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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Teachers on Special Assignments (TOSA's) , and collecting big fat paychecks Hamburg style.

Hamburg has enjoyed the utilization of teachers on special assignment "tosa" for many years.  For years, two Armor Elementary teachers (one now the vice president of the teachers' union) were allegedly "mentors" for new teachers.  These women collected $10,000 stipends on top of their salaries to do what amounts to be nothing.  Yes, top step of teachers salaries plus $10K, and never teaching one kid.

And, another senior elementary teacher is tucked away in the basement of the administration  building claiming to be a "tosa"but no one has seen this person for years.

In reviewing the December Board of Education meeting minutes there was an announcement that a high school teacher would fill a spot at Hamburg Middle School as vice principal.  (What happened to Mr. Kranik???)
Oddly, the district has decided to pay a teacher, with no administrative experience,  a prorated salary of $75,000, about $30,000 more than the salary of a teacher.  Yep, you got it taxpayer a $30,000 raise, just because you take a few classes at Buffalo State College.  And then the district had to pay a long term substitute $41,000 to fill in for the "tosa".   Your dollars are being taken from your wallet!!!

Taxpayer this only gets better.  

Steven Achramovitch and Joan Calkins agreed around  June 7, 2011 to pay district employee Gregg Davis $30,000 to act as a data consultant (whatever that means?).  And then, only a short thirty days latter July 2011, appointed Gregg as Assistant Superintendent.  

So, does this mean that Gregg get $30 K on top of his Assistant Super-salary of about $130, 000?   

Steve Achramovitch makes half of what the President of the USA makes.  Taxpayer you must be sickened by this fact.  AND, STEVE A. TAKES HIS NYS PENSION FROM GREECE.  Yes, check out the NYSED website, Steve has a retirement waiver filed.

Joan Calkins, the natives are restless, you had better take control of this Steve A. and the district.  You are up for election, and you better realize that you will be held accountable.  


Tommy said...

Why did Krankik leave??? He was great.. Teachers in HMS are saying he couldnt deal with the incompetence of the administration and the Hms principal. Hamburg administrators suck up millions in salary, benefits and their outlandish 1500 card to pay medical expense...yet 1500 of free money... joan calkins you are a blinded woman look at your fat cat, do NOTHING administrators

Just Saying said...

Boston Valley Principal was NOT granted tenure...he is in his fourth year. No surprise came from Orchard Park...a G.Kerr recommendation. When willl the BOE Wake up and realize the damage Kerr did to the district. Do they need a few more lawsuits? Just saying.