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Monday, June 4, 2012

175,000 page views today. Here is a blast from blog past

In honor of over 175,000 page views since going live in November 2010, Concerned would like to share some of their favorite postings.  
This one comes to you from our lyrical genius and beloved contributor, 


Sat I at my PC weary
Thinking life was oh so dreary
When came a rapping at my door 
Who is there did I implore
‘Tis I, Achraven, came a roar

This intrusion, horribly eerie
My heart did throb, I felt quite leery 
What do you seek an entry for
Who are you, please tell no lore
Quoth Achraven, “Evermore”

You stand erect, your chest is puffin’
Me thinks you such a fine stud muffin
You shake me to my very core
Such utter countenance galore
Quoth Achraven, “Evermore”

Some agree, ‘tis plain to see
You’ve colluded with the RSB
Several are extremely sore
Two teachers have been shown the door
Quoth Achraven, “Evermore”

You’ve chosen counsel, wasted money 
To you that must seem awfully funny 
I hate to sound like such a bore
But handling you’s a mighty chore 
Quoth Achraven, “Evermore”

Hear now the moral of this story
All must strive to seek the glory 
When Achraven lives his life of yore 
Is banished from this hallowed shore 
And Evermore is Nevermore 


Anonymous said...

Forever more Achramo the boar
another victor for the board
do you think no more than a cellar door?

Retired Ann said...

you are correct THE RAVEN:

COLLUDE "to act together secretly to achieve afraudulent or deceitful purpose" Websters II

HHS alum said...

The days of operation in SECRET are long gone. This citizens watch dog group is here to stay. I believe there is a large group of highly intelligent people running this blog and inputting here. The digital age is here. We are a democracy and our FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS are fundamentsl to this great society. When our elected officials loose sight of this we will resort to other means for our VOICE to be heard. Thank you Klozman and Concerned for your intelligent and well researched input.

Anonymous said...

Macintosh is better. PC, not so much.

Lenore said...

Pure Genius! XOXOXOX Klosman, you make my heart go pitter patter. Be my Valentine

klozman Fan said...

you are the man. You have outdone yourself. This is one sorry supt.

atotaltotal fan said...

Lol and that gets an A+!

Anonymous said...

CH how about a link to seethroughny for us phone users...

Anonymous said...

Klozman Rocks!

Anonymous said...

Heather Russo is on the Board of Directors for The Hamburg School Foundation. People in power need to speak up at HSCD's BOE meetings for us students.

be mine said...

Be my valentine,

Klozman will you be my valentine? I love you Klozman and your mind at work.

Klozman you've got mail said...

You've got mail. I'll meet you at the comfort zone with PRIDE AND PREJUDICE with a rose in it to identify myself. LOL your sweetheart.

Love is in the air said...

"Klozman, you got mail"...back off, Klozman and I will be romancing at Tinas over a bottle of Chianti Classico.

another fan said...

you are a lyrical genius.

klozman for school bd. said...

Klozman Fan,

I laughed myself silly. You are a thought provoking individual.

Klozman said...

Sonnets from the Achramese

September month did Achram meet
To scheme in secret, such duress!
A plot so sinister, no mean feat
To divest one teacher Lindsey S

With Rubber Stamp did He collude
All Visages were rapt with smile
By deception sweet set He the mood
In which he’d play his cards most vile

Through meeting’s course deceit did flow
Of Lindsey S grand lies were told
The RSB were all aglow
To see such tragedy unfold

But quickly fools were left agape
Anon they learned about the tape

Lenore said...

Klozman, Your mind sends me into a state of rapture!


yes, Elizabeth Barrett Browning,
(Sonnets from the Portuguese).
Great writing, but unfortunately a wonderful young lady was harmed by a lot of people abusing their power. From a local judge, SB and this jerk of a Supt. "Oh what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive". I'm sure they're all proud of themselves. Shame on them.

Anonymous said...

NICE! And I thought Poe was crazy until you told me about Achramo. Steve's legacy will be awful in Hamburg and online forever. Mr. ACHRAMOVITCH, I gotta admit that I'm a little bit confused. Sometimes it seems to me as if I'm just being used.

Klozman fan said...

Klozman for school board

KLOZMAN, we need you to get into HIGH GEAR and straighten out this mess.


Klozman for SB said...

how clever, you have a gift with words. This poem had us in an uproar, NEVER MORE to this Superintedant. Thanks again for your words of wisdom.

klozman Fan said...

a group of us have gone over some of the Harris Beach rebbuttals, and so it is said Achramovitch has lied. It is too bad that the entire School Board with the exception of one has been taken in by him. Thank you to that one SB member. So fine readers you can see the frustration and anger in our community toward him.

1968 said...

Everyone on the RSB has been sucked in by this liar. Hamburg BOE, why dont you be true to those who grew up under your eyes, went off and made the community, proud, and came home to give a career to the next generation? Instead, you believe lies and have ruined lives. If anyone on that 7 body BOE can sleep at night, they have no conscience nor soul, and have no business in Hamburg.

Anonymous said...

For you who missed it check out Klozman's poem Sonnets from the Achramese thats listed in the comments under Achraven. Really clever with a close that made me roar.

Foward from the Apes said...

I want some more.
Eraly Man

MOM said...

Congrats Concerned. You have enlighted so many people. Edward R Murrow would be proud, and Uncle Joe McCarthy would have you in prison as a communist. Three cheers to you!!!!

thank you said...

Congratulations and thank you to the concerned group and to Klozman. You have enlighted us to the back door politics of our school district. You have sparked interest and knowledge to us.

Thank you

thanks concerned & Klozman said...

Concerned group,

You have had a positive effect. You are moving the district away from their secret agendas.

A special thank you to Klozman for all your insight, knowledge and wisdom.

Klozman, whoever you are for school board.

Sally needs help, please put yourself out there next year.

vote no said...

Without you we would never be able to know about Dils attendance record. We are spreading the word. Waste my kids school cash on this and we will vote you out of office.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, great. Thank you Mr. Klozman, we love you.

i don;t want to be contacted said...

Concerned your by line for Tom Flynn 111 should be (I don't want to be contacted). No contact information for him. I think that would be appropriate for him, just a suggestion

Super said...

The Sun has run an article on Mr Dils I would encourage you all to comment on it let them see how we the taxpayers/votes feel.

We all know that Mr. No show Dils should step down. I have posted how he has better attendance with the Hamburg IDA board then the school board. I started to wonder how many meeting Mr. Dils has missed over his 10-year tenure. So I went to the school districts website to look at the past board meeting minuets. Funny they have removed all meeting minuets except this year. Now the last time they did this was when the district was telling us that they where not holding illegal meeting. If Mr Dils has had a sterling record in the past why have the past years meeting minuets gone missing?let the people see for themselves

Anonymous said...

Also - has anyone else noticed that the board minutes for May 8th have not yet been posted? The board briefings are, but not the minutes. This is "the meeting" where all (including Matt Dils), but one (thank you, Holly) - voted 'yes' to paying his legal fees. That vote infuriated me! Who on the board really thinks that they are representing the majority of the taxpayers, by saying 'yes' to paying his legal fees?? PLEASE EVERYONE -COME TO THE BOARD MEETINGS!! See for yourself . . .

Super said...

How about this for being open with the community ,if you read through the Board Briefings for May 8th you will see that Mr Superintendent must have Over looked letting the public know that they are voted on spending $50,000 to have Harris Beach Represent Mr No show Dils . must Be that "legal Expertise " that Dr. Dolittle was talking about. Mr. Achramovitch why are you being so secretive about this matter?

Anonymous said...

Is it correct that 5 science teachers in the past two years have lost their jobs at the high school? I think they all teach 5 classes a day. The population has not changed that much. Where have 25 sections of science students gone?...overcrowded classrooms??

Anonymous said...

Work going on behind Charlotte Avenue School, looks like an extension of the parking lot.

Can someone fill us in?

Anonymous said...

Colleen Kaney's sister on review committee for MS V. Principal. Father a ambass, she is in tight with Achramo. Are the Kaney's running the dist? How tight is she with the Supt.? Must be real tight? Boy do they have a lock here.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Calkins

since we cannot speak out at school board meetings. We have witnessed what lenghts the Supt. will go to to harm us. Our school community is at an all time low under the leadership of STEVE ACHRAMOVITCH. You have got to do something fast. We are not functioning well. Please do something, anything.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 9:28pm....Just think pretty soon our children will be required to teach themselves!

Anonymous said...

Steve Achramovitch is arranging the unthinkable in education.

He is facilited by an unsuspecting sb and public entity which he seems to forget exists. Steve will/is tricking the sb into believing what he is about to propose is for the good of the organization. I can assure you it is not. It is for the good of Steve. This school community will pay for this dearly, another appeal to NYS Ed. Dept. will cost this district in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. He is treading down a slippery slope. Administration Mole

Klozman said...

Acramocon will leave no door unopened, no stone unturned when it comes to securing his longevity. Stay tuned. He must act while the RSB remains perpetually deluded.

dishonest said...

Achramovitch is dishonest to the core.