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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tax the Fairgrounds

An article appeared most recently in September 2010 Buffalo News about the tax exemption status of the Hamburg Fairgrounds [click here for article].  Basically, the Erie County Agricultural Society pays little or no taxes on the property because of an 1856 law giving tax exemptions to display livestock on the property.  As far as I understand, the Society pays about $12,000 a year in school taxes, about the equivalent of 8 modest homes in Hamburg.  It seems as though Town Highway Supervisor, Tom Best is leading the charge to challenge the tax exemption status of the Agricultural Society.*  My question is, where is the District?  Do they not see that hopping on Mr. Best's bandwagon could greatly benefit them as well?

*The town board sued the Society decades ago and lost


Brian said...

More possible candidates for the School Board in May: Diane Reynolds (Bob's wife, former board member) and Margaret Moses and Erin Lynn Moses and Christina Whipple and Bill Sipprell (former board member who is NOT a fan of Steve A.)

Janet M. said...

Brian, are you serious? Reynold's wife took over after her husband blew through millions of dollars and saddled the school district with a $5 million deficit. She was no better.

Anonymous said...

Hamburger- look at this info and see what you think. I wonder if they included admin salaries in their calculations.

Anonymous said...

If there is one thing on the blog I agree with, it is this.

Anonymous said...

Why do we have a school board anyway. They seem pretty useless to me. Lets have parents who aren't kissups involved in the decision making. I believe everyone needs to open their eyes and see the whole picture of how corrupt the whole school system is anyway!