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Monday, March 12, 2012

Coming Soon

Board of Education Members, Joan Calkins and Patricia Brunner Collins, will be issued report cards. Both seats are up for re-election in May, 2012, so we need to issue marks on performance in managing the affairs of Hamburg Central Schools.

Concerned Hamburger is working on this story.


Klozmann wannabee said...

Concerned, you should judge patty and Joan on student attendance and test scores. They are as accountable as the leaders of this district as the teachers, they voted to allow kids to go on vacation, they've ignored the drug problems, they hide their heads in the sand amidst the grade fraud at the high school, and they should be heald accountable. We hear they lie too. Honorable women they are not.

Klozman for SB said...

Klozman, is in a league of his own. Hard to find someone like him with the intellegence and common sense that he has exhibited.

Klozman for School Board.

Achramo's Bull Sh** would no longer be tolerated. Klozman would expose him for what he is an incompetent fool.

Anonymous said...

Oh klozman, I dream that you are as handsome as the late Gregory Peck. Your morality is that of Atticus Finch.

Anonymous said...

Patty doesn't know what a test score is. DUH is all she wrote

fan said...

Love Klozman and his fine words.
Klozman for School Board

Anonymous said...

Patty may be fine to have a beer with, but not to run the district. Writer is right, we are in difficult times and a cheerleader is not what is needed here. We have too many serious issues to deal with.