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Monday, December 13, 2010

Extra, Extra: Fraudulent Special Meeting

According to New York State Education Law § 2007 [click here to read the law]* a board may file a notice of a special meeting and shall state the purposes for which the special meeting is called.  I have only seen one announcement for the special meeting and have yet to see the purpose for the meeting.**  Furthermore the meeting must be posted 45 days ahead of the meeting with publication once each week for four weeks in two newspapers of general circulation.  However, there are two circumstances when the full 45 day notice is not required:
  1. when there is a re-vote on the same budget, modified budget, or certain propositions after a defeated budget.
  2. when the board rejects all bids for a contract or contracts for public work, transportation, or purchase.
Under these special circumstances only two weeks notice of the special district meeting is required.  Reading the law it makes it clear the district and school board continues to violate open meetings laws and New York school law.  Why is this information so clear to me, yet the board willfully neglects to follow the law?
*according to education law law §1805 [click here for the law] central school districts shall have the same powers and be subject to the same limitations as union free school districts.
**It is rumored that the special meeting is to appoint Steve Achramovitch as superintendent of Hamburg Central School District.  Apparently members of the search committee have already been informed that the Board appointed Mr. Achramovitch.


How? Why? said...

What is our board thinking? Dr. Calkins and Kelly Harper you are educated women, what are you doing? I cannot believe you would recommend this Steve Achramovitch as our next superintendent.

Anonymous said...


KenTon said...

He's a home wreckr. Hamburg batten down the hatches!

Egg on your face said...

look our Hamburg School Board-----here I come.......

Jim B said...

If Achramovitch supposedly retired from Greece, why would Hamburg want to take on someone who is not committed for the long-term. We need a younger Supt who has leadership skills, not someone who burned bridges in two other districts.

SCATS said...

To the people of Hamburg ~~ I feel your pain!! Maybe he already selected his next paramour in your district to land this position???

Get your BS detectors cranked up to high gear, you'll be needing them a lot.

Anonymous said...

Actually, you're wrong about special meetings.


3. Special or emergency meetings.
a. These meetings are not regularly scheduled. They usually are held to
conduct business that cannot wait until the next regularly scheduled
b. They may be called by any school board member (see Matter of Felicio,
19 Ed. Dep‟t Rep. 414 (1980), as long as at least 24 hour advance notice is
given to the other board members (Educ. Law § 1606 (3); see also
Application of Bean, 42 Ed. Dep‟t Rep. 171 (2002)).
c. Although it normally does, there is no requirement that the notice of a
special meeting state a proposed agenda (Matter of Neversink, 10 Ed.
Dep‟t Rep. 203 (1971)).
d. Care must be taken that special board meetings do not usurp the place of
regularly scheduled board meetings for the consideration of regular district
business, in order to avoid a possible violation of the Open Meetings Law.
e. The notice provisions of the Open Meetings Law must be complied with
when calling a special meeting

The law you cited covers Union Free School Districts. Hamburg is a Central School District.

Josh said...

Why would Mr. A retire from Greece where he made over 210k and go to Hamburg and make significantly less(hopefully) and give up his generous retirement with a high FAS. Something doesn't add up. These retired supt can really clean up doing temp jobs and still collect retirement. Why would he do this?

Liu Xiaobo said...

Why would the NYSED establish a procedure for Special Meetings? It seems that if a BOE can have Special Meetings they can easily usurp the central role of an open regularly scheduled meeting. AND, if it is true (God help us all) that they are going uncork a bottle of champagne and welcome this crook to Hamburg tonight, why didn't the BOE do it at the last regular meeting, only a short week ago. My guess it's to avoid the public. In fact, I am told that Dr Calkins flatly said to members of the press last week, that a decision had NOT been made on the superintendent search. So, she either lied (likely) or they had other "special meetings" after last weeks open meeting but before today's special meeting. I smell bad pool water! AND, in reviewing the application for the Superintendent, I noted the requirement to live in Hamburg. I know Crawford lived out of the district with his animals on a farm, likely a good spot, but this Achramovitich doesn't live in Hamburg. I watch the real estate closings. Perhaps he is renting. in district? But I understand he lives in Tonawanda. Perhaps a protest at the Special Meeting is doubt the police will be there with stun guns! Do these people realize that people have given their lives for open government? Do they think that, " this too shall pass"? I hope they have recognized that around the globe people are fed up with government at EVERY level. Hamburg Board of Education and Friends behind closed are up!

Duh said...

Wait, do we need clarification if Liu Xiaobo actually wrote that last comment?

Finish reading said...

If you read the * at the end of the article education law § 1805 explains that the same rules that apply to union free school districts apply to central school districts.

Read the law Hamburg said...

Education Law § 1606 is for common school districts Hamburg is a central school district. Please read the education law below and not just a fact and fiction blurb:

§ 1606. Mode of exercise of trustees' powers. 1. The powers committed by law to the trustees of a common school district must be exercised by them as a board. The board must meet for the transaction of business in accordance with notice of time and place. 2. In a board composed of three trustees, when two only meet to deliberate upon any matter, and the third, if notified, does not attend, or the three meet and deliberate thereon, the conclusion of two upon the matter, and their order, act or proceeding in relation thereto, shall be as valid as though it were the conclusion, order, act or proceeding of the three; and a recital of the two in their minute of the conclusion, act or proceeding, or in their order, act or proceeding of the fact of such notice, or of such meeting and deliberation, shall be conclusive evidence thereof.
3. A meeting of the board may be ordered by any member thereof, by giving not less than twenty-four hours' notice of the same.

Klozman said...

My question is, all legal arguments aside, what is so urgent that a special meeting is even required? If, as is my guess, this is for the sole purpose of rubber stamping (something at which the RSB excels) Achramovitch why should anyone be surprised. The RSB has no interest in following legality for the simple reason that, because no one has been able to put brakes to their nonsense, they are of the belief that they can do as they please.

If Achramovitch is appointed, despite his jaded history at both Kenton and Greece, then Hamburg is in for some fun times, none of which will have a thing to do with improving the status quo.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Klozman. What is so urgent that the Board needed to call a special meeting less than one week in advance?