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Monday, February 28, 2011

Upcoming Meetings

Monday, February 28
IEP Informational Meeting
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Armor Elementary School

Tuesday, March 1
School Board meeting
6:30 PM
Charlotte Ave Elementary


Super said...

My signs are made . I hope to see some parents out picketing before the school Board Meeting tomorrow . FYI I will have extra signs.

super fan said...

Super...what time you going to get there? What do your signs say?

concernedparent1 said...

I will be there. Not sure if I can get thre early due to my kids. I am kind of upset though. After talking w/ a few HS kids in our neighborhood, I have heard that members of the administration are commenting to students on cuts and placing blame on the teachers. While I know this is hearsay, if there is truth in it, it is quite distrurbing. First, the parents and community members have not even been officially briefed on what is going to happen. We were not given the facts at the meeting 2 weeks ago. I tend to be a pollyanna and not believe the best in people, so ayone know if there is truth to this?

Super said...

from wgrz @ 6PM
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) -- New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo will propose legislation this week to cap school superintendent's six-figure salaries as way to save school districts and their taxpayers $15 million.

WEB EXTRA: Scroll down to search a database of superintendant salaries in NY State as of May 2010

Cuomo tells The Associated Press his cap would be based on student enrollment. His bill would provide for a salary of $125,000 for the smallest rural districts and up to $175,000 for the largest districts, often in wealthier suburbs.

Cuomo's bill would make superintendents subject to the cap once their current contract expires.

Currently, 31% of superintendents make more than $179,000, with the highest being the Syosset schools superintendent on Long Island who is paid $386,868. Cuomo's proposal, should it be passed by the legislature, could force lower salaries for 319 superintendents, nearly half of the top district administrators in the state.

NOW somethings I would like channel 2 to ask Is there a pay brake down by size of school districts as far as schools under that superintendent and one for number of students under the superintendent? Because having a superintendent who is getting paid 170,000 who is only over 6 schools and 3,919 students like at Hamburg central vs a district like West Seneca where the super is making around the same and is over 12 schools and about 7,000 students. I also thing graduation rate, test scores and performance at past school districts should play a larger part in setting the salary. Example in Hamburg our new super came from Greece school district where he retired before the school board could fire him.

Super said...

The Signs I have made say things like this

Our children’s tree of knowledge should have branches

Hamburger school board = 7 bad apples

Beware lies ahead

A closed door meeting is a meeting of closed minds

I'll be there about 6pm

super for school board said...

Super for school board. We need informed and caring individuals for school bd. Super, you fit the bill. We need you.

Super said...

That wgrz story was not fully uploaded when i posted it ... you may want to read the whole thing

Anonymous said...

"vote for change" "stop the madness"

Margie said...

Super, You have great spirit!!!!!

Anonymous said...

While everyone is still in budget talks, there is no clear answer for community members because no decisions have been made. Possibilites have been laid out as options including (for those of you who were at the school board meeting) combining Frontier & Hamburgs administration. This option seems to have promise as more than a few administrative positions would be eliminated all paying well over 100,000. Implying to the public that is just teachers jobs at risk is false. Quite frankly a 4 million dollar deficit will not be covered by letting go of 30 or 50 teachers or 5 -10 administrators (i exaggerate- dont panic- just making a point). The cuts will come from everywhere, and everyone will feel it. It is a reality.

Anonymous said...

I did hear Gallager tell the student body to worry about themselves and not what is being said around school. He also told them not to be under the influencce at the May meeting because that would be embarrassing to him. Really! Has he not embarrassed these kids with his way of doing business already? Handing a slip of 10 teachers to the super to cut? Really, he has no respect for his staff whatsoever! And he is going to tell the students they embarrass him? Really! Wake up Gallager

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to comment on the IEP meeting last night? Was it informative? If I missed it, how can I get the information?

Super said...

my 2 cents
I would just like to point out the according to "the FOCUS" volume 42 issue 4 in the superintendents column. Mr Achramovitch states the “Staff reductions are never taken lightly but salaries and benefits are the largest portion of the school district budget so it’s an area with the potential for the greatest savings “ keep in mind he is getting 170,000 a year and I’m sure his benefits package has to be better than the one he retired on from Greece Central school District . He goes on to say “with that in mind , we have reviewed class size /class loads and found we can achieve efficiencies in staffing with minimal impact on program for students” to me he is saying we will be letting some teachers go and increasing class sizes. Nowhere in the whole column does he talk about freezing administration salaries, cutting administration staff or any type of cutting from the top. So to me just the average taxpaying father it sounds like Mr.Achramovitch and our School Board has already decided what they are going to do cut programs , fire teachers , increases class sizes And mark my words give administration a rise

GET MAD! said...

Lay-offs reported:

8 elementary teachers

6 middle school teachers

10 high school teachers

.....coming VERY soon

consensus items must go spell it all out stop lumping it all together said...

Everything is done under consensus.
What does that mean, well after their secret pre meeting, before the real meeting, they have already decided what they will do. So us (the public) doesn't get wind of their dastardly decisions or actions, they will lump everything together under CONSENSUS. Well SB we need you to vote in public on every single item so we clearly understand what the HELL you are doing with our School Dist. but most important to our children and their teachers. Yes Supra we agree that we need to hear that administrators salaries are going to be cut starting with this dishonest Superintendant ACHRAMOVITCH.

first meeting said...

First School Board Meeting
I came with my neighbor ,and boy if I had any doubts about this blog, I sure don't now. Concerned Hamburger who ever you are thank you. You are making us informed. My husband and I will be voting for a fresh start this May.a

keep our EMT program in Hamburg said...

The word out there is that this new Supt and School Board are going to cut our popular EMT PROGRAM again, remember last year they wanted to ship this program over to BOCES yes (Donald O's)baby. Achramo and the school board are trying to keep us in the dark again.
First thing con the Mayor and Bob Reynolds (I believe DIANA)into endorsing this horrible plan. Keep your eyes and ears open and as soon as they approach this topic contact your fire companies and come out in support of our EMT program. Remember parents most of our kids leave this program and join our fire companies as VOLUNTEERS. KEEP OUR PROGRAM AND TEACHERS IN HAMBURG don't loose control to DONALD Oglivie (OZ).

thank you super said...

thank you for your input and sign, I was unable to attend. Please keep us parents with IEP's informed. Thanks again

first meeting also said...

My first meeting too,
I was disappointed also, no answers, School Board just sits there, the Supt. fumbles around for answers. One teacher had him baffled, just shut her up was his approach.

can't believe it said...

Can't believe it either,
I was at the meeting. It is hard to believe that it is as bad as has been reported in this blog. No one acknowleges or answers questions. The entire school board just sits there. My friend said that one member was absent I only hope for our kids sake that she cares and has some answers for us parents.

please post next meeting said...

Concerned Hamburger,
please post next meeting. We need to spread the word and get prepared for the next meeting. I will spread the word. I will not use the Hamburg Sun or Focus they are biased. Thanks for the information.

Concernedparent1 said...

My second meeting. Ridiculous. A few thoughts. First, if an agenda had been made available, I wouldn't have rushed knowing the CAS kids were going to preview their play. (nice job though) Second, How can the issues on the agenda get passed w/ no explanation. I was interested in the sped pre-k report, but all they did was pass it. What exactly was the issue and what was passed? No info was given. Third, good point made by a teacher - umm how did they let the buildings reach this state. and then I couldn't believe the discussion of "by the way, if we are going to put up a 28 million dollar bond, why not up it a few million and reach for the stars?" Smart boards are great. (I have one in my district) But they are not teachers, they are just a fancy presentation tool. Umm, they had a big problem asking the taxpayers to ponyup 4 million to close the budget? gap, but what's another 4 million for tech improvements (which is important, but not as important as other items.) Even w/ 85 % payback by the state (which is broke too) the taxpayers still have to foot 15% of the bill. In my house we prioritize. Fourth, why doesn't anyone except Dr. Caulkins talk? Diane Reynolds barely lifted her head. Last, the BOE member that went to Africa. I applaud your efforts, but I have a hard time listening to how you are fixing a school in Africa, but not willing to fix the school in your own community. BTW - w/out summer school, what happens when a kid fails? Ok. Needed to get that off my chest.

tony o said...

How about the member of the ambassadors group, mr. Ferris that spoke at the end, saying the taxpayers support the board decisions. Do the taxpayers support the neglect of the buildings for the last 30 years? The taxpayers, mr. Ferris, support paying achramo 170k? As the brother in law of a music teacher and teacher aid, father of former student govt president, don't u mean, mr. Ferris, that the taxpayer supports the teachers that helped make ur kids, great? Really sir, ask the board why your ambassadors group is a secret society????

Super said...

Frustrated and disgusted yet again that is the best way to describe my feelings after leaving the school board meeting. Let’s start with disgusted. I find it disturbing that the district has let one of our schools get to the point of its roofs being so bad that it could fail yes fail as in collapse. To think that if Boston would have been hit with the snow storm that hit south buffalo this winter many of our children could have been seriously hurt or worse. Why has the district allowed this roof to get so bad? I’m Sure the amount of black mold that is in that building could cause serious health issues if exposed. To the gentleman from Cordon and Jones (I believe that was the name of the firm). One of the first things we as children learn is if you don’t have enough to share with everyone don’t bring it. Yes you where presenting a report to the school board but it was in a public session . the same public who ultimately is going to have to pay for these projects .you would expect a firm to make enough copies or a large enough presentation that it could have been read easily in the room . I am DISGUESTED with the school board .Can any of them actually speak for themselves … ATTENTION BOARD MEMBERS YOU RAN AND WERE ELECTED TO USE YOUR VOICE AND HAVE AN OPINION THIS IS THE TIME TO DO THAT. WHEN WE THE COMMUNITY CAN SEE YOU ACTUALLY DOING IT.
On to the frustration. We can go round and round over the budget and taxes. Let’s face The school doesn’t have the money to do what has to happen. So they divide us and break us down in to smaller groups pitting us against each other. Example last year when the issues of program cut was the hot topic they public outcry was impressive. So this year instead of tell the community what they are cutting they are going about it this way
Minimum of 15 students registered for class to run
right now this year
– Approximately 57 classes currently under 15
– Approximately 88 labs currently under 15 these classes / labs would be cut
We know they are cutting staff 24 teachers now if that isn’t scary enough what aren’t they telling us. But the real Kicker is “The superintendent of information will a part time position” NEWS flash it already is so how is this a cut. Where is the freezing of all pay on the administration side I want to see equal cutting on the administration side dollar for dollar.

Klozman said...

Ref the EMT program. I predicted weeks back, on the blog, that the Oz snake would yet again attempt to sink in those poisonous fangs, employing Achramo and the RSB as his cutout. All affected EMT/Firemen are well advised to muster your equipment and hose down this baby while the embers are hitherto smoldering. If you fail, this lesion will bleed so fiercely that no tourniquet will staunch it. The evidence is overwhelming that the last time Sally S. rallied the troops, thereby thwarting Ogilvie's plan to transfer this program to BOCES, it cost her daughter her teaching position. A second attempt to achieve what formerly failed reeks anew of greed and revenge. You owe Sally S. big time for her effort and the subsequent heartbreak she and her family endured. You are obligated to do whatever necessary to foil yet another attempt at this lunacy.I earnestly believe that the power mongers orchestrating this event stand to reap an enormous financial benefit. Achramo and the RSB are mere extras in this performance. Welcome to backstage drama.