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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Former Hamburg Superintendent and Erie One BOCES Superintendent Donald Ogilive retiring July 1, 2014

Who will be Cubby's new boss?

A letter by Donald Ogilve of Erie One BOCES forwarded by a local school superintendent (who claims to like Concerned Hamburger :-) reads, 

To All:
After serving 17 years as District Superintendent of the First Supervisory District of Erie County and CEO of Erie 1 BOCES I want to share with you that I will retire effective July 1, 2014. 

It has been my honor and privilege to have served with over 70 superintendents since becoming DS of E1B in 1997.  

I feel great pride for what has been accomplished through Erie 1 BOCES.  

In saying that however, I have never lost sight of the fact that component superintendents have been essential to ensure the continual improvement of this organization which has dedicated itself to the vision of service and innovation.

Thank you for your support of me and Erie 1 BOCES.

Good Riddance Don,  are you taking your wife with you?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

All parents stayed behind

From a reader~~~~~

On Tuesday evening March 26, 2014 at 7 p.m., the Hamburg Teachers union presented to a handful of folks the great losses to the school district because of the last few years of "defunding".  It is estimated that Hamburg has lost over $15,000,000 over the last 4 school years.  Sadly for the children of Hamburg Central Schools , this is not your father's Oldsmobile (sic). 

Over the course of the last decade not only has the money dried up, but so too has the ethical foundation of a once morally emblematic school district.   We have learned that less than 20 parents attended last evenings presentation given by small group of teachers desperate to save their jobs, and exhibiting their own self-interest which appears year after year at "budget time".  

The teachers dubbed the evening, "No Parent Left Behind", a clever play on "No Child Left Behind".  

Parents and community members were urged to reach out to  lawmakers and tell them to fund the schools, and maintain programming by opening the taxpayers purse to douse the school with money.   At the same time, the teachers are in the midst of contract negotiations and have asked the district for over 5% raise.   Meanwhile, a dysfunctional school board has opened the public purse and given over $165,000 in compensation to a young buck, with no experience,  fresh on the superintendents circuit.   As interim superintendent, Richard Jetter handed out raises and stipends to all those who gave him a wink and a nod in support of his ambitions, did his dirty work, and pretended to have respect for the foolish man.  It is nearly April 1st, and the public has not seen a school budget and the only utterance which resonates in the community are the words of School Board President David Yoveine in support of a budget that goes over the tax cap.   

Meanwhile, a group of "parents" organized in the Fall of 2013 and had no fewer than 5 community meetings attended by staff, parents and even students for the sole purpose of condemning a teacher and three board members.  It has been reported that not once did the "community" group raise any issue related to school budgets, funding, tax increases, decreases, programs, classes, sports, art, drama or intellectual advancement of children.  Rather,  the group of scornful individuals pointed their collective fingers at those whom they do not know, did not make an effort to know,  but rather set out in a poorly constructed campaign to destroy.  

Three of the community meetings were shamefully held at Christian Churches- St. John the Baptist Church in Boston, Hamburg Presbyterian Church in the Village of Hamburg and The Wesleyan  Church in the Town of Hamburg.   These venues were used to orchestrate a "community" effort to exert dominance over those who were fairly elected by the people (not rigged voter machines) to positions of public service, and to spew venom and hate.   The Hamburg Fairgrounds, which pays no tax to the schools, was used after being organized by the Hamburg Village Mayor.  

The vitriolic attacks by a local attorney and others culminated in reports sent to the Commission of Education, which were used as press releases to further harass in an attempt to intimidate the subjects of the report.  Petitions were created, petitions were signed, stories were manufactured, police reports filed and in a blaze of scorn the true fabric of the Hamburg School Community was sent to Albany.    A tell-all story appeared in Buffalo News days before Thanksgiving 2013 which no one should be proud of. 

The Commissioner returned a decision to the Hamburg School Community denying the petitions and urging the school community to hold hands and sing kumbaya.  

So, there you stand Hamburg School Community- the bank account is empty, the leaders are corrupt and the moral compass of the community if off kilter.   Lawyers, Doctors, Judges, Police Officers, Teachers, Nurses, Bankers, Businesspeople, Homemakers and Do Nothings have forever branded Hamburg Schools as a despicable institution filled with hate and contempt.  

What a marvelous lesson to teach children.

So, while the staff of the school community hold out their hands looking for more money from Albany and from their neighbors to fund salaries and programming, one must ask if its not better to stay behind and not engage in the vileness that has become the Hamburg Central School District. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Illegally noticed Hamburg Boars of Education meeting planned for March 24, 2014

Cubby Jetter is getting off on the wrong foot.  Or as some might argue, continuing on the same path of lies, deception and manipulation, which brought him to Hamburg Schools in the first place.

Concerned Hamburger was notified that Cubby, King Boar Yoviene and his sounder of Flynn, Collins and Heeter called a private "conference" aka illegal school board meeting with the Hamburg Teachers Association.  
The illegal meeting will be held Monday, March 24, 2014 at 6 p.m. at Hamburg Administration Building.    

King Boar and Cubby intentionally excluded Sally Stephenson, Holly Balaya and Catherine Schrauth- Forcucci from the meeting.   Oddly, it was Stephenson and Balaya who at last weeks community budget meeting requested a special meeting tomorrow night to continue to hash out the $2.3 million dollar deficit.   This suggestion was made in response to the cry for help by Haus frau Heeter, who admitted she never "did" a budget before and she just doesn't know what to do.   Despite Heeter's plea for help, Stephenson and Balaya were shot down, and no meeting for this week was scheduled in public.  The meeting was instead planned in a clandestine manner with the intention of excluding Stephenson, Balaya and Shrauth-Forcucci

When asked about the unannounced meeting,  King Boar Yoviene stated that the NEW Hamburg School District attorney, Hodgson Russ, approved the illegal meeting by providing the advice to King Boar that the meeting is a conference NOT a school board meeting.  

Concerned disagrees, and so should anyone who can read the New York State Public Officers Law Article 7 Sections 104 and 108 ( New York State Open Meetings Law). 

Section 104 clearly states the requirements for notifying a public meeting:  

§104. Public notice. 
1. Public notice of the time and place of a meeting scheduled at least one week prior thereto shall be given to the news media and shall be conspicuously posted in one or more designated public locations at least seventy-two hours before such meeting.
2. Public notice of the time and place of every other meeting shall be given, to the extent practicable, to the news media and shall be conspicuously posted in one or more designated public locations at a reasonable time prior thereto.
3. The public notice provided for by this section shall not be construed to require publication as a legal notice.
4. If videoconferencing is used to conduct a meeting, the public notice for the meeting shall inform the public that videoconferencing will be used, identify the locations for the meeting, and state that the public has the right to attend the meeting at any of the locations.
5. When a public body has the ability to do so, notice of the time and place of a meeting given in accordance with subdivision one or two of this section, shall also be conspicuously posted on the public body's internet website.

Now let us turn our attention to New York State Public Officers Law, Article 7 Section 108 for legal exemptions to the notification rules of notification: 

§108. Exemptions.
2. a. deliberations of political committees, conferences and caucuses.
b. for purposes of this section, the deliberations of political committees, conferences and caucuses means a private meeting of members of the senate or assembly of the state of New York, or of the legislative body of a county, city, town or village, who are members or adherents of the same political party, without regard to 
(ii) the majority or minority status of such political committees, conferences and caucuses or
(iii) whether such political committees, conferences and caucuses invite staff or guests to participate in their deliberations; 

i) the subject matter under discussion, including discussions of public business,

Any reader can come to the very same conclusions as Concerned Hamburger: the meeting planned for Monday, March 24, 2014 is illegal.  School Boards in New York State do NOT have political committees, conferences and caucuses like legislative bodies.   By definition, school boards in  New York State are apolitical in terms of political parties.  School Board candidates DO not run on political party lines.  Of course,  we all know that politics do exist, but not in terms of political parties, which hold conferences and caucuses to nominate party leaders and to formulate party policy positions.   

It is shocking to any literate person that the legal counsel of the school district would provide such poor advice to King Boar Yoviene.  The meeting planned at the Hamburg Administration Building this evening is illegal- plain and simple. 

Three years ago, the Hamburg Central School district got its collective hands slapped for violating New York State Open Meetings Laws.  It seems that Cubby and King Boar just do as they damn well please with little regard for the law.   It is almost impossible to conceive that any attorney in New York State would provide advice to Cubby and King Boar that this evening's planned meeting is OK, because it falls under the conference exemption.  

Surely it is hoped that one of the three school board members who were intentionally excluded* from this meeting will file and Article 78 in New York State Supreme Court to once again slap the hands of 
the out of control and inexperienced Cubby and King Boar. 

* Cubby and King Boar, just in case you missed the news, Commissioner King didn't throw Stephenson and Balaya off the the school board despite the theatrics of local attorney Mr. Daniel Chiacchia.     

Friday, March 14, 2014

NYS Commissioner of Education Rejects Dan Chiacchia, Attorney at Chiacchia and Fleming Law Firm

Hamburg Attorney Daniel Chiacchia, partner in the law firm Chiacchia and Fleming*,  was hit by the reject button of the New York State Education Commissioner John King.   
Daniel Chiacchia's petition to the Commissioner
King gave Chiacchia what amounted to an "F" in his argument to remove Hamburg Board Members Holly Balaya and Sally Stephenson.  On March 10th , in an unusually quick turnaround time,  NYS Commissioner of Education King returned a decision to Petitioner Chiacchia rejecting his flawed arguments to have Balaya and Stephenson removed from the Hamburg Board of Education.

Mr. Chiacchia filed a petition with the NYS Commissioner some time in late November 2013.  In the petition filed by Chiachhia claims were made that the mother and daughter pair on the Hamburg Board of Education had a conflict of interest in voting on matters related to a Hamburg School District teacher, and in matters related to former school district legal counsel.   Chiacchia put pen to paper and  concocted a distorted story riddled with lies and deception, and also perpetuated his sinister plot at no fewer than 4 community meetings attended by parents, staff and students.  Mr. Chiacchia exhibited his unfamiliarity with education law in many instances, and used his petition to simply harass the respondents and those named in his poorly constructed arguments.  Most good attorneys understand that the Commissioner of Education never, or in very few instances,  remove school board members.    

Some people have claimed that Mr. Chiacchia, evidenced by his conduct at school board meetings,  has created the horror of hate in Hamburg, New York.  

In a recently published Buffalo News article,  Mr. Chiacchia pouts at the Commissioner's decision and reverts to name calling by referring to Commissioner King as, "gutless".    Apparently, Mr. Chiacchia can not handle matters of difference in a respectful manner and acts out as a childish bully. 

Link to Buffalo News Article:  Chiacchia loses in petition to NYSED Commissioner

Petitioner Chiacchia failed to sustain the burden to support an approval of his request.  In fact, the Commissioner blasts holes in Chiacchia's weak argument,  which reads more like a Harlequin romance than a legal document.  Petitioner Chiacchia's disdain for Stephenson runs from the pages of his petition, and is reflected in the commentary made by Commissioner King in the final paragraph of the decision.  Mr. Chiacchia and his merry band of misfits have held no fewer than 4 community meetings which were solely designed to harass certain members of the Hamburg community. 

Mr. Chiacchia created a tall tale wrapped in a petition to the NYS Commissioner with gross exaggeration and illegally obtained court documents in his attempt to have Balaya and Stephenson removed.   His distorted plan, which he carpetbagged around the school district fell flat on its face.  

Two things were accomplished by Mr. Chiacchia.  First, a lasting impression of an attorney who exhibits poor judgement and a callous penchant for revenge and destruction.   One is reminded of  Queen Gertrude's utterance, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks", in attempting to make sense of Mr. Chiacchia's conduct.   And second, a squandering of taxpayer dollars and resources to defended Balaya and Stephenson against Attorney Chiacchia's frivolous and maligned claims in his petition to the Commissioner of Education.  

As the district readies itself to excess staff to balance the 2014-15 school budget deficit in excess of $2.3 million dollars, perhaps the parents of the community should request that Mr. Chiacchia reimburse the district in the hopes of saving programming for the children. 

Footnote:  * Andrew Fleming, Daniel Chiacchia's partner in law was admonished by the New York State Judicial Ethics Committee in September 2013, days later, Chiacchia started his rampage on certain members of the Hamburg community who are responsible for the Fleming admonishment.  Judge Fleming, who is up for re-election in the Village of Hamburg on 3-18-14 was found by the Commission to have acted inappropriately and in violation of New York State law, when he took business from the "bench" and accepted clients in a matter over which he presided.  It appeared that the sole intent of Mr. Fleming's actions was to bring business to the law practice he shares with Daniel Chiacchia.   Mr. Fleming is asking again for the members of the Hamburg community to vote for him despite his transgressions on the bench. 
Hence, the Chiacchia revenge. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


On March 11, 2014,  the Boars of Education of the Hamburg School District will appoint Richard "Cubby" Jetter as school superintendent.  

Cubby is 37 years old, and has NO experience as a school superintendent.   We learned that Cubby will be fetching a salary of $165,000 to do the dirty work of Erie ONE BOCES Superintendent Donald Ogilve  

According to the Hamburg School Board March 11, 2014 agenda, two teachers have exhausted their sick days due to extended sick leave.  So, in lack of judgement, and likely in violation of HIPPA,  Cubby decided it was appropriate to broadcast the two teachers exhaustion of sick leave days on the school agenda.  

Shame on you, Cubby

Cubby ought to be ashamed of himself for publicizing the leave of these two teachers because of illnesses.    

It is the hope, and wishes, of Concerned Hamburger that these two women are on the mend and recovering from their ailments.   Concerned Hamburger also trusts that the Hamburg teachers are appalled at the mention of their fellow comrades on the Boars of Education agenda.    

In a move that will likely damage the school district for many years to come,  King Boar David Yoviene has lead the movement to appoint Cubby,  and  Boar Dave approved the notice of teachers names on the district agenda. 

Shame on King Boar Dave Yoviene and Cubby Jetter. 

Best wishes to Miss Davidson, and Miss Watkins. 

RECOMMENDED MOTION:  “that the Board of Education recognizes and
approves that, upon written request of an employee and approval of the
Superintendent of Schools, a Hamburg Central School District employee may
donate a portion of his/her individual accumulated sick leave days up to
Fifty-Three and a half (53 1/2) days to Tricia Davidson, a teacher, who 
exhausted her accumulated sick leave, according to the sick leave conversion
work sheets that provide for the fair and proportionate transfer of sick leave
days between and among Hamburg Central School District employees.”

RECOMMENDED MOTION:  “that the Board of Education recognizes and
approves that, upon written request of an employee and approval of the
Superintendent of Schools, a Hamburg Central School District employee may
donate a portion of his/her individual accumulated sick leave days up to
Twenty-Six (26) days to Dara Watkins, a teacher, who has exhausted her
accumulated sick leave, according to the sick leave conversion work sheets
that provide for the fair and proportionate transfer of sick leave days between
and among Hamburg Central School District employees.”

source: Hamburg Board Agenda : March 2014

Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Hamburg, New York where the United States Constitution doesn't matter. "

Concerned Hamburger was recently sent the following information (blue below) regarding private property rights and other attempts of Constitutional rights tampering by the Town of Hamburg.  

So it seems that the governments (town, village and school)  of the Hamburg will just not quit with attempts to thwart rights guaranteed by the 4,400 word United States Constitution.  Readers may not agree with the message of the signs on the South Park Avenue fence, but this man has the guaranteed right to say it, even if you don't like it.  The content of the message is not the matter of dispute. The contention is that the Town of Hamburg is using the color of the law in an attempt to willfully deprive or conspire to deprive this Hamburg property owner of rights protected by the Constitution. 

The actions of the Town of Hamburg shocks the conscience.  

You have now entered the Town of Hamburg- silence yourself  and leave your rights at the border. 

The Town of Hamburg, NY, a suburb of Buffalo, has issued a summons for violation of a sign posting ordnance to a 58 year old retiree and SCOPE member for posting anti-NYSAFE signs on the fence of his residence. The signs have been posted near the intersection of South Park Ave, and Scranton Road, a major thoroughfare in the Town, and have drawn the attention and support of many people.

After being harassed several times by a local Code Enforcement Officer (Building Inspector) the resident was mailed a summons and ordered to appear in the Town Court on February 21, 2014. The resident told the code officer and Town Officials that he was exercising his First Amendment rights to free speech in posting the signs criticizing the NY SAFE act. He also cited a 1994 US Supreme Court decision (Gilleo v Ladue) which prevents municipalities from regulating signs on private property with noncommercial messages relating to the exercise of free speech.

The home owner appeared in court where he was given a postponed date to hire an attorney and appear on Friday, March 7th at 10:00 AM to answer the charges.

Any interested persons are invited to appear at Town of Hamburg Court 6100 South Park Ave. Hamburg NY 14075 on the above date in support of this man. The gentleman, a former Republican committee man, believes that the summons is politically motivated by local party officials who are unhappy with the positive responses being received with the message signs against the SAFE Act. The signs, having been posted since August of 2013, were only written as a violation of the Town Ordnance after a new Town Board took office on January 1st, 2014 with a 2 to 1 Democrat majority, the previous majority having been 2 to 1 Republican.  The prior Town Board did pass a resolution in 2013 condemning the passage of the SAFE Act.

Any concerned citizens or gun owners, or those supporting the Constitution and the right to free speech, are urged to contact the Town of Hamburg Chief Code Enforcement Officer, Mr. Kurt Allen at 716-649-6111 Ext. 2210 and express their opinion of this action. 

Concerned persons are also urged to call the office of the Hamburg Town Attorney John Jordan who is prosecuting this man at 716- 649- 6111 ext. 2370 to express their outrage regarding this matter.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Concerned Hamburger has learned that a divided Hamburg School Board will appoint  a "green" school administrator as chief executive officer of the Hamburg Central School.  Hamburg is a $61 million dollar corporation, yet Richard Jetter has NO school business experience. In a bizarre move, a slim majority of the Hamburg School Board has overlooked seasoned superintendents in a move to appoint Richard Jetter the next superintendent.

Richard Jetter, a resident of Eggert Road in the Town of Tonawanda, has been working in Hamburg since 2011. He has NO experience running multi-million dollar organizations, and a source close to the district advised that he has not one single academic credit hour in business, accounting, finance nor economics.

The appointment of  Jetter is yet another point of controversy in a dis-functional school district. His appointment is next in a long line of maligned individuals who have marred the Hamburg School District.

Jetter is currently doing "on the job training" at  a salary of approximately $155,000.    Jetter came to Hamburg in 2011 after an abrupt departure as an elementary school principal at Spruce Elementary in the City of North Tonawanda.  Concerned Hamburger learned that Jetter fell out of favor with the North Tonawanda school board, and an unconfirmed report claims he was forced out of North Tonawanda.   As result, Jetter turned to his former Ken-Ton Superintendent in search of a "new" job.

Richard's connection to Hamburg was through former Superintendent Steven Achramovitch.  It has been reported that while in the Ken-Ton School District  he had inappropriate relations with female staff and community members.   Jetter engage in an inappropriate relationship with a mother of a male middle school aged student while teaching English at Hoover Elementary School in the Ken-Ton School District.   Jetter married the mother of his former middle school student,  and has three children with her in addition to her child, Jetter's former student.  It seems, in Concerned 's opinion, that Jetter has been using his positions in public education as his own personal "dating game" (watch out ladies).   It has been widely rumored that Jetter's conduct has repeated itself in Hamburg with allegations of inappropriate relations with School Board member Laura Heeter.

Prior to teaching,  Jetter enjoyed time as a babysitter at the "Dexter Terrace" in-school suspension program under the management of Erie One BOCES, and District Superintendent Donald Ogilve.
Jetter will be appointed soon, and will likely be faced with presenting a dire school budget to the district community.  This will be the very first budget ever developed by Richard Jetter.

The move by a slim Board majority has cause quite a stir in education arenas.  And, it will likely adversely impact  the education programming of the students of Hamburg for years to come.  At one of the most difficult times in the history of public education in New York State,  several of the boars of education members have overlooked what it is the best interests of taxpayers, students and staff by the appointment of an immature and inexperienced Richard Jetter.  Some writers have also suggested that Mr. Jetter is lacking in the "integrity" department, and often plays games with, or hides, the truth.

As things move forward, the motivation of the slim majority of the Hamburg Boars of Education will be illuminated.  The decision to hire a green moron will cause the district further troubles, more headaches and will certainly prove to be the worst error in judgement of President David Yoviene and his divided boars of education.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Gong Show Comes to Hamburg

The Gong Show Comes to Hamburg Schools staring David Yoviene as Chuck Barris. 

The Hamburg School Board and school community have reached new heights with the side shows that have been performed at the monthly school board meetings.   It seems that certain off kilter parents and a local attorney appear at monthly meetings with antics that recall the 1970's NBC talent show The Gong Show.    The Gong Show featured amateur talents attempting to make it big on network television.  Those seeking fame went to great lengths to 'wow' the audiences, and in most instances those performing to the judges were simply making "jack asses" of themselves;  hence, the Hamburg metaphor.

The humor of the show lies in the absurd performances and the responses that were given by the star-studded panel of judges.  The judges would gong the performer to stop the absurdity and in some cases if the performance was really bad, all the judges would "gang-gong" the performer.   In education parlance, the gong was the 1970s equivalent of an "ineffective" rating.

See Miss Dolly:

It was reported to Concerned Hamburger that the performance of local attorney Mr. Dan Chiacchia during the public comment portion of the February 11, 2014 Hamburg Board meeting was nothing short of "Gong Show" material.   Certain members of the Hamburg Board of Education attempted to "gong" Mr. Chiacchia off the show, but it has been reported his performance continued despite a partial  "gang-gong" by a number of board members.   It was reported that Mr. Chiacchia seemed to be experiencing a performance high as he shanghaied the board meeting after his arrival at approximately 9 p.m..  One wonders why a local attorney with a practice on South Park Avenue would arrive at the board meeting solely for public comments, after having someone else sign him in. Mr. Chiacchia, as a officer of the court, should understand the concepts of parliamentary rules and procedures, and comply with the house rules.  Certainly, attorneys ought to be held to a higher standard of conduct?  February's outburst by Mr. Chiacchia follow his hooligans at the January meeting, which he apologized for at The Hub.

Surely, Mr. Yoviene, you have the mallet for the purpose of keeping order at the Hamburg Board meetings.  The next time the equivalent of a "Miss Dolly" attempts to derail the business of the school board, strike down the mallet and have the amateur- unprofessional- attention seekers removed by the police.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Life's a beach for Hamburg School Interim Superintendent Richard Jetter

According to sources, the interim superintendent Richard Jetter is on vacation for the week of February 3, 2014.   We were advised that Richard has left the snowbelt for a little R & R south of the Mason Dixon line.

So, while the weather in Western New York has been in flux, and schools have had to close several times this school year, Hamburg interim superintendent Richie Jetter felt it a good time to get a jump start on his tan and took a week away from his temporary placement as school superintendent.

In most instances,  school district superintendents are prevented from taking any vacation time during student attendance days.  The single most important duty of any school leader is to ensure the safety and well-being of children and staff.  In Richie's case he seems more concerned about cheap airfare and R & R, than he is about the school district and his alleged candidacy to fill the permanent position of Superintendent of Hamburg Schools.   After all, Richie left town during the week of the scheduled final round of interviews.

So, lets take a look at the facts:

Interim superintendent Richie Jetter gets paid an additional $170.00 per day  (additional $850.00/ week or $3,400.00/month, since July Richie has collected approximately $25,000 additional for attempting to be superintendent).

Richie Jetter has NO superintendent experience, and only 2 years experience in a school district central office.

Hamburg schools has exceeded the district allocation for snow days. In response to the excessive snow days, and in and effort to "make-up" instruction time, Richie Jetter violated the school board approved 13-14 calendar and publicized on January 30, 2014 that Thursday and Friday February 20 and 21, Monday, April 21 & Friday, May 23 will be student and staff attendance days.  All staff and students were told they needed to attended school on those days.  

Yes, approximately two weeks before February break, Richie Jetter decides to cut break short and open schools.   With no regard for staff, students and families and the plans they may have had in place to travel or simply spend time together, Richie pulls the run from underneath these community members, and turns their break plans topsy turvy.  Many families in response to Richie's announcement promptly modified schedules in an effort to minimize any financial penalties related to changing vacation terms.     

Now, the school district web page reflects a change to Richie's late January announcement.  An announcement made today claims that schools will be closed as scheduled in February, April and May.   Many families who made changes to their vacations over the weekend and early this week, are now facing modified vacations because an interim superintendent- with NO administrative experience- was too concerned with his vacation plans to worry about making informed and sound decisions for staff, students and families. 

So, with Richie on "vaca" who decided to reverse the asinine Jetter move?  

So while people are trying to figure out whether schools are open or closed, please rest assured that Richie, who is making an additional $170.00 per day on top of his hefty $130,000 salary is enjoying a little R & R on the beach.  It is important to note, that most school superintendent contracts prevent the use of student and staff attendance days for personal vacation.  

But, it seems that the rules don't apply to Richie.  

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

A bottle of red, a bottle of white, perhaps a bottle of rose instead, at a table outside of the Hamburg Central School District, board members will meet, eat and drink with two of the final three candidates for Hamburg Superintendent.   

And yes taxpayers, it is on your dime. 
So, what about the third interview? 
When will that take place?  

And why is it not taking place per the schedule that the Hamburg Board of Education adopted in November 2013?  According to sources,  one of the final candidates for the superintendency had other plans and couldn't arrange their schedule around the search schedule.  

So, will this third person be disqualified from the final round of interviews, or will the Boars of Education deviate from their plan and accommodate the third candidate?   An unconfirmed report claims that the  third candidate is none other than Richie Jetter.  But, Richie is out of town for the week---on vacation.  Yes Hamburg taxpayers, your interim superintendent is on vacation.  Yes, he is holding a temporary position, making an additional $170.00 per day, but he decided to take a week off of work in February and go on vacation. 

How unfair it is to the two final candidates who will be interviewed this week, that the third candidate has their own agenda and could not accommodate the interview process?   

In the real world, candidate three would be shit out of luck- "s.o.l"- but this is Hamburg and the real world doesn't seem to apply.   And, of course, it is Richie Jetter- patsy of scared pillars of the Hamburg school community. 

So, taxpayers, how odd it is that the Board of Education will stage final interviews of candidates at a restaurant- outside of the Hamburg Central School District.  The school board meeting is at upscale Orchard Park's  Mangia Ristorante and Caffe, and you are footing the bill.  

One would think, if the Boars of Education find it fit and proper to wine and dine potential school superintendents the very least they could do is patronize a Hamburg business.   Surely, a dinner party for 7,  plus guests,  would  be a nice bill of business for a Hamburg restaurateur on a couple of weekday nights?   And from various reports, between Yoviene, Flynn and Heeter, the bar bill alone promises to be rewarding. 

From the District webpage...... Special School Board meetings: 

To continue the superintendent selection process are scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 4, and Wednesday, Feb. 5, at approximately 7:30 p.m. at 4264 N. Buffalo Road, Orchard Park, NY.  The board is not expected to take any formal action at these meetings.  There will be no public session items.