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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hamburg Superintendent Hires MORE Administrators, Teachers and Consultants

Just in...from a verified source....

" Hang on to your hats.  Here we go, a new fiscal school year and more poor decision-making.  A new teacher was hired, one was called back, two aides and 3 administrators (over 100K each no doubt) all hired at the BOE meeting last night.  One teacher is going to get paid a hefty stipend for making sure the lights are turned off in the buildings.

Meanwhile, kids are jammed into classrooms at the high school.  The elementary and middle school assessments were published in the paper last week, and the district ought to be embarrassed.   The high school principal screwed up the calendar and didn't bother to let the staff know about the Homecoming weekend. Meanwhile the National Honor Society planned an out of town field trip the weekend of the Homecoming and the sh** hit the fan. Kids are crying and parents are wild with anger.  Don't worry though the HHS principal got his 4% raise and is now over $130 K + per year in compensation.  So, thats what we get for incompetence, over a 5 thousand dollar a year raise."

This was signed by a fed up administrator who asked that their name not be disclosed because of the likely wrath of the superintendent.

Concerned Hamburger is concerned, but certainly not surprised.  For any reader who doubted the the postings on the Hamburg School superintendent, please refer to the Greece School District blog. There is a pattern, and its not good.  How long will it take the RSB to wake up and smell the burning of taxpayer dollars?

Perhaps that teacher who is going to get the staff to shut down the lights would be well suited to keep the lights on, and perhaps have a look around at the real waste.


Anonymous said...

I heard that the HS Open House is on August 31st, but the district calender starts in September and there is no mention of this. Is it the 31st? Also pics are the 1st day of school? Really?

HighSchoolMath said...

Thats the fool running the high school...he seems to think open house in august would be good. Please teachers and staff dont go it is not in your contract, and you can not be held accountable for this. BOYCOTT OPEN HOUSE.

Paul said...

The only ones to ask any decent questions at the Board Meeting were the two newbies. Hopefully the times are changing....