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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Who's in Charge?

Who is actually in charge of the District's finances?  I think it is blatantly clear that the Board has no idea what administrators are doing with taxpayer dollars (I'm sure I don't need to remind readers of the raises administrators gave themselves in 2009).  The 2006-2008 audit from the New York State Comptrollers Office [click here for the audit]* makes it openly clear that the School Board does not really "govern" the District.  Instead the Board is a carte blanche entity and administrators are free to steal taxpayer dollars as they see fit.  I'm reminded of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution from the Vietnam War where Congress unanimously gave President Johnson the power to use whatever resources were necessary to conduct the war.  It wasn't until 1973 that Congress passed another resolution, over Nixon's veto, forcing the President to actually consult with Congress before he engages the US military in hostilities.  It took Congress a war, thousands of protesters, instability on the home front, billions of dollars, countless lives, etc... before they realized the President needed oversight.  What will it take for our Board to realize that they are the governing body of the Hamburg Central School District, held accountable to the voters and taxpayers?  What will it take for our Board to realize that our administrators and finances need close inspection?  I ask again, what will it take?

*more to come about the 2008 audit.

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Anonymous said...

How much money in legal fees did they spend to defend audit. More than sally Stevenson is costing them? Maybe if they followed simple rules they would not need a legal defense. Do things properly and give the schools back the legal defense money