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Monday, December 13, 2010

BOCES Budget

I'm starting to think Mr. Ogilvie might be Oz.  I took the time to go through the 2010-2011 budget and despite cutting 12.7 full-time equivalent teachers from our District, the school board managed to allocate 732,190 more of Hamburg's tax dollars to BOCES.  We know the District kept the EMT program, but what did the District lose?  I'm all for BOCES education, but it seems as though my school tax dollars are not staying in Hamburg.  I would love to know the increase in BOCES funds from Hamburg since Mr. Ogilvie became superintendent of Erie 1 BOCES.  The table below is a breakdown of the increases as reported by the Hamburg Central School District [click here to see the entire 2010-2011 budget].

Hamburg Central School District
Three Part Budget [BOCES reported only]
 Budget        2009-10  Budget         2010-11  Increase 
1010Board of Education
1010.49BOCES $                       -    $           1,190.00  $                               1,190.00
1430.4BOCES $                       -    $         35,000.00  $                            35,000.00
1670Central Printing & Mailing
1670.49BOCES $                       -    $           2,500.00  $                               2,500.00
1981Administrative Charges
Adm, Rent, Bldg. Res. $       280,000.00  $       290,000.00  $                            10,000.00
2060Research Planning & Evaluation
2060.49BOCES $                       -    $         32,000.00  $                            32,000.00
Total Administration BOCES Budget $       280,000.00  $       360,690.00
1420.49BOCES $                       -    $         15,000.00  $                            15,000.00
2070Inservice Training-Instruction
2070.49BOCES $                       -    $         43,000.00  $                            43,000.00
2110Teaching-Regular School
2110.49BOCES Services $       900,000.00  $   1,013,970.00  $                          113,970.00
2250Programs for Students with Disabilities
2250.49BOCES Programs $   1,320,000.00  $   1,430,000.00  $                          110,000.00
2280Occupation Education
2280.49BOCES Occupational Education $       750,000.00  $       995,000.00  $                          245,000.00
2630Computer Assisted Instruction
2630.49BOCES $                       -    $       119,530.00  $                          119,530.00
2855Interscholastic Sports
2855.49BOCES $                       -    $           5,000.00  $                               5,000.00
Total Program BOCES Budget $   2,970,000.00  $   3,621,500.00
Total Capital $                       -    $                       -    $                                           -  
Total Increase in BOCES budget from 2009-2010 to 2010-2011:  $732,190.00



I am school taxes go to BOCES? We lost teachers in the district, and BOCES gets sent almost $800,000. Why dont we get rid of all of the Administrators and just have a big school district.

Consolidate said...

Why don't we have county-wide schools? Our school are too top heavy anyways.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone REALLY know how many positions/programs were cut? It seems a mystery, and nobody (admin) is forthcoming with that information! It appears that they are not counting programs such as enrichment or library as long as the teachers were moved into other positions.

Anonymous said...

$32,000 for research, planning and evaluation? Pretty vague!

Anonymous said...

You might like to know that BOCES does not educate our children in any way. They simply set them up to learn life skills and socialize with their peers. What a way to spend our money and ruin someones summer with pure nonsense!

Anonymous said...

welcome back Klozman.
You are so right I am pretty sure LS can defend herself. she just fights her battles is a quieter way. I do not know them well but I follow this blog and if my daughter, regardless of age, were wronged in any way I would be out with torches for the lynching that they would soon encounter.