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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

ENERGY EDUCATION $417,600 over 4 years for consulting fees

The Superintendent of Hamburg signed a contract with Energy Education in May 2011 for four years.  Each month, the district pays Energy Education of Dallas Texas $8,700.00.  This agreement is for 48 months. Perhaps, the Superintendent should consult with a Math teacher he pink slipped today to help him with the math behind this financial obligation.

Let do the math:

$8,700 x 48 (12 months x 4 years) = $417, 600 contract with Energy Ed.


$18,000 x 4 years = $72,000 teacher on site checking lights.

$417,600 plus $72,000 



Yep, it is all true.  The Superintendent, who pink slipped teachers today without a vote from the Board of Education, is pissing away almost a 1/2 million dollars of the next four years.

The bottom line:

1. Your superintendent is reckless

2. Your superintendent has wooed Joan Calkins and Patty Collins, and both are too dim and stubborn to wake up.

3. A consulting firm sold your district a bottle of snake oil.  

If you don'd buy what the burger is saying, please note a clause in the district's contract with Energy Education.

It reads, "the district shall make a good party effort to discourage any 3rd party from interfering in implementing the contract".    What does this mean??? Perhaps, the Board should ask this question.  Can the district bully anyone that questions the squandering of taxpayer dollars? 

Shame on you Joan Calkins and Patricia Collins. You are a disgrace.  Did you know that your actions are destroying the educational fabric of Hamburg?   You women as a result of your stupidity and arrogance gave away a half million dollars to a company in TEXAS to tell us to turn the lights off.  You are reckless woman, and a vote for you this year is a vote for the questionable Steve Achramovitch.

Here is an idea.....

Send Energy Education a Pink Slip.

Keep our teachers and staff.  


Anonymous said...

Concerned, please publish the entire contract so the public can see for themselves what a rip off this is for the district. Who doesn't know to turn off the lights and temperature when not needed.

So solidly and with complete smooze he worked the school board with the exception of( Madden, Balaya and Flynn)Achramovitch's point man for Energy education gave his pitch that this is a win win for the district, within minutes Steve starts in with his how great this is. Hook line and sinker, Dils,Calkins, Wichlacz, Neyman, Harper, Reynolds,
Collins bought his deal and it was passed. You will examine for yourself what a foolish wasteful one sided contract this is. We have been duped by Steve once again.

smells fishy said...

Makes you wonder if anything is in it for Steve.

Anonymous said...

How right you are.
a vote for Dr. CALKINS OR PATTY COLLINS IS vote to retain Steve Achramovitch. Please post his contract

Highland Ave. said...

We cannot afford this. My school taxes are more than half of my total bill. I don't mind paying for quality education but this type of waste is intolerable.

Anonymous said...

Someone didn't do their homework.

Alum & Dad of 4 said...

You have got to be kidding me, we are laying off my kids teachers and you piss money away on this.

I don't pay a little in my school taxes, I pay a substantial amount and I object to this kind of waste.

ALUMNI said...

Enough already. Give him the pink slip. This is the last straw for me anyone who keeps him here will be getting my families pink slip.

taxpayer and alumni

stop payment said...

Simple Solution Stop the payments NOW to ENERGY EDUCATION and keep two of my kids teachers. I agree give him the boot.

an embarrassment said...

Open letter to Steve Achramovitch,

Steve you are in the drivers seat. The Board President has given you a free ride, so I suggust to spare them (Dr. Calkins and Patty Brunner Collins) any further embarrassment you drive that car out of town and not look back.

should have done your homework said...

TO the Taxpayers and Parents of the District.

Of course the School District is going to save money. This year alone I am ahead of the game on my balanced billing. Why because of the mild winter. I tell my wife and kids to turn off all lights when not using a room. My thermostats are set lower at bed time and increase just before we get started. When we are gone the heat is turned substantially down, often off. Of course you are going to save money. But to spend $9,000. a MONTH to put this data in a computer and have someone run around and turn light and boilers down or off could have been done free, through staff. Cleaners when they finish a room and Maint. Or better yet like myself programable thermostats. There are lights that go off on their own when a room is not in use. Just a another contractor sucking money out of someone elses pockets. Oh, yes by the way this could have been done for FREE. Do what Williamsville has done and BOCES apply for grants or contact NYSERDA they have a program specifically for school. SOMEONE DIDN'T DO THEIR HOMEWORK HERE. I too object to this at the expense of my pocket book and my kids education.

Anonymous said...

TO smells fishy;
hopefully a pink slip for Supt. Steven Achramovitch is what We all hope is in it for Mr. Achramovitch.

alum too said...

Where the hell are the Senior members of this board. Matt Dils and Patty B. Collins on this one?

Turn off the lights and turn the heat down, we paid half a MILLION for. This is a cruel joke. And now you can our children's teachers.

sucking my wallet dry said...

I hear the big SUCKING MACHINE of Steve Achramovitch in my wallet again. No Dr. Calkins for keeping him.

UPES said...


Armor is the destructive force in all of this. Could care less about our fellow teachers. Too stupid and I mean stupid to know when to stand up to the DEVIL. What did they get for us? More pink slips. Thanks ladies

Anonymous said...

Steve's pockets must be getting heavier

exposure said...

Exposure is RUFF

ask Kerr said...

Ya exposure, ask the "man of God" Gordon Kerr

Anonymous said...

There is an old saying "there is a sucker born every minute" guess who the sucker is? The taxpayers,

competitive bid said...

Why didn't we go to competitive bidding? Or utilize NYSERDA for schools?

not a hamburg teacher said...

Let's rally together and DO SOMETHING. Those of us on here have been talking for ove a year. This blog, while informative, can not bring the change we need. I'm ready. Tell me what. Tell me where. We need to act soon b/c May is just around the corner and my kids' education is way to important. Remember, these turkeys - the whole bunch - work for us. They have formed an oligarchy and they are enjoying their power trips at our expense.

Anonymous said...

I will create a program for your data and I will analyze it for you for FREE. Just turn down your temp; and turn off the lights while not in use will save cash. THIS IS CALLED COMMON SENSE. It didn't need to cost us a half million bucks. This is a waste of my hard earned dollars.

staff said...

Many want to tell you Stevie to F**k yourself.

Anonymous said...

How much more can he F us?

free service announcement said...


7 ways to slash energy bill.

Program your thermostat
"you could trim up to 20% from your heating and cooling bills by adjusting temperatures 5 to 10 degrees at night or when you're not at home. A programable thermostat will make the setbacks for you. Devices costs about $80. and some utilites offer rebates".

smells bad said...

Ask the right questions concerned.,


possible answer: he couldn't control who would get the contract

makes you wonder even more.

Going to bid takes the eye raising out of the equation and allows for COMPETITION

Just maybe Steve didn't want competion on this one.

Unless you live in a vacuum NYSERDA is out in the news and has been around for years.

When someone posts it smells FISHY it certainly does STINK.

Problem is our school district is financially in rough shape and this is simply not right.

Anonymous said...

Wait to see what those power trips cost you.

taxpayer said...

Open letter to Steve Achramovitch.

My suggestin to you Steve please don't drive your car too fast or too often since we (the taqxpayer) pay for your gasoline.

Anonymous said...


alum also said...

You have got to be kidding me, is this a sick joke. You engage in a contrat for this amount and you tell me you are laying off teachers. What a waste.

love my kids teachers said...

Please, Please stop, My children need an education, get us some candidates to replace these two women.