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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

From a reader

The Quest
A Chronicle of the Chivalrous Days of 1922 - 1926
By The Knights and Ladies OF THE Castle Royale June 1, 1926 H.H.S.
Dedication: To Life,the Quest Eternal, this book is dedicated.
Foreword: That the reader may have a clear conception of the thought carried out in this book he must first remove himself from the life of to-day and imagine that he is living in the Days of Chivalry, during the Middle Ages. "The Quest" has been selected as an appropriate title because we are just completing our maiden quest and are preparing for life, our great pilgrimage. -Mary Louese Goodale
Builders of the Castle: BOARD OF EDUCATION; Mrs. D.C. Pierce, Mr. R.O. Beaty, Mr. L.C. Johnson, Mr. E.E. Haskell, Mr. H.W. Church, Mrs. H.V. Sipprell, Mr. H.R. Stratemeier
OFFICERS; H.W. Church, President- Mr. E.E. Haskell, Vice President- J.E. Leach, Clerk and Collector- Dr. Alvah Lord, Medical Inspector
HOME AND SCHOOL LEAGUE; Mr. Roy Thompson, President- Mrs. Frank Downing, Vice President- Mrs. Fred Pitts, Secretary- Mr. Franklin Gurley, Treasurer
An Appreciation: We the Knights and Ladies of the Castle Royale, wish in this manner to acknowledge our indebtedness to all those who have helped to make this book a success, and to those who have made possible these past four years of our maiden quest.

The Castle Royale:
In 1924, because of the increasing number of followers of the quest, the erection of a better and larger Castle Royale became a necessity. A band of heroic knights espying a lofty site suited to the erection of such a stronghold of learning as they desired, began the conquest. These brave warriors, knowing that their cause was just, fought until victory was complete and seizing upon the land and riches they acquired by their perseverance and bravery the began the building of the Castle Royale. 
Day by day its gracefully massive columns rose until that which had been an ideal and a dream became a reality. Those who had striven for success were rewarded by the fulfillment of a desire, and it is the duty of all for whom this conquest was fought to swear an oath of fealty and by use of a chivalric code pay their homage to those to whom they are indebted.
The Castle Royale has become a fortress of learning and the drawbridge is down to all who are sincere in their belief in the motto of all true knights: 
"Live pure; speak true; right wrong." 
To those, however, who are insincere and unchivalrous this castle, which is the fortress of learning, is impregnable.
-Bertha Bell 1926 


Anonymous said...

Right Wrong. My hope is the RSB, Mr Gallagher and Achramo read this and take it to heart. The damage they have done has affected so many people. Its a very simple, kind and honest act to make things right. Or perhaps allow your vile actions to negatively impact the lives of people you do not know.

Anonymous said...

How much property does the school district own in Boston? There is undeveloped land that should be put on the table if the district is so broke. Armor has a nice size lot also. I heared about property off sunset too that is or was used for sports. How many extra acres do they need and why?

Anonymous said...

The district owns property at the traffic circle as you enter Legion Drive, next to Eddies Pizza. They store their maintenance trucks and buildings and grounds stuff there. It has commercial vale, and taxable value. This was mentioned to Dr Crawford and it was as if you were suggesting to sell one of his Teddy Roosevelt look a like dolls.

Anonymous said...

Dear Union Leaders:
Yesterday, I sent a message to you about having a meeting on April 8 to address the issue of a wage freeze with all of our employees. However, I have heard from many individuals about their serious objections to a wage freeze, which I appreciate. My interest has been to find a way to save 50 jobs. At this time, I am no longer going to pursue any consideration of a wage freeze for any employees and, as a result, the April 8 meeting is cancelled. I will continue to search for ways to prevent the layoff of 50 employees. Please inform your constituents that the district is not pursuing a wage freeze and that I am sorry for any upset the consideration of a wage freeze may have caused.
Sincerely yours,
Dr. Mark J. Crawford

Anonymous said...

Real nice for Crawford to offer the 2nd lowest paid teachers in the county a wage freeze. What happened to his wage freeze? Oh, that's right he told the papers he was taking a freeze and as the salary data shows he got a nice raise. Sounds like he was more like DeCarli than we know.

Holden Caulfield said...

Crawford is a phony.

jane dandy said...

Crawford is a total phony. He is a despicable man. He lied, and was too weak to run the district. He is insecure, terrified of strong woman as evidenced by the way he conducted himself toward union leadership. He in conjunction w achromo destroyed the careers of atleat two teachers. He was known to use whatever means necessary to destroy people including getting local officials and staff to lie under oath. He is a man of no character, no brains and no class. A right Punklin Lily. The truth will come out about u mr Crawford. West Seneca b ware.

Parent said...

It is apparent that the Hamburg Central School Board is a RUBBER STAMP BOARD (RSB) for administration, they question nothing. RSB takes the word of a liar like Achramovitch without verifying anything. I would like to point out that the vote for the Supt. was not unanimous since Kelly Harper PHD was not present for their special meeting. We will never know if she would have voted for this despicable man. So as it stands she is off the hook for this IDIOT

Diana said...

Kelly is off the hook because she missed the most important meeting of the year? Are you serious?

Anonymous said...

I agree maybe Kelly Harper was a no show for a reason.... and the big mouth board members ie... wichlacz were unable to bully her. I hope that is the case because she is an educated intelligent person.

Sad Hamburger said...

Has it ever been brought up to cutback on SPORTS?

I mean, this is only a SCHOOL...... why would we need to retain teachers, offer electives, keep the honors programs, pay for field trips, hold on to teachers aids, keep our custodians, buy new textbooks and materials, have copiers that work, allow the teachers access to printers, put telephones in classrooms, pay for a district initiative and keep with it, run our own bus program instead of contracting out to Fisher, and promoting a positive vibe between the district and the community .................right?

AND, what is all this hubaloo about the district spending million of dollars on building a Performng Arts Center? ARE YOU FRIGGAN KIDDING ME?!? Where are they getting the money, and who is going to run it?

It also chaps my backside that this district has the nerve to run a CHARACTER EDUCATION program. What's the point of hanging posters all over the place if those in charge can't abide by those pearls of wisdom.


I took my family to a local business the otherday and heard some people talking about sending their kids to Orchard Park because the HSCD has it's head up it's you know what, and everything looks like it's going straight down the tubes.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at who runs the Character Education at HHS. Is the policy to find the person with the least amount of Character to run a Character Club. HHS Character Club is a joke, the advisor only focuses on kids who have parents in high spots, and the Character Education counselor is detested by her peers because they are a major phony. Get rid of Character Ed, and the stipend the lady makes to run it....

Anonymous said...

Kelly Harper is very bright and a honest woman, she needs to speak up. She has more support than she knows. GO KELLY..

Anonymous said... hit the nail on the head, and that is probably why enrollment is going down! The ONLY thing this district has going for it are the amazing and dedicated teachers, aides, and support staff. It is a shame that these people are treated like dirt by the BOE and admin. Thank you Hamburg teachers for all the work you do, despite being unappreciated and underpayed.

Anonymous said...

Does Kelly Harper have confidential experience? I would like to speak to her if so. The vote was 6-0, No more like 6-1 because total members equal 7. 6+1=7 in case Huen or Steve need help.

Anonymous said...

Mark my word, student performance will go down, and the first people to be blamed will be the teachers.

Of course, nobody will stop to think that you can't build a solid home if the person funding the project refuses to pay for enough nails.

Anonymous said...

Performance has gone down. Mr Gallagher lies and makes up grades, so the public doesn't see it. C'mon hamburg, we have kids who can't write.

Anonymous said...

Did you just read the comments, I did and forgot what the post was.

Anonymous said...

Mr. G is the average Joe's students dream.

Secret Garden said...

Thats Old News.