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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Legal Fees

School Year
July 1-June30
Total Legal Fees 
(Budget Code 1420.0)
(Expenditures to date)


Sci Fi said...

The BOE probably chants "Yes to Lawyers - No to Teachers - Yes to Lawyers - No to Teachers - Etc." before they BS us at their meetings.

taxpayer revolt said...

Taxpayer Revolt.
Wait the year has just begun, you are kidding me. This new guy has a past that just keeps following. Donald Oilgivie and School Board really saddled us with loser.

Mad as Hell said...

That wasted money could have saved 3 teachers! Who watches out for this kind of wasteful spending? Since the board clearly isn't doing it, they should be removed from their positions! There has to be some checks and balances! What can be done? This is totally unacceptable!

Anonymous said...

Is this from the District Server or FOIL?

taxpayer and parent said...

Taxpayer Rebellion

We can't afford this guy or this school board. This new supt. has been here since Sept. and he is bringing his legal expertise with him. Oh yes his lack of legal exp.
How far do you think you can go wasting our money on him and his devious practices. How can he snow all of you. The numbers speak for themself from Greece school dist. We are headed in the same direction. I have kids in this district, but I don't know how much more I can afford than the $6,000. in property taxes we pay, approx half of that is school taxes. We are not happy with this new guy and the board is responsible for him. I agree with the writer that you need to put him in a rubber room and keep him away from staff, students, parents and general public. Please Supt. don't move to our community we don't need you.

Anonymous said...

Life long Resident,

Concerned cut this school district
off at the knees come election time. We will do whatever it takes to turn over this school board, and make this jerk accountable. He is a going to ruin our district, or at least make us not be able to afford to live here anymore. How sad is that. My sister teaches in Ken/Ton and to quote her "you're in for a rough ride",. He not only screwed up the Greece School Dist. but Ken/Ton also. I know Donald O. and this doesn't bode well for him.
He needs to step back in the future for our next Supt.

Lenore said...

Maybe if they'd stop harassing staff they wouldnt have to worry about lawyers.

Character Counts said...

If the Super and BOE were honest and truthful, maybe they wouldn't have legal problems.

Klozman said...

Also Spracht Achramathustra: “Nietzsche loves me.”

$123,696.06 and counting. Achramo has demonstrated a sterling aptitude for devouring your tax dollars. At this moment, readers, let us speculate. There are two, possibly three law suits looming, which are going to propel the current expenditures out of sight (“To the moon, Alice!”).
Such is one hazard we face when hoodwinked into believing that bodies, by virtue of their status and election to the RSB, are fully qualified individuals when, truth be known, they are pathetic, inexperience, incompetents, easily duped by those individuals whom they believe, in their benighted way, to be direct descendants of Olympian deities. But not to worry sprecht Achramo. We will raise your taxes, increase our salaries, cut electives, slice kindergarten from the pie, and concoct a bloody first-rate rationale for dumping more of our esteemed faculty. No problem; for a few dollars more Harris Beach will repair all the damage.

A FAN said...

AMEN, you have said it all. Thank you for your wisdom. Klozman for School Board.

Anonymous said...

FOIL request

Roger Waters said...


Anonymous said...

Does SA get a piece of the Harris Beach action or something? That amount spent already seems impossible! Something needs to be done and fast.

Diana said...

Even more revolting than this is the amount in pensions and healthcare the school has to pay.

Anonymous said...

To Diana,.

School Board and administration lackey, get your own blog.
Concerned Fanr


why don't you throw your hat in the ring for CHRIS LEE's congressional seat. Just think what a STUD MUFFIN you could be with all those young beautiful lobbiest.
Achram, you may have to take a pay
cut, but just think of all the perks. ACHRAMOVITCH FOR CONGRESS

Diana said...

@ Anonymous February 13, 2011 11:36 AM

Keep on denying the full scope of the problems the district faces; that will get you far.

Clue Store said...

Let us all get a clue. Dr Calkins in her remarks when reasoning why the RSB hired Steven Achramovitch states specifically his legal expertise. Wake up Doctor, he doesnt have any...the only expertise he has is how to press the speed dial button to Harris Beachcombers. Really, Dr are a smart woman, cant you see through all of this?

new to blog said...

New to Blog,

Great site, my head is swirling, I cannot believe what is going on. I was at a funeral breakfast on Sat. and a friend put me onto this site. My kids are going to suffer from what I can gather. This new Supt. I heard was a bad choice, now what I read he is worse than my neighbors conveyed. I will try to be at that meeting. Good Luck teachers, we are behind you.

Anonymous said...


Yes we have a catch 22 here. I teach here as well as live here. My children go to school here. HERE IS A MESSAGE TO THIS SCHOOL BOARD AND SUPT. I vote, so do my neighbors, friends and the rest of our families. We will not cast our VOTES FOR ANYONE ON THIS SCHOOL BOARD. This has been a culture of discrimination and fear tactics employed in our district. Take you hate and discriminating tactics elsewhere. RESIGN

Anonymous said...

I pray that the HCSD stops paying lawyers money so the BOE can do what ever it pleases. This is such bull and I will be screaming at upcoming BOE meetings until something is done to correct the legal fees. If Steven brings in legal experience it's only because his friends at Harris Beach support their families from his behavior.

Klozman said...

To those of you, who have been disgusted and revolted by the machinations of Achramo and the RSB, do not limit your comments to this blog. A large number of decent, morally minded individuals are unaware that it exists. Contact your friends and acquaintances on Face Book and Twitter.
If the Egyptians, who had been oppressed for 30 years by an autocratic regime, were able to topple those despots within several days by employing such resources, we can definitely, with a concerted, resolute effort, oust a few local scoundrels.

Sic Semper Tyrannis!

expose them all said...

What needs to happen? This is not a Hamburg issue. This Donald Ogilve at the core. All West Seneca Teachers and staff need to be notified of Crawford, and the constituents of Erie 1 BOCES need to be notified of the fat cat seated at the helm. Just because you ran out of Hamburg does not mean you are hiding Mark Crawford. Erie 1 BOCES BOE is underrepresented. Its time we look at the tax dollars they are stealing from the districts. The jig is up!!!!

Hamburg Graduate said...

Bad relationship,
Dr. Calkins is in a bad relationship with Steven Achramovitch. I can equate her to a teenager male or female that ignors all the warning signs of a bad relationship. It doesn't matter how many times friends, parents, or other family members warn a teenager that they are headed for disaster, they can't see the forest through the trees. She has been fooled by this con artist. Like the people from Greece warned "get your BS meter out". I am not suggesting here that she is in a personal relationship with this guy, but this school board relationship has a shakey foundation, and she needs to start rebuilding it with someone else. Steve resign now and save Dr. Calkins any further embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

Trying to help or not, Caulkins has attached herself to whatever decision are being made. Her reputation is just getting worse and worse.

The thing that I cannot figure out is whether the BOE hired him to slash the district, or the superintendent has that kind of control over the BOE.

Executive Director @ 3394 said...

BOE members need to remove Steven and hire somebody that is in the best interest of our community. His legal expertise consist of being sued and loosing. He has been lying about his intentions to close a budget gap. Steven, a liar and cheater, should leave Buffalo and head East.

Anonymous said...

As I have stated in an earlier post. This school board doesn't know NYS ED. Law. They completely relay on the new supt. The supt. could tell they that PIGS fly and they would believe him. As a writer stated in an earlier post. "The first time Achramovitch was caught LYING to the board should have been the last time. He should have been sent packing". This is the moral standard that they have set for our district.

Acram the liar said...

Achramovitch, hires lawyers to make his LIES GO AWAY. Oh I got caught again, need to call HARRIS BEACH to find a way for it to go away. "the end justifies the means" this is this guy's idea of RULING.

Yossarian said...

Hey Anonymous 3:53, lol thats what I'm talking about. There was only one catch...
and that was catch-22. The Pigs on the wings need to go also.

Anonymous said...

I think we should all SLICE AND DICE Achramo!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why is our District paying lawyers while dismissing staff?

Anonymous said...

Better then Greece!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dr. Joan Calkins why don't you care about what were thinking. Teaching children is the most important aspect of our society. Join us in helping better the World by investing in EDUCATION.

Anonymous said...

Why spend money on a lawyer while messing up the AP studies?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

AHHHHH! this ticks me off.

application for TSA agent said...

TSA agent,

Achramovitch could have a grand old time as a TSA security agent.
Just think Steveo about all the PAT
DOWNS. Apply now, think of all the freebys.