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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Your Guess is as Good as Mine

Consensus items from the March 1, RSB meeting:
            One motion may approve all  “G” items.  If a board member wishes to discuss a particular item, 
            the individual should ask for its consideration as a separate matter when we consider additions 
            to the agenda.  
            RECOMMENDED MOTION:  “that approval is given to all consensus items under  
            Section G.”
            G.1      MINUTES
                        G.1.a.    MINUTES OF FEBRUARY 1, 2011
               G.2      PERSONNEL
                           G.2.a    PERSONNEL CHANGES
                           G.2.b.   LEAVE OF ABSENCE
                G.3.     BUSINESS
                            G.3.a    WARRANT
                            G.3.b    CAPITAL WARRANT
                            G.3.c    TREASURER’S REPORT
                            G.3.d    BID
                  G.4      FIELD TRIPS
                              G.4.a    HAMBURG HIGH SCHOOL, DECA, TO ORLANDO, FLORIDA
                               SPECIAL EDUCATION


          Thomas Nast said...

          This is criminal.....they must discuss this business in PUBLIC!!!!!

          what are they saying? said...

          What are they saying?
          DO WE NEED A DECODER to figure out what has transpired here? This is such CRAP it is hard to believe this is happening in our school district. Concerned you are right again. This concensus is deceptive and out right wrong. Everything here is in secret.Screw them and get new members with a sense of decency.

          Anonymous said...

          This is such s**t. What are they there for.

          pan am said...

          G3d....Business Bid. What is the district bidding out? Let me guess, are they looking for a low bid to fly greg wichlatz to africa with his floor. Maybe he should be raising monies so the ceiling doesnt fall down on the kids at BVS.

          Achramovitch's code for G STRING said...

          what is G items especially G3d Bid?
          what bid and what is it? These Consensus items are a joke can anyone even those knuckel heads that voted for these consensus items tell me what the heck happened here.
          You're right concerned one child ,teacher or staff injured or killed because the school dist. knew about the safety concerns at Boston valley concerning the roof would bankrupt our district. This is one unconcerning or incompetent group of characters. This must be Achramovitch code for G STRING.

          Concerned Boston Valley Parents said...

          I will not send my son to school if we have another heavy snow drop. I am concerned for the safety of my son and everyone that enters his school.

          Anonymous said...

          is this a cryptic INTERPOL message, get the CIA on it to decipher their code.
          This is beyond our wildest imagination that this is an open and honest school board. Expose them all and have them removed from their post.

          I feel stupid said...

          G.3.d Business, what BID? Could anyone explain what this BID is for, it means absolutely nothing to me. I thought that I was reasonably intelligent, but I must be the stupidest person in town, because I can't figure this one out.

          clear this up said...

          When you lump everything under consensus how is amyone able to figue out what is voted on? You have a excellent point here, make this clear for us.

          stop pre meeting and all these codes only you can decipher said...

          What is this from their secret (pre meeting) they hide under the same old crap. Give it up, come up with something new. Heard same agenda for their secret pre meeting for far too long. You just don't get what the laws read.

          get rid of secret society members said...

          Nothing would be changed regarding their secret, pre meetings if it wasn't for us bloggers. Look what is happening around the world, even China is concerned about the people protesting for democracy and more freedom. We are witnessing these events unfolding before our eyes in the middle east. The same is happening here in Hamburg. We have had enough, just follow the laws and let us taxpayers know what is going on. Don't circumvent the laws and thing you are cute, as this Supt. thinks he is. This revolution has begun here in this school dist. I will be voting along with my husband for anyone who is not presently on this school board RSB.
          (Rubber Stamp Board, Greg W. or Casey N. I mean you two). They have run this secret society of a school district for far too long.

          confused said...

          The SB must spend a lot of energy trying to confuse us.

          Anonymous said...

          Doing business this way SUCKS.