around a pole in So. Buffalo, and that his car was NOT vandalized on May 6, 2014.

So, one must ask why it is that the attorney for the Hamburg School Board, Mr. Andrew Freedman failed to notify authorities that Jetter damaged his own car.

Did Mr. Freedman notify the school board?
July 23 remarks weeks after he was told Jetter lied
Andrew Freedman was quoted on WIVB Channel 4, on July 23, 2014  (see link: Andrew Freedman on Jetter- weeks after he learned about Jetter's lies ).  

What happened on the days between June 25, 2014 and July 21, 2014?  

Why wasn't Dick Jetter placed on Administrative leave immediately pending an investigation into his conduct?

Why did the district's attorney permit the superintendent continued access to the district resources?    Freedman's words as quoted from WIVB suggest shock, but he knew about the lies weeks before July 23.

It seems to Concerned Hamburger that Mr. Freedman and Mr. Hoover acted improperly.  Surely, as attorneys, both men  are officers of the court and must report all crimes to the police in a proper fashion.  Did they do this?  What did they do?

It seems that Mr. Freedman has some questions to answer and at the very least should be removed as attorney for the Hamburg School Board or placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into his conduct.  Rather than facing these tough questions, the school board gave Mr. Freedman the authority to negotiate a settlement with Jetter, which awarded Jetter over $120,000 to resign.

What a horrible example of the children of Hamburg.  Individuals who should be role models and inspirations for what is right in America have done nothing but continue to sour the public's faith in government.  School officials who lie, cheat, drink while they should be working, and then get large cash windfalls are poisonous to our youth and society. School Principals who have exhibited emotional instability have continued exposure to children.

Lawyers who think themselves smart and crafty have made a mockery of their profession and the laws of our land.  School Board Members like David Yoviene who can not see past their own ignorance should be jolted into reality by a populous who cares about civil discourse and deliberative, thoughtful, government. What kind of role model is Mr. Yoviene for the kids of Hamburg who aspire to a life of public service?

Leave the mudslinging and parody to bloggers and the media.  It is not the place of the actors in our governments and the lawyers who give them what appears to be dreadful advice to use tax resources to carry out person vendettas.   It is shameful to any objective observer that the likes of Mr. Chiacchia, Mr. Freedman and Mr. Hoover engender any trust of the public what so ever.

Shocking that folks don't have the independence of mind to see though these suits to the meat of the matter.  We live in a democracy folks.  And if our nation continues to behave in the manner like what we have seen in Hamburg, we may as well fold up our tents.

It is not Mrs. Focucci who has exhibited "misconduct" its the jerks who care little about education and children and more about racking up the billable hours, and hiding a truth that will likely come out, eventually.  Consequences, as it were, often lie in the future.

Concerned Hamburger must credit Ms. Forcucci for her brawn amidst what appears to be a very rough crowd in Hamburg.  Standing up to bullies and the public venom which characterizes most of the Hamburg School Board is a difficult task.    Sorting out lies from truth is most difficult as it seems that most of the testimony in the Forcucci matter was homespun smoke in mirrors.

Seeking the truth is an act of heroism, which all persons in a civil society ought to aspire.  However, in the matter of the Forcucci removal some strange tales were presented, which challenge the nature of the hearings and the characters of countless people.  One wonders if the staff who testified were pressured to do so, or perhaps given raises or other benefits at work?   It doesn't seem impossible.

You are indeed correct on on point Mr. Chiacchia, "Forcucci as Hero".  Words well chosen.   But, you should've stopped there.  So, next time you are thinking of what to do on a Saturday morning try being the concerned parent you profess to be, and take the kiddies to the park.   Save up your spookiness for Halloween.   No doubt, Mrs. Forcucci's attorney found your email admonition worthless, yet as strange as most who read it.

* title of spooky email authored by Daniel Chiacchia, Esq.
** Chiacchia and Fleming Law Firm, Mr. Chiacchia is law partners with Andrew Fleming,Hamburg Village Judge.  And Andrew Fleming's bro is a partner and Hodgson Russ.  And, Andrew and Bernard Freeman, of Hodgson Russ were once law partners with David Hoover.
What a small world we live in.  One wonders if they all exchange greeting cards around the holidays.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Jetter the Liar, Jetter the Thief

Each and every member of the Hamburg School Board, who voted to compensate Dick Jetter for his lies ought to be arrested for aiding and abetting in the theft of taxpayers dollars.   In the Spring of 2014, Dick Jetter stole Hamburg tax dollars by filing for reimbursement for damage done to his car while he was out day drinking with a school administrator.  He lied to the community and his wife and children.  
According to reports in today's Buffalo News and on WBEN, Dick Jetter and the Hamburg School District entered into an agreement permitting Dick to get in excess of $100,000 for breaking the law.    Meanwhile, students of Hamburg are jammed in classrooms and cuts have been made.  The settlement agreement is effective October 1, 2014.  One wonders, why the agreement wasn't immediately effective, or retroactive to July when Dick Jetter faced his day of reckoning.   

The settlement agreement claims that neither party admits to fault or wrongdoing.   It seems to any simple-minded folk, that there must be more to this story.  It looks like Dick has the goods on some of the Hamburg Board Members and certain community members, and this settlement is tantamount to "hush money".   The district also agreed to give Doc Jetter a letter of reference.   Oh boy, here is hoping Dick doesn't get too lathered up in a state of inebriation.  Lord only knows what will come forth from his lips. 

Of the 6 members remaining on the Hamburg School Board, only one member, Sally Stephenson, voted against the agreement and she made no bones about her concerns.  (Mrs. Stephenson and Mrs. Forcucci voted in the negative on Jetters employment contract in March, 2013 and they were publicly chastised then for their wise decision.)   Sadly the remaining Board Members, including Cameron Hall ( Hamburg's Canadian Contingent) who took his seat on July 1, 2014 voted to approve the separation agreement.   Thomas Flynn the Third is reported to be very sensitive toward Mr. Jetter and seems very understanding of the underlying causes of separation agreement. 

Nice Job Hamburg School Board Members, you make good role models for the children of the district.  Now the kids can lie, cheat, break the law, be unfaithful and it will be OK in Hamburg.    Shower bad behavior with positive rewards.  That makes sense, doesn't it? 


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wakey, Wakey Eggs and Bakey

Rise and Shine Hamburg Tax Payers- you are going on a spending spree Friday morning.

Andrew Freedman, Esq (left) and Dick Jetter (right) are too close for Andy to act objectively.
Perhaps they had more than a professional relationship, i.e. a personal friendship? 
On Friday morning September 26, 2014 at 7:30 a.m.,  the Hamburg School Board will accept the resignation for Dick Jetter, the Liar.    The Hamburg School Board will have a meeting at the Hamburg Administration Building on Abbott Road bright and early in the  morning.  It appears to be a very short meeting.  The meeting agenda posted on the school district web page does NOT include an executive session break out.  This alone suggests that the separation with Rick Jetter has been done in secret.  One wonders what kind of financial goodness will be bestowed upon Doctor Jetter in exchange for his silence?   The biggest question is if Andrew Freedman, Esq of Hodgson Russ negotiated the separation agreement, and if so, why?  It seems to Concerned Hamburger, that it was Andrew Freedman's poor judgement that got Hamburg into this Jetter mess in the first place.  Was it not Andrew Freedman who negotiated Jetter's employment contract 6 months ago?

Surely Doctor Jetter might have a lot to say if the Hamburg Board simply had a hearing and fired the man for stealing money from the tax payers and being a serial liar.   Please recall, the Doc was reimbursed by the school district for his damaged car, that he drove drunk into a lamp post whilst out day drinking with a school principal.   Any hearing officer, who can hear, would see and hear that Jetter is not the calibre of person who should be near a school setting.

Multiple media outlets have reported that Dick Jetter is getting a severance package from the district in exchange for his resignation.    The details of the severance agreement have not been learned, but it has been rumored that Dick Jetter may have attempted to blame the district and affiliates of the district for his patterns of lies and apparent drinking problem that became public as the result of his disturbing lies about his car.

The Hamburg School Board ought not give Dick Jetter one penny.  Dick has been collecting a big pay check for the last approximate 3 months.  The School Board must at once commence termination proceeding against Jetter, and allow an independent officer to find him guilty of lies and theft.   Why should the Hamburg taxpayer enter into a secret severance package with an unethical, and apparently, mentally demented Jetter?

So readers, wake up and protest any agreement with Jetter that does not include his license to be around children revoked, and termination from the district with NO chance to be near kids in NYS under any circumstance.  The Hamburg Central School district must at once file a petition with the State of New York to have Rick Jetter's license removed as he does not hold the moral character to be an educator.

Wake Up Hamburg, once again a dysfunctional school board is squandering your  money.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Jetter the Liar

Today, Hamburg School Superintendent Richard Jetter pled guilty of filing a false police report after he reported his car was damaged by a vandal belonging to the "rogue" faction of the Hamburg School Community.  See Buffalo News ( Jetter the Liar).

Richard Jetter was out on May 5, 2014 during the school  day partying, and drinking in excess with Hamburg Middle School Principal Jennifer Giallella.   Both were drinking heavily, and several people  have reported that neither can remember their sick behavior that day.  Miss Giallella remains the principal of Hamburg Middle School, and Dick Jetter continues to get paid his excessive salary by the taxpayers of Hamburg.

Dick Jetter has been on paid leave since July, 2014, and he continues to collect a full salary in excessof $150,000 per year and benefits.  It seems that the Hamburg School Board sans fiscal watchdog Mrs. Forcucci is dragging its collective foot on bring charges against Dick Jetter and is refusing to move forward towards a hearing, which will land Dick Jetter on the curb rattling a tin cup and in search of his next meal.

Instead, the Hamburg Board prefers to spill taxpayer dollars into the pockets of a clearly unethical man, with deep emotional issues, who makes enough money off the Hamburg taxpayer to feed his face with the finest cut meats available at the local butcher shop (and Craigslist).

Hamburg Schools Superintendent Dick Jetter as he appeared at his arraignment- Mr. Shifty Eyes.

It has been reported that Doctor Jetter, after a lengthy stay at Brylin Hospital is claiming he is disabled and is now attempting to collect his salary and benefits per the disability clause in his contract.    Let us recall how incredibly stupid the Hamburg School Board, in particular David Yoviene,  revealed themselves to be when they voted to approve Dick Jetter's contract just 6 months ago.    Dick hit the jackpot, and went on wild adventures with the men and women of Hamburg all on the dime of the tax payer.   

Dick Jetter's attorney, Mr. Terrence Connors stated, Dr. Jetter accepted responsibility for a report that was false. He put the district and the children first and brought some closure to what was an isolated act in an otherwise exemplary career. Right now, he’s focusing on his family, and he’s evaluating his options.”

With all due respect,  Mr. Connors, please refrain from the posturing. It appears as phony as the gel in your hair.  Dick has NOT put the kids of Hamburg first.  Just last week Mr. Connors, Hamburg High School cut the beloved DECA club for students who have an interest in business.  The price tag of DECA is less than what Dick makes in day. 

And, Mr. Connors, sir, ask the parents of Hamburg how many study halls their children are sitting in, or why their youngsters are not playing intramural sports.  If you can't find those parents, call the ones who want a girls hockey team.   You are wrong, Terry Connors,  Dick Jetter has not put the kids first, if he had any educational interest in children, he never would have entered public education. He is an unstable man.  So, Mr. Connors, if you want to make your statements true, please advise Dick to walk away from Hamburg.

Dick Jetter went to incredible lengths to spin his machinations of rogue faction members, fender benders, crazy notes, and late night eggings.  But, Dick didn't stop there, his lies continued at home to his wifey Jen Jetter. Mrs. Jetter posted the below photo on her Facebook page on 5-7-14,  less than 48 hours after Dick Jetter spent a drunken night with Miss. Giallella at her South Buffalo home.  
Jetter picture posted on 5-7-14 hours after Jetter's all day bender with Hamburg Middle School Principal.

In July,  Mrs. Jetter posted on her Facebook page that the Buffalo News would be popping a story about her husband, and it was all a lie.   Jen Jetter then attempted to blame school board members and a school employee for the damage to her husbands car.    Mrs. Jetter removed the Facebook posting, but it has been saved by a regular blogger. 

So, Hamburg, while Dick Jetter pled guilty today of a misdemeanor, that is not the real crime this sick man committed.   Dick committed higher crimes against his family (likely not the first time), his children, the kids of Hamburg, parents, staff, members of the board, and any trusting person. 

The Erie County Judge Thomas P. Franczyk  please throw the book at this man, who has terrorized an entire school community.   Dick Jetter will be sentenced on November 25, 2014.