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Friday, December 17, 2010

Meyer gets Naughty

We thank Mr. Meyer for his "grinch" award in his most recent editorial [click here for editorial].  Despite all the evidence against the good and trustworthy character of Steve Achramovitch, Mr. Meyer awards a "Gold Star" to the search committee for finding the most highly qualified person.  We take issue with his award for a number of reasons:

  1. How does Mr. Meyer know that the other candidates interviewed were less qualified than Mr. Achramovitch?  Is it because Mr. Meyer takes the school board and administration's words as gospel?  
  2. Did Mr. Meyer do any research on Mr. Achramovitch?  If he had he would not give gold stars to anything involving Mr. Achramovitch.
  3. How does Mr. Meyer know that the committee strongly supported Mr. Achramovitch?  We've been told only Mr. Ogilvie was privy to the survey results.  
  4. Did search committee members violate their confidentiality and speak with Mr. Meyer about the candidates?  If so, someone who violates their agreement deserves a grinch award themselves.
  5. Of course the names are too numerous to list.  If you have so many people giving opinions you decrease the risk that people will actually discover their opinions were ignored.
  6. Nothing about paying another administrator an inflated salary should please taxpayers.  Well, actually we do not know how much the taxpayers of Hamburg are paying Mr. Achramovitch.  Another well kept secret.

As for the Grinch award: Mr. Meyer you show your true bias.  Yes, we are exercising our rights to free speech, but we are also providing a forum for others to exercise that right, something The Sun does not bother to do.  Many of the issues posted on this blog are facts that can easily be supported by doing a quick bit of research.  We're surprised that Mr. Meyer believes only pomp and circumstance rather than an inconvenient truth will accomplish anything positive for the community.  We argue as Thomas Jefferson argued, "Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own ... This will give you an enlightened people and an energetic public opinion."

Well Mr. Meyer, touch√©.  We assign you to the naughty list.  Clearly you have misunderstood these bloggers.  Do we again need to remind you of your duty as a journalist?  Remember, as Supreme Court Justice Black said, "the press was to serve the governed, not the governors."


Anonymous said...

You left one thing out that was a valid point of his. You hide behind a facade of this website because you are afraid to show who you are. Why? Why not be proud of your stance and come out into public view and reveal your identity. This country, nay, this world has had brave leaders who have led the way to reform, yet you hide behind this blog not showing your identity. So why don't you come out of the woodwork, grow a pair and contact the man for an interivew. Your blog has no true meaning, espeically when your followers are also anonymous. So to prove a point, I'll leave myself...anonymous.

Concered Parent said...

Has anyone from this anonymous blog sat down with the editor of the Sun or do you hide and throw bombs after the fact?

Klozman said...

Qui tacit consentire(Who is silent gives consent).
Vox populi vox dei (The voice of the people is the voice of god)


Fear not! Achramo style tyrants throughout the ages have exacted measures designed to stifle freedom.. Such actions inevitably are rendered ineffective in a free society…‘tis folly to imagine otherwise. In truth, Achramo seems quite an excellent specimen to achieve the role of benevolent dictator. Once he has gathered a cadre of sycophants, coupled with the RSB, then flourish he will. He already has that most cosmopolitan (HA!!) of newspapers The Hamburg Sun in his pocket and again appears to be engaging in flagrante delicto, this time with detestable elements of the Armor school segment of the teacher’s union. Those teachers who side with any Administration against your fellows should dangle your heads in shame. You belong elsewhere. You are anathemas.

The Achramo Credo:
Let those who would defy, ridicule and revile me, or my cronies, smolder through the bowels of the Earth like a Chernobyl meltdown, to reemerge in that unforgiving bastion of anti-Democracy, China, where none will ever again criticize our wicked, wicked ways.

And the puppet master Olgilvie continues to pull the strings.

Anonymous said...

Concerned Hamburger: The world needs you and your followers to take anger management courses.

Anonymous said...

Go Klozman, I look forward to you insight everyday.

Anonymous said...

Did it ever occur to any of you that no matter what you say or is not gonna matter to them? They lie their ways out of everything! So why would we make ourselves known to these people who don't give a #*^#@!

Deep Throat said...

Hamburger... fight the good fight.
Remember some people stay anonymous for fear of retribution. The Hamburg SB and Admin have and will continue to place a target on the back of anyone who opposes their actions or speaks up against any policy of leadership.


Anonymous said...

As was stated in a post just yesterday, people who work for the district must remain anonymous for fear of retribution. The few people that have been vocal in the past have been moved/removed from their positions.

I'm glad Mr. Meyer is on the Naughy List where he belongs. He thinks supporting the district's shenanigans is helpful to the community?

UPES Parent said...

Do the right thing and sit down with The Hamburg Sun for an interview. Point out the number of page views on this website and offer an explanation of allowing anonymous comments. The public has a right to know who you are and why it was felt by some this blog had to be created and now maintained.

Karen K said...

I understand why the people who write on this blog stay anonymous. All the information on here is verifiable as it is a matter of public record. My guess is those who are prodding in an attempt to reveal the identities of these people/person are likely the very one's at the grips of the reign of terror in HCS. None of this is new. I was with the district for over 25 years. I watched it go down hill....the elevation of administrators took priority over the teachers and the students. The HTA was a rubber stamp of BAD district policy, for years the HTA did exactly as they were told. (So much for union dues!) Turning the ship around and putting it on the right course will be a difficult task as it seems those in power are motivated by self-interest. The teachers do not realize the power they have.....if they use their collective voice.

Anonymous said...

We are anom because any and all of us will have a target on our back as big as CITY HALL . We have seen before under Crawford/Kerr and now with Stevie A.s past in Greece and Ken/Ton School Dist. The reign of terror. All Donald Oglivie’s lakeys.

Oh yes we will speak out and we will vote and that is where we will get our final frustration out.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dan Meyer is no investigative reporter, the blogger has it right

Woodward and Bernstein said...

If Dan Meyer had investigated 1% of what is on this blog, maybe he could work for a real newspaper, instead of one that breaks big news such as "Cub Scouts hold bake sale."

Christopher Stone said...

Why doesn't the author of this blog hold a press conference and invite the Hamburg Sun and the Buffalo Evening News and CHANNEL 2 ON YOUR SIDE?