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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hamburg Alumni Foundation

Board of Directors:

Keith Fisher (Fisher Bus) President 
Chuck KluckhohnVice President
Robert Meissner IIITreasurer
Andrew FlemingSecretary

Roberta BemillerBoard of Directors
Todd BemillerBoard of Directors
Dan FerrisBoard of Directors
Chris FordBoard of Directors
Ken KirstBoard of Directors
Jeff LeyonmarkBoard of Directors
Scott ObenshainBoard of Directors
Ed OsborneBoard of Directors
Russell RichBoard of Directors
Dave RichardsonBoard of Directors
Dave WhittemoreBoard of Directors


Anonymous said...

The word is out to the people on this list. They do NOT want anyone to talk about them, their families, their places of work and their friendships/connections to the administration and the board of education members.

So don't say ANYTHING about them. They will be monitoring this blog, particularly this post.

Thank you.

In the know said...

Ed Osborne, the same Ed that was second in command to the district forever? The same Ed that after his retirement was elected Pres. of our School Board? Same guy who kept the rest of the sb in the dark as to the the sad fiscal situation of the dist? The same guy who lost all the funds for our dist in the tune of $1.8 MILLION? Same dude who resigned with disgrace from our SB? Questions out there regarding funds left to the district from devoted members of our community a brother and sister who left approx. 1 MILLION TO OUR DISTRICT. Members of the community all will come out. Please take a trip down to surrogates court to verify this information, I will furnish the names.

Anonymous said...

How many of these board of directors or officers do business with our district?

Anonymous said...

Could I have some tickest to the polo matches? Give me some tictets to the bills. No problem, guess who?

Anonymous said...

I don't care if Mr. Fisher has the contract with the dist. as long as he is the low bidder.

Anonymous said...

Really, the blog is being monitored. Duh! The law firm frequents this blog. The BOE makes their decisions off this blog. And if someone doesnt want to serve on a Board of a 501 c 3 organization associated with a corrupt school district then they should be a scout leader to satisfy their public service desires. And some of those on that Foundation Board ought to button up that dishonest mouth of theirs.
And really Ed is concerned about his reputation? Shoulda thought of that 80 years ago.

Just a few bad apples said...

you will find out soon who has benefitted. Many if not most are good people on this board.

I know too said...

I don't know about the present situation other than this new supt. is generally a hot wire. Back in the day you PAID TO PLAY.
Go figure who benefits, certainly not the kids or the taxpayers. Been around the block to know.

Dishonest the core said...

Your issue is with this dishonest Superintendant. "He will lie to you even when he knows that you know that he is lying". a quote from Greece, Achramovitch former position as Supt. Ken/Ton same opinion of him.

Anonymous said...

Ed no stellar guy. Check out bid for bussing.

Anonymous said...

A disclosure statement should be drawn up as to who on this board does business with the district. Contracts, legal services etc. We know that Fisher Bus has had contracts with the dist. Who else in this group? There are State Agencies who could help our dist.

:) said...

Lol, about time...

Anonymous said...

Good people or not, conflicts of interests and peer pressure will not help the budget, the Foundation does do great work though.

more to come said...

Ed had basically a free reign with little or no check or balance. This Supt Achramovitch basically has the same thing with the sb. Keep an eye on him or hx will repeat itself. What is said here has been exposed before, except for some new items.
What dollars come in must be accounted for and information will flow as how to follow the money.
more to come.

Anonymous said...

Of cource they don't want you talking about their connections to the administration and the board of education members. What is to fear? This only makes me more curious.

Anonymous said...

Concerned - the only one with any contracts with the District is Fisher. I think his contract goes by a bid. The others are volunteers mostly interested in sports stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thank you foundation just drove by athletic field and lights are a blazing. How much energy is this costing us taxpayers? Are you guys gonna pay the bill with your golf money?

help anyone said...

off topic.

Please Please anyone with influence step up and stop the drug problem in my kids school. The drug problem is highly infectious.

sounds threatened said...

Hey Anonymous you are making us curious. Why the threating tone? Anonym. 9/21 11:36 you sound like you are afraid that someone will let the cat out of the bag. I would speculate for you that it is already out there.