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Thursday, December 9, 2010

HTA President's editorial

I just finished reading Kathy Fendya's editorial in the Sun [click here for editorial] and I thought it brought up good points about the Hamburg community.  I've been living in the community for 40 years and most people, including myself, think Hamburg could have easily been featured in a Norman Rockwell painting.  Therefore, I too will ask Mr. Meyer, how has the contract dispute had a negative impact on our community?  Outside of the few articles that have popped up in the Buffalo News recently, I have not heard anything negative about Hamburg.  No drug problem like Frontier,  no violence and dropout problems like Buffalo, no diversity issues like Lakeshore or Lackawanna, etc...*  I love Hamburg and Mr. Meyer, a teacher "contract dispute," which most people in the community are unaware of, has not changed our great recreation programs, our community beautification efforts, the wonderful community events, or any other aspect of our community that makes it such a desirable place to live.

Although I agree with Ms. Fendya and her question posed to Mr. Meyer I cannot help but take issue with her final bullet point "I’d like to begin to build bridges with the Hamburg School Board so that we can move forward for the good of all."  My issue with her point is simple: the HTA can build all the bridges it wants with the Administration and the Board but if the Board and the Administration have no concept of bridge building, then the whole concept will collapse, like the Tacoma Narrows bridge.  [click here to watch a video of the bridge collapse].  Therefore, Ms. Fendya proceed with caution.  

And please be reminded, of what was stated at the May 2010 Board meeting.  The Administration and the Board intentionally excluded the HTA from the lay offs of this past Spring. Also it seems based on the large fund balance and the steady enrollment in the district, that perhaps the lay offs were not done in good faith.  Just a thought.  Maybe, the HTA should ask for the financial and enrollment justification for the lay off of teachers, while the administration gave themselves giant raises.

*or so it is reported (thanks in large part to the Sun and their biased or lack of reporting)

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