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Friday, January 27, 2012

Coming Soon, Energy Education, Inc or NYSERDA?

Hey Taxpayer, why pay tens of thousands of dollars to Energy Education, when you can get it for free from NYSERDA?
If NYSERDA is good enough for ERIE ONE BOCES, why does the superintendent have to pay tens of thousands of your taxpayer dollars to his beloved consulting groups?
Joan Calkins and Patricia Brunner-Collins have overseen a superintendent who has gone on a spending spree with your dollars.

Hamburger is working on this story which will be published soon.  


Jack Edwards-Patchin, NY said...

A COMPANY FROM DALLAS TEXAS. Is there something wrong with Steve A. Greece fired energy education, and now he has them in Buffalo. Really???? NYS does this for free. Lets guess, steve is getting a kick back, and what about the teacher they pay $18,000 per year to make sure the lights are off??? Where is the Board of Ed?

NYSERTA said...

Energy Education
Corporate Headquarters
5950 Sherry Lane, Suite 900 Dallas, Texas 75225
P: 214.346.5950 F: 214.346.5951 © 2010, Energy Education, Inc.

Write them a letter and ask how many clients they have in NYS???? I bet you will be surprised.

Anonymous said...

to Jack Edwards'Patchin:

Where is the School Board?

Answer, asleep at the wheel.

a dangerous situation.

energy education said...

WOW, why?

Makes me wonder who is profitting here. Turn off the lights and turn the thermostat down when not in use. This is just plain common sense that doesn't cost anything.

What capital improvements is ENERGY EDUCATION recommending or completing?