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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Administrative Salaries: Commentary

I would like to take this post to address the table of administrative salaries I posted earlier today.  Can someone please explain why Maryellen Monafo's salary increased $16,535 in 2009-10 and $10,420 in 2010-11?  If the papers are correct, the District didn't have enough money to pay their teachers, yet found the money to give Mrs. Monafo a 10 thousand dollar raise?  

Why did the District feel the need to increase the number of administrators in 2008-2009?  After ballooning the administration, the District then felt the need to give these new positions raises the following year.  I'm sure anyone would love a raise of $12,343 like Mr. Kerr or perhaps a $19,788 raise like Mr. Davis.  Let us not forget that Mrs. Monafo also got a $16,535 raise that year and Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Amo got raises of $4,779 and $9,648 respectively.  Are these raises the reason the District needed 3.1 million in Lottery advances?  Oh wait, I forgot the District was in a financial crisis.  How could the Board of Education approve these raises, lay teachers off, take money from the state and claim we were in a financial crisis?  So, who's the hamburgurlar?  Ronald is hot on his trail, but the hamburgular is still eluding our net.

Before, I end I would like to applaud one Dr. Peter Roswell.  Leading up to a financial crisis and his retirement, he managed to increase his last three years salary by a total of $36,176.  If only we could all just increase our salaries in our final three years of service but then again Ed Osborne and Eileen Rucker were the Board presidents.  

Therefore, I give the Hamburgurlar Award to.....
Maryellen Monafo
Peter Roswell


MayorMcCheeze said...

OMG...this is crazy. How could the school board allow this? love the hamburglar awards. maybe mr amo should get one, everyone knows its the ladies in his office that keep hamburg athletics alive.

Dave Thomas said...

Why the bias towards McDonalds? Show Burger King and Wendys some love.

Tom Golisano said...

All that money for a woman who wastes time and cash on techpaths and lousy speakers?????? I thought NYS was screwed up!!

Mr. Kotter said...

The administrators got "Assistant Superintendent" attached to their titles, hence the significant bump in salary!!

Can I be an "Executive Teacher" and get more $$$ for the same job???