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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Comment from Reader

This posting was actually written to be a comment on a posting of mine.  However, I think it deserves special attention.  Anonymous said,

"I am a Hamburg employee. I LOVE my job and my students. I am dedicated and hard working. I feel embarrassed by this BOE and administration. These people care about no one but themselves and they have proved that time and again. It is not debatable. It is a fact. Look at it logically:

1. The BOE hires a superintendent with a VERY questionable past. Why? Rumor has it because he is known to be a union buster and they want to knock the teachers down a few pegs, now that we are finally standing up for ourselves, with representation that has our best interest at heart.
2. Joan Calkins' sister's writing program has now snuck it's way in (the Hamburg website mysteriously reports that we have adopted a new reading/writing program), with everyone being left confused and uninformed.
3. Numerous questionable money issues. Harmful cuts (including gifted and talented, enrichment, library and more) along with unnecessary spending.
4. Secret and illegal meetings
5. Admitted grade fraud
6. Attempts to stop the public from speaking at meetings
7. Recorded threats
8. Moving/removing teachers from positions without cause
9. Lying and being caught in lies again and again.

The list goes on and on. A few people on this blog have asked "where are the teachers?" Most of us are disgusted and frustrated. We wish we could do something. But look at what happened to the teachers that did try to stand up for what's right. They have a target on their back the BOE, the administration and sadly by some of their own peers. I think it is sick and despicable that we would turn on each other now. The teachers need to unite AGAINST this corruption for the good of our students!!! People that continue to turn a blind eye are almost as bad as the culprits themselves. 

"We are in negotiations!" some people say, and to that I say: SO WHAT?!?! You can't get any lower than lowest paid, can you? You can't get a lower offer than zero. Being quiet, obedient and dutiful has not gotten us anywhere (except in the sad state we're currently in). This administration and BOE have no respect for teachers. They don't have any respect for the public or students either when you consider the way they operate. 

It is time for the people living in a fantasy world to wake up. This is a black and white situation. There is a right and a wrong side. If you are a moral and ethical person you should know which is the right side."

I think this reader has it right.--ConcernedHamburger


Anonymous said...

Absolutely right!! We need community members to question this administration & BOE, and hold them accountable!

Anonymous said...

Teachers of Hamburg Unite, You have Nothing to lose but the crooks that are holding you hostage from a fair and honorable wage for an outstanding job well done at every level. The world has gone mad at out of control government, stand up and say, "we are as mad as...". The arrogance is dangerous, the lies seem to be commonplace and the abuse of the collective appears to be game for those who did nothing more than get elected in elections in which few people run. Hamburg Teachers RUN YOUR OWN CANDIDATES!!! how about Sally Stevenson, she seems to know the reality. Is Bill Malican in the District? How about Bill Gross? Mike Damico at HHS would be great....theres a guy who can spot reality from a mile away. Run candidates, and watch to see the world change. The two women elected this year have been brainwashed.....useless. Cmon teachers, take ownership!

Concerned Parent said...

The Union ran 3 candidates this past year for school board, 2 of them won. What happened to them? The were of the board that unanimously voted for the new Superintendent.

E R Murrow said...

Hamburg School Ethics,

What will you have for us today? You have actually been successful at drawing my attention to this great/fair view of Hamburg.

THank you,

Anonymous said...

To all the teachers that really want to make a difference, I applaud you. I do believe this district has many caring teachers....and some not so caring. I just wonder if they have a concious? If you really care about our kids then show it. I am all for the teachers putting up a fight....THAT IS WHAT UNIONS ARE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The HTA did not run three candidates they only supported anyone not an encumbant. It was the lesser of two evils and clearly they proved to be useless. I hope they do not forget it was the HTA that got them elected in the first place.

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is TRUST NO ONE! They always stab you in the back! If you have a problem or concern, who would you suggest we go to?

Anonymous said...

Is Lucy Calkins the sister of Joan? If so, you are SO LUCKY! Stop complaining and start reading.

Anonymous said...

9:33...yes they are sisters. From extensive research, reading many negative reviews, and feedback from many teachers in other districts, I don't feel so lucky to have adopted this program. No, I am not looking forward to becoming a scripted robot teacher. I became a teacher so I could be creative, not regurgitate a script. I am not a fan of bandwagon programs, but of real teachers (in the classroom) using the knowledge of their own students to meet their individual needs.