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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Teacher and Staff Cuts

Ask the RSB when these cuts were discussed in public for public comment, and be prepared to get a blank stare.  Next school board meeting is Tuesday, April 5th at the Administration Building.  It is anticipated that the board will rubber stamp the budget proposal on April 12.

  • 4 classroom teachers 
  • 2 Guidance Counselor and staff
  • 2 Reading

  • 3 Art
  • 1 English 
  • 1 Physical Education
  • 3 Health
  • 1 Math 
  • 2 Music 
  • 1 Foreign Language 
  • 3 Science 
  • 1 Technology 
  • 1 Home Economics
  • 1 Reading
  • 1 Special Education
  • 2 Guidance Counselors


Watts and Crick said...

Oh My God? 3 Science Teachers? Isnt the Board Prez a Doctor? Who is going to be working in the new Science Labs after we spend 35 mil renovating them???

Anonymous said...

Could you breakdown for us which cuts were at the Middle School and which were at the High School...Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The state has voted to restore millions of educ funding. Let's hope the district will bring back the teachers that will laid off.

Anonymous said...

3 Science Teachers b/c on paper it looks like a lot of classes are running w/ low numbers. These are labs and AP classses, which b/c of the nature of the class (safety) AND kids schedules shouldn't run w/ more than 15. Plua the whole agenda of the New Race to the Top and UB 20/20 plan is SCIENCE!!

Anonymous said...

Not only the teachers but all the fine individuals that assist our kids and their teachers. Thanks for nothing sb.

Anonymous said...

Will they bring back some teachers if the State legislature restores more education funding, or will they use it elsewhere?

atotal fan said...

What a loss. This BOE needs to go! We need JOBS in WNY!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't take rocket science to know that we need to get the vote out against greg wachlicz and cassey n. This dist is in financial ruin and these two have run this district into the ground.

Not to insult anyone that is running against them, but at this point I would vote for your dog for sb and that is a compliment to your dog.

Anonymous said...

Fighting at the Orchard Park school board last night. Officers of teachers union took on sb members publically. Now want to file charges against the op school board for not following open meetings laws. Sounds familiar.
Charges being discussed regarding sb members and illegal practices. Sounds familiar.

sb's & admin are to blame said...

This entire state of public education is in a sorry state of affairs. Why, because of poor decision making by our elected boards. All decisions start with administration and sb's This administration and many like them are assaulting our education system. Blaming us, when they are the power brokers not teachers, staff,or parents. Greed just look at the administrators salaries. Supt of a small schools making with fringe benefits well over $200,000
Tell a family that is struggling that the supt is underpaid. They will laugh in your face. Hamburg a few years ago was a top 10 HS under Larry Hood. We aren't even close to that anymore. Principal at high school says "it's ok to fail".

Anonymous said...

Teacher union should take the op school board on if they to are having secret school board meetings. Violating the open govt laws.

Anonymous said...

Cuts will happen again next year as well.

Greece too said...

Achramovitch will tell you that pigs can fly and you'll believe it. He is that good at deception.

nys budget said...

Just heard that $220 million restored to education in the NY State budget, don't know how that computes for Hamburg. Maybe some teachers can be saved.

Anonymous said...

should be taken seriously. STD's are in the rise not only in urban areas but in the suburbs and rurals areas. Oral cancers, anal cancers on the rise in young people crossing all sociso/ec. barriers as a result of sexual activity. Many parents are unaware how active their kids are. The kids need to know the facts.

areader said...

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teacher said...

thank you to the HTA leadership, the negotiations committee and the school board for our contract approval last night.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who didn't or couldn't go to the budget information sessions. More money allocated to the district from the state $536,000. down from last year by approx.$172,000. Two more retirements savings estimated by the dist. of $100,000. The school dist budgeted $190,000 for unemployement insurance up $160,000from last years budget.
A short fall of approx $465,000.00
If you eliminate the unemployment factor. Meaning no lay offs.
. Now that doesn't seem like much. So now the school board must make some difficult decisions.

from school dist.
Budget development considerations

Budget Options for additional
funds and expense reductions

-Restore positions
-reduction of tax levy
-itemize reserves to be funded in consideration of the 2012-13 district budget
-combination of the above.

Now where ever you stand you need to let the board know how you feel before any actions are taken

Budget 2011-12 $56,374,628
Budget 2010-11 $55,079,135

difference $1,295,493

parent said...

put the money back into the classroom. Our kids need the instruction not study halls or larger classes. Fund balances are incurred during more affluent times.

parent said...

I agree put the money back into the classroom Less that half a million doesn't seem like a lot.

Let your voice be heard Tuesday.

new begininning said...

We need a new beginning not business as usual.

loving fan said...

New job posting for supt of Clarence. Hey Steve they could use your expertise there.

speak up said...

Did any of these community tour budget meetings change anything regarding lay offs? Were we listened to? Budget hearing tonight, speak up for the kids and teachers. Thank you,