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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

JoeShmoe on

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"Has anyone read the report?

It claims the Board President (who resigned over this) illegally told the Board that money left to the District was supposed to go to the Foundation. When the Board found out that he"mislead" them, they ordered the money plus interest transferred back to the district.

We found that the former Superintendent and the current Business Administrator failed to provide the Board with adequate and timely financial data. As a result, the Board apparently was not aware of the severity of the District’s financial condition problems. Audited financial statements were presented to the Board on September 19, 2006 indicating that the District had a general fund unreserved, unappropriated fund balance deficit of more than $200,000 on June 30, 2006. The Board President stated that during the preparation of the 2006-07 budget he was aware that the general fund balance was being projected to be in a deficit position at June 30, 2006. Nevertheless, the 2006-07 budget relied on the use of $875,000 in fund balance that would not be available. There was no indication in the minutes that the Board President informed the other Board members that there was a deficit. As a result, the Board passed a budget that was fiscally irresponsible.

Hamburg has Budget Ambassadors who go over the budget with the Supt. They then make a recommendation to the board to pass/fail it. If the Budget Ambassadors approve it, THEN THE BOARD WAS GIVEN A COPY OF IT. They then had less than one month to review and approve it.

Thankfully with the new Supt, he's changed how things are done. In his e-mails it's called "District Transparency". Call his office and verify the above. See if the Board was kept in the dark with erroneous info. As soon as the Board found out the truth, they corrected all the wrongs.

As a parent, I've worked with some of these Board members. They do not get paid or have any financial interests. They are average people who relied on info supplied from the former Supt. It turns out the info was wrong. When you vote, elect someone new if you choose to not to read the reports and don't look at the facts. Call the new Supt and you'll find out that he is going to make changes and he's committed to rebuilding Hamburg Schools."

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"The state report stated the former supt told them they would dip into their reserves (like over $850,000) but that money turned out to not be there. So that makes them $1.7 Mil in debt. It's supposed to now be down to around $300,000. It shows that since they all know the facts they are making it better. There is one guy Greg Wilczak (sp) who has kids in the school who I'd vote for. If you have kids in the school, then you have a "vested" interest in the system. Not sure who else has kids in the school. The board did boot one of the people who kept the info from them. At least they are righting a wrong once they found out about it."

Gee I wonder who JoeShmoe might be?  These posts were written in 2008 and it seems like the Board was trying to justify its illegal actions back then.  So....what's new?  Does anyone believe any superintendent has brought transparency?  Does anyone believe the Board has changed its policy of taking the superintendent's word carte blanche?  Seriously, we need people on the school board who can think independently.  GET RID OF WICHLACZ come May!


Mayor McCheese (y :-) said...

AS a member of Speakup NY, I have followed your enlightened school board member and his remarks for some time!!!! You missed the comments that he made about the HTA's union's leadership and members of the Hamburg Community. He will have a rude awakening come May with the people who are considering running against him....good job concerned h-burger!

Patrick said...

Updated: August 20, 2010, 5:41 PM

The Hamburg School Board is launching a “lunch with the board” program.

Once a month, 10 students will be invited to share a meal with members of the Board of Education and the administrative staff. School officials hope students will feel comfortable enough to share their views on a variety of issues, even what they like or don’t like about the cafeteria.

Board member Gregory Wichlacz suggested during a meeting of the board on Tuesday that students be nominated by their teachers based on a broad range of criteria, from good academics to completing a good deed.

“We should make it special. Let the kids dress up, and make sure we let their parents know they’ve been chosen,” Wichlacz said.

Board members liked the idea of students being treated to lunch at a designated location in their respective buildings, but outside of the lunchroom. The program is scheduled to debut in January.

In other matters, the board:

Approved a stricter attendance policy for the high school. Based on previous board discussions, it allows family vacations to be an excused absence, but only with prior administrative approval.

Approved a district wellness policy. Superintendent Mark Crawford said the Wellness Committee will design a plan that addresses the overall wellness of district students.

Unanimously approved a three-year contract with the Service Employees International Union, Local 200, calling for a 2.5 percent salary increase the first year and a 2.75 percent increase in the successive two years. The pact also includes increases in longevity pay and shift differential. The agreement covers 57 maintenance/custodial workers.

Announced that the Academy of Finance, a three-year course of study available to Hamburg sophomores that focuses on financial and banking issues, is expanding beyond the classroom.

Krissy Lawrence, applied science coordinator, said the Industry Advisory Board will establish a school-to-work partnership that will improve access to internships, introduce shadowing programs and improve student business savvy.

Anonymous said...

So, let the kids eat with the BOE? Hopefully, Wichlacz wont be eating with his hands. How funny, let the kids get dressed sandals and sweatshirts? And the kids can tell the boe what they like and dont like about their schools. I bet in addition to approved absences for family vacation, they will likely start approving kids skipping, drug taking and anything else that make the kids feel better about themselves. Who cares if they cant read and write. Good lord, get rid of these BOE members STAT!

Concerned Parent said...

But the teachers fully supported 2 of the new members of the school board. Many of them had no other reason for supporting these candidates other than "my uniuon told me these were the people I should vite for."

Why doesn't the union come out officially against these people like they came out to support them?

Stand Up! said...

The problem with the Union is that the teachers dont support it. Many of them are too scared to speak out in fear of the big bad wolf (wolves). If the teachers supported the new candidates on the School Board they must have been in for a huge surprised when reality hit and the two new ones are bobbling their heads in unison. Heres a question, has anyone EVER dissented on a vote? A collective lack of character and ethics is what you are dealing with in Hamburg....the people need to rise up and take control. There are strength in numbers....or sit back and complain as that seems to be the status quo. The HTA created all the problems with teachers pay, and no one seems to care!!!

Concerned Parent said...

If the teachers vote for the union representation then they are to blame.

Veggieburger said...

I don't understand the HTA created the problem with teacher's pay. Can you enlighten us please? Is this a reference to Cliff Huen's gig as HTA President or the posts on this blog re: the HTA President's editorial in "The Sun".

John Dewey said...

Even Jesus wasnt so selective when it came to the attendees at the Last Supper. Perhaps Mr. Wichlacz should realize that the children in the school system who most need the attention of the adults are the ones who slip between the cracks. Catch them early, and maybe HHS would nt have such a huge drop out rate. As we have learned from this blog the entitled kids get what they want including their grades made up!!! Hvae lunch with the at risk would mean the world to them!!!!

Anonymous said...

The Hamburg School Foundation Board of Directors

Andrew P. Fleming is a 1975 Hamburg High School graduate, a graduate of SUNY at Buffalo Law School and a 1979 graduate of Pace University where he received his B.A. cum laude. Andy is a member of Chiacchia & Fleming, L.L.P. also the Village Judge of the Village of Hamburg elected in 2006.
Mr. Fleming is an active member of the Bar Association of Erie County, a charter member of the Hamburg School Foundation Board of Directors, on the Board of Directors of the “Friends of St. Luke’s” Mission of Mercy, a Corporate Roundtable member for Buffalo City Mission, and an active participant with Churches in Action of Hamburg.

Rob Meissner is a Managing Partner of Cornerstone Capital Wealth Management. Rob is a 1984 Hamburg High School graduate and a graduate of Canisius College.

Dave Richardson is a 1978 Hamburg High School graduate, a graduate of Middlebury College and an Administrative Vice President with M&T Bank

Keith Fisher is a 1972 graduate of Hamburg High School and a graduate of Alfred University. Keith is President/CEO of The Fisher Group and has served on the foundation board since 2001 and since 2006 has been the President. He is currently President of the JESKAF Family Foundation, past President of the Niagara Business Associates and past Secretary of the Alfred Community Corporation.

ED Osborne is the retired Associate Superintendent of Hamburg Schools, Vice President Hopevale School Board, a member of the Hamburg Presbyterian Church, member of the Board of Hillcrest Cemetery, an original member of The Hamburg School Foundation, and former Executive Director.

Dawn Kirchmeyer is a mother of three, a mortgage consultant, owner of Custom Cuisine (formally Dawn's Lunch Basket) and Supplies Made Simple. She serves on the Hamburg Parent, Teachers Association and the Hamburg Holidays Committee.

Heather Russo is a 1987 Hamburg High School graduate, a 1991 graduate from SUNY Fredonia, and graduated summa cum laude with a Master’s in Counseling, from Canisius College.
Heather is a former school counselor for the Hamburg School District, Stanley Falk and Lake Shore School District. She is a mother of three, serves on the Hamburg Parent & Teachers Association and the Hamburg Holidays Committee.

Chuck Kluckhohn is a 1977 Hamburg High School graduate, and a 1981 graduate of Colgate University. He is a principal in WNY Jobs Inc., and a former Vice President of H&K Publications.

Kenneth Kirst is a 1970 Hamburg High School graduate and a 1972 graduate of Alfred State College. He is executive vice president of Kirst Construction Inc. Serves on the Board of Directors of Evans Bank, and is chairman of the Trustees of the Hamburg United Methodist Church. He is also a partner in commercial rental properties. A former vice president of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce and past president of the Hamburg Development Committee

Look at all the education behind these corrupt individuals.

How much money does Keith Fischer make from HSCD?

Andrew Fleming is a Judge and he did not know taking the money from the public was illegal?

How much money did Dave Richardson and Ron Meissner make off the illegal investments?

What about Kirst lets see does he get every construction project awarded by our RSB?

They all benifited from the use of our excess public money. Why was this money not put back into our school districts? Oh because they all needed their share.

My school taxes have doubled in nine years and you are telling me they illegally transferred the money to the foundation to invest as they wished.

They should all be brought up on ethics charges

Snoop Dog Snoop said...

If you would like to call the Hamburg School Foundation and ask where all the money 716-648-3030. You will be calling Andy Flemming's Law Office. Call and get a copy of the 501 c.3 audit. That would make for good fireside reading, and I am sure Concerned Hburger would love to post it.

Veggieburger said...

TO John Dewey: I just adore your comment my friend. "Even Jesus wouldn't be so selective..." I think you hit the nail on the head. Evidently, being elected by citizens to a position of responsibility with the ability to direct policy and set precedents creates some measure of elevated, though false, self-importance. Thank you again, keep it coming. I hope they all have the stones to read these musings. After all, public praise also comes with public scorn. I suppose all should be thankful we no longer employ stocks as a measure of attitude adjustment.

Anonymous said...

SEIU is not asking for much, us cleaners cant make $9.25 per hour our whole life. The last step is $17.54 per hour. Dr. Crawfords contract was for $152,000 as of 10-15-07. At $9.25 per hour how many years would it take me to make that? This is the USA not Mexico, Maint Staff has to feed their families too. I have copies of everyones contract and we are looking for crumbs compared to others. :)

Concerned Hamburger said...

Please email me your salary schedule to

Anonymous said...

Joe Shmoe should take care in what he says. He shoots his mouth off all around Hamburg, I have heard it with my own to ears. The teachers need to get their act together and get rid of the blowhard.

Anonymous said...

seiu contract?