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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hamburg's Hand Slapped Again

This is difficult to understand: the payroll of Hamburg's Administration exceeds $1 million and they continue to get pay increases despite their incompetence.  I was researching the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) distributions to Hamburg Central School District [click here for distributions] and while I applaud the District for going after State and Federal funds, I do not condone the misappropriation of funds and lack of legal understanding.  Specifically, the District had its hand slapped with regard to ARRA – ESF (Economic Stabilization Funds).  These funds were distributed in 2009-2010.  Coincidentally the disbursement coordinated with large administrative increases [click here for increases] and teacher layoffs.  A New York State Education Department (NYSED) audit [click here for audit] concluded that the District did not comply with Federal Grant Requirements because the District
  1. Had no process in place to certify time and efforts for employees who are paid from federal grants other than ARRA – ESF.
  2. Was unaware of these [cash management] requirements and did not have a process for ensuring compliance with federal requirements.
  3. Showed ending deficit balances which have been covered by transfers from the general fund.
One questions looms over the whole discussion: why can't Hamburg get their finances in order?  I find it very difficult to believe that the District is not holding someone accountable for all the financial "mishaps."  With the increases in administrators and administrative salaries one would assume that the District would know what they are doing.  Hamburg Central School District and Mr. Wichlacz when then the STATE slaps your hand, they are not giving you a high five!  FIX THE PROBLEM.


Klozman said...

Actually, this is easy to understand.

The incompetents are very competent when it comes to increasing their own salaries. Why do you think the district went after the funds in the first place? And...they certainly couldn't hope to line their pockets lucratively without teacher layoffs.

The trouble with a "hand slapping" is that it never sends a strong enough message to prevent recurrence. I have no doubt that the District has its finances in exactly the order desired. Do you really expect them to audit themselves? That's not gonna happen. Also, how can you call these people incompetent on one hand and question why they can't fix the problem on the other? The former precludes the latter.

The District needs to bring in an outsider who really understands cash flow, grant requirements, etc., but that will never happen. These gold diggers are not about to risk exposure and slit their own throats.

Marvelous article by the way.

Anonymous said...

Lets talk about the illegal tape.

First point: what is wrong with the individuals involved in the illegal taping: As I teach my children when you do something wrong own up to it. It is not always the easiest thing to do but now that they were caught lying why not just apologize. Why not have an open forum and say I am sorry for lying we were wrong lets move on and make it right. So what if the tape is illegal the fact is they threatened harm on a private citazen. Now they cry victim. Do we teach our children that you can do whatever you want and then cry victim...

Second point: They need to be honest and send a better message to our children when you get caught doing wrong you must take responsibility.

Third point: They all claim to be upstanding strong members of our community and now they just want to hide behind an attorney and pay someone with our tax dollers to declare them the victims.... Not so stong upstnding people are they.

We know at least one person in that meeting has a conscience, they taped and leaked the tape. Who talks about stun gunning someone for exercising freedom of speech. There only answer has been that the tape was illegal. Not that maybe we were out of line and wrong.

So all you upstnding members of the board lets own up to the facts and take responsibility and stop using my tax dollars to defend your wrong doings.

We would not let our children do this why should you.

Klozman said...

Let's talk about the illegal tape

I have yet to hear the slightest iota of proof that the taping was done illegally. I contend that it was the work of a board member who refused to condone injustice. Neither the RSB nor Achram will ever prove otherwise. They were involved in a secret meeting, the time and location of which was known to none but them. Their miserable attempt at deflection is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Got a feeling the state is auditing the HCSD right now.

Anonymous said...

Is the state auditing the finances, or did they finally bother to come to town and investigate grade fraud at the high school?

Anonymous said...

I sure hope the state is auditing the schools educational practices (or lack off) especially when it comes to special education purposes. I find this piece to be a joke in the way they supposely teach the special needs kids!