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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Concerned's 14 Points

Under the watchful eyes of Dr. Joan "Dolittle" Calkins and Patricia "Pom Pom Patty" Brunner-Collins, Steven Achramovitch has set about to systematically devastate the Hamburg Central School District.  With graduation rates at an all time low, staff moral waning and legal fees soaring Joan and Patti and the rest of the RSB need to realize that, as Harry Truman famous stated, "the buck stops [with them]."  In order to aid these two women and the RSB in setting this District back on the proper course, Concerned has compiled 14 points to consider regarding the performance of Steven Achramovitch as Superintendent of the Hamburg Central School District.  
  1. The truth is hard to discern from the words coming from the mouth of Achramo.  This is probably the most pressing reason Steve should be canned.  It is the opinion of Concerned that his contract should be voided immediately for violating his oath of office.  
    • Before Mr. Achramovitch was appointed to a multiple year contract as Superintendent,  it was reported by the local news that he lied about teachers and made disparaging remarks about members of the community who attend school board meetings.  Strangely, it was all caught in a recording and played on the evening news, so there is no denying the false statements that were plainly stated to the Board of Education. [Article 78 vs 306 Appeal].  
    • Has anyone asked how much money the RSB and Achramo have spent to try and cover-up their lies? [Legal Defense]
    • It should have appeared extremely strange to anyone on the Board that they had to vote twice on approving APPR as the model of evaluation for teachers in the district.  We are sure that fact slipped by many of the RSB, however someone caught Steve and he had to scurry to find a justification for rushing to pass APPR.  His justification: more than a million dollars in grants that Hamburg would become eligible for following swift ratification of APPR.  The question still remains: Steve, WHERE IS THE GRANT MONEY?  Concerned's guess: Hamburg was never eligible for the grant and zero APPR dollars will be coming the way of the HCSD anytime soon.
    • In addition to lying about staff and grants there are numerous instances where Steven has a penchant for skewing the truth, many of which are expounded below.
  2. He did not properly apply for the superintendents position and his "unanimous" selection was dubious at best.  Upon the hasty departure of former Hamburg Central School Superintendent Dr. Mark Crawford,  a diverse group of staff and community volunteers were assembled to review and provide feedback on the dozen or so candidates that appropriately applied to replace Dr. Crawford.   The Board of Education selected Mr. Donald Ogilve to oversee the recruitment process.  After the posted application deadline, the then Interim Superintendent, Steven Acramovitch decided to "throw his hat in the ring." [Who's Oz?]  Surprisingly, after meeting with all the candidates Mr. Ogilve made his recommendation to the Board of Education. Mr. Steven Achramovitch should be appointed as the new Superintendent of the Hamburg Central School District [Achramovich is the man].  Concerned Hamburger has learned, after talking to several individuals on the interview committee, that Mr. Achramovitch was not their choice of candidate (sounds eerily similar to the secret voting and appointment of Bob Madden to the RSB).  So, what happened? Did Mr. Donald Ogilve, District Superintendent of ERIE 1 BOCES, collect the "secret" ballots from the selection committee, then cast them aside and put forth Mr. Achramovitch as the best choice for Hamburg Superintendent?  Then, the Hamburg Board of Education, despite the questionable section process, unanimously voted to appoint Mr. Achramovitch, who had been serving as the interim superintendent?  The Board of Education at the time, Calkins, Brunner-Collins, Wichlacz, Dils, Reynolds, and Neyman (Harper was conveniently absent), all voted in agreement to hire Achramovitch despite the bevy of qualified candidates who followed the rules of the application process, unlike Achramovitch.  This is one of our first exhibitions of the rule breaker extraordinaire. Mr. Achramovitch exhihibits behavior that would lead us to believe that he thinks he is above the law.
  3. Achramo cannot do basic math or accounting.  There are so many instances were Steve has gaffed the community and RSB, only a few are highlighted below.
    • Within Steve's very first month as superintendent he announced staff cuts.  Instead of discussing these cuts among the Board and the community, many teachers had to read about the possibility of cuts in the Buffalo News [2 + 2 = 5].  In the Buffalo News article Steve quotes the enrollment as decreasing by 200.  A simple review of the numbers he quoted revealed the enrollment decline to be 100.
    • Enrollment has never been a variable in Hamburg.  Hamburg is a land-locked community with stable enrollment.  In fact, many teachers can tell you that their classes have added students rather than losing students.  Any enrollment decline quoted by Steve is very difficult to believe.
    • In addition to not being able to properly state the enrollment of the district, Steve continually plays with the numbers in elementary school classrooms.  Steve said numerous times last spring that the elementary kindergarden classes would not have more than 20 students per class.  Numerous times Steve was asked if the class sizes he keeps quoting are actual numbers.  In typical Steve fashion, he talked out of both sides of his mouth despite the fact that there are 24 students in some kindergarden classes right now.  It has also been reported that some elementary school classrooms have increased by as many as 7 students.  Now the Hamburg community is supposed to trust Steve and his numbers, right?
    • Steve does not know the difference between net and gross.  At the last RSB budget work session, an audience member questioned Steve about the "energy savings" and whether the savings were gross or net.  This is a simple accounting question.  Characteristically, Steve bumbled through an answer that left no one satisfied and the community buzzing for days.   The costs of this program are discussed below.
  4. Achramo is selfish.  Instead of first looking at his inflated gross salary and benefits, Achramo first looks to the teachers, secretaries, maintenance, cafeteria workers, etc to slash the budget [12 Month employees?  Ha, right].  And, Steve's salary is gross.  If you consider that the previous two superintendents, who both possessed doctoral degrees which Steve does not, how can the RSB justify a starting salary at almost $10,000 more than the previous superintendent?  If the out-of-towner Achramo has yet to notice, Hamburg is a community school that is largely funded on the tax paying backs on the hard working citizens of Hamburg.  In addition to collecting a hefty salary and benefits package, it is rumored that Joan and Patti agree to pay for Steve's cell phone, gas, and coffee delivery.  Yes coffee delivery.  This is just disgusting.  We are reminded of Kim Jong-Il, the recently deceased leader of North Korea.  While millions of Koreans were starving, Kim was having fresh lobster flown to his train daily.  Talk about a leader out of touch.  The point is simple, Steve should look to his own lavish salary, benefits, and perks before he starts cutting employees that make less than his annual coffee delivery.  
  5. Achramo is killing staff morale.  
    • Before Steve was introduced to the staff in 2010 and shortly before Christmas he sent an email demanding the staff not go on this very blog.  Nothing like developing a rapport with the staff and saying, "Hi, have a nice holiday, I'm your new Superintendent."  [Gotta Love SCATS] He immediately showed the staff his true colors and how out of touch he is with the type of camaraderie normally exhibited amongst the Hamburg staff.
    • On the first day of school, instead of welcoming staff back to school and joining in the excitement of the coming school year, Steve set a grim tone and discussed future staff cuts and the financial situation of district.  Teachers knew that very day that Steve neither cares for them as people nor about the impact they have on students' lives.  Is anyone surprised that Steve refers to teachers and staff as FTEs?
    • On that very same day, Steve showed his inappropriateness with staff by recognizing his secretary as a female body builder in front of the entire staff.  Of all the accomplishments of the Hamburg staff, this is what Steve chose to single out. 
    • There are many examples throughout the year how Steve has attempted to ruin staff morale that happen on a daily basis.  Just ask any Math or English teacher about APPR, AIMSweb, and data analysis.  Just ask any high school teacher about pointless staff meetings.  Just ask the teachers that do not have enough desks or supplies for the students jammed in their class.  Just ask any retiree how they feel they were treated after spending their careers in Hamburg.  Just ask the secretaries, maintenence, cafeteria workers,  how they feel about working in Hamburg, a community school.  Just ask!
  6. Achramo wastes money on expensive consultants.  The Hamburg community seems to have finally caught on to the futility of the Energy Education program.  The wool must have been pulled over Patti and Joan's eyes when they voted to pay $6,650 a month for software.  No, not infrastructure, simply software [Energy Education, Inc. or NYSERDA].  In total, HCSD pays out $10,669.646 on average per month.  Concerned need not remind readers of the multimillion dollar bond issue passed because of the dire condition of many of the buildings.   It has also caught the eyes of the Hamburg staff that the salary paid to the "energy consultant"/teacher  at $18,000 per year is more than the salary of many staff members.  We wonder if Steve can put the 130k per year paid to Energy Education, Inc. in terms of FTEs?
  7. Achramo relies on lawyers.  If the attendance of senior Harris Beach lawyers at the coronation of Steven Achramovitch did not foreshadow the close knit relationship between Steve and lawyers, we don't know what did.  It is well documented that Steve allowed the legal bills in Greece to soar [Achramo's Legal Bills] and proceeded to do the same in Hamburg [Legal Fees].  It does not take a lot of thought to realize that there is a common denominator.  It also does not take a lot of thought to realize that there is a reason legal troubles follow Steve.  
    • It has been reported that Steve and his highly paid administrators require lawyers to respond to simple Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests.  It also does not take a lot of thought to read thorough the law and understand what falls under FOIL and what does not.  Hopefully, at 170+k a year, our non-Phd Superintendent could figure out the law.  How can his high salary be justified when he cannot learn simple laws?
    • Of course any school district would utilize lawyers for a variety of legitimate reasons, however, has anyone asked Steve how much it cost to monitor this blog? [For What its Worth].  Not only did Dr. Dolittle Calkins and Pom Pom Patty authorize Harris Beach to send Concerned a cease and desist letter but they also authorized Harris Beach to visit this blog regularly.  I wonder how many FTEs could be saved if Steve wasn't sending money to Harris Beach for blog watching?
    • Concerned's opinion about Achramo's legal knowledge is discussed below.
  8. Achramo has a dubious past in his two pervious districts. There is a bevy of information on Steve's tenures in KenTon and Greece available at your finger tips.  Simply google Steven Achramovitch.  Would it surprise anyone that Steve signed a contract with Energy Education, Inc in Greece and it has been reported had problems with the truth there as well?
  9. Achramo cannot follow open meetings laws.  Despite being a well-seasoned and possibly over-done administrator, Steve decided to forgo New York State Open Meetings Laws and conduct Hamburg RSB meetings in any manner he pleased.  Perhaps the Editor of the Buffalo News, Margaret Sullivan said it best, "Superintendent Steven Achramovitch, who surely should have known better, continued to insist after the decision that the district believed it was complying with the law.  That's a little like a student who flunks insisting that he passed, but never mind. The district has changed its policies, Achramovitch said. That's good, but district residents would be wise to keep tabs, anyway. This is a slow-learning School Board." [Not so Far Away]  Apparently they are extremely slow and it is of the opinion of Concerned that the Steve and the RSB continue to violate the Open Meetings Laws [Get a Clue].  By the way, has anyone asked the RSB how much they spent to defend their flagrant disregard for Open Meetings Laws?  [Article 78 Continued]  
  10. Achramo does not know education law.  As recently as February 2012, Steve showed his lack of understanding of education law by notifying teachers that they were to be laid-off effective June 30, 2012.  [Dr. Calkins, Where's Achramo's Legal Expertise?]   We are sure it is not shocking to anyone that Steve justified the letter as a mistake by Dr. Jetter.  As if anyone believes that Dr. Jetter woke up on February 15, 2012 and decided, "I'm going to lay-off teachers today."  Give me a break.  
  11. Acramo's questionable retirement.  Concerned has addressed this at length in the post Achramo: WNY Man of Mystery.  Just today we looked and Steven Achramovitch's retirement waiver with Hamburg CSD is still pending [click here].  With all the qualified candidates, why did the RSB need to make so many accommodations to hire Steve?  At what point should people being asking Steve if he is double-dipping?
  12. Achramo has no problem solving skills.  Steve has yet to come up with an innovative way of dealing with the problems facing the district.  Simply put, Steve only seems good at cutting staff and lining his pockets.  A superintendent is hired for vision and leadership.  So, RSB can you explain Steve's vision? And, to where he is leading? 
  13. School rankings continue to drop.  This is an area where a vision would be exceedingly helpful for the district.  It was not too long ago that Hamburg was top ten school and Charlotte Ave was a top three elementary school.  Now, the high school is not even in the top 10% and Charlotte has dropped out of the top ten. [Rankings]  Furthermore, has Steve even addressed the abysmal graduation rate? [Graduation Rates].  At what point is the RSB going to expect positive results from Steve?
  14. Steve should develop a league of educators to cooperatively address the issues facing the Hamburg Central School District.  Concerned has addressed some possible solutions on this blog [Tax the Fairgrounds] [Tax Exempt].  However, we are sure there are many educators and staff within the district that are full of creative ideas to bring Hamburg back to a top tier district.  So, RSB consider creating a  League of Educators from Hamburg's own rank and file.  


teacher/parent said...

Way to go Concerned;

you pegged it, morale at a low, disregard for our educational system. Patty and Joan allow him to carry on.


Anonymous said...

What is said is what we're all thinking. Thanks for all the research and information.

Anonymous said...

Potential school board candidates that hopefully picked up petitions:

1) Tom Tallman
2) Joanne Erickson
3) Mary Lou Moses
4) Dan Henry
5) Jim Henneberg

Anonymous said...

I never thought about Steve's vision. What a really good question: where is Steve taking our district? If the Board cannot answer this question, Steve has no business leading our district.

Teacher said...

It's hard to work for a man who only refers to you as an FTE

Considering Running said...

Does anyone know who is running for school board? Who's term is up?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really trust Achramovitch anymore?

Anonymous said...

Answer to question,

who is up for Sb this year?

Dr. Joan Calkins

Patty Brunner/Collins

Robert Madden

wrong # said...


one correction on point #6 ACHRAMO WASTES MONEY ON CONSULTANTS.

You mentioed $6650. a month to Energy Education that figure is wrong it is $8750 A MONTH for the RENTAL of the computer software. Achramo has thrice given false numbers. This program is in the RED. ACHRAMOVITCH continues to save face by lying about reality.

Remember refused to utilize NYSERDA

What else has he wasted our school dollars on?

A concerned fan

Anonymous said...


untruthful said...

New York State Education Law

7:22 Is a Supt. required to take an oath of office?

Public Officers Law 2, 10 the commissioner of education has held that supterintendents must take an oath of office as a matter of public policy. According to the commissioner, "it is sound public policy to treat school superintendents as public officers with respect to oaths of office" (application of Karpen, 39 Educ. Dep't Rep. 98(1999).

"I do so solemnly swear (Steve Achramovitch) that I will support the constitution of the United States and the constitution of the State of New York, and that I will faithfull discharge the duties of the office of Supt."

Now that being said, this guy should have been fired for willfully lying to the school board. The first time that he was caught lying (and continues to do so) should have been the last. Once lied to should have been the red flag that he will lie whenever it is convenient.

This guy has a very checkered past in Ken/Ton and Greece. Why didn't we investigate his work hx. This would have told us a lot about his behavior and character.

Anonymous said...

To considering running,

you need to file your petitions for school board by April 14. I advise you to pick them up in administration building ASAP I can assure you, you will have a lot of support from many of us.

Need a change from Calkins and Pom Pom self serving Patty Brunner/Collins.

Mom to said...

Mom in dist.

This was scary to all of us. It is sad for both sides. Some kids do a lot for attention, but a threat should be taken seriously always.

kudos concerned said...

kudos, you nailed it.

Anonymous said...


New York State Energy Research and Development Agency.

An arm of the State Govt. to assist with energy conservation. Programs specifically for schools. Why not NYSERDA?

What this school board paid for with our $$$ is a program to turn off power when not in use. Dah. We all know that we will save just by the simple fact that we had a historic warm winter, natural gas prices at a decade low. We are all saving in our homes.
Not Achramovitch this contract has cost us a bundle. Waste of our hard earned dollars.

retirement said...


can take his retirement. Why doesn't he? He is a soon to be 59 year old with enough time to collect a huge pension. Three more years to social security. In the mean time he could go to a box store and apply there.

Anonymous said...

Give Achramovitch the pink slip,

he has violated his oath of office by not being forthright with the public and the school board. Blamed a subordinate for the pink slips sent out by the administration without a vote of the sb. What a creep. Not one of us believed that Dr. Jeter did this without the approval of Steve. Steve again placing blame on another to save face for himself. A true leader accepts responsibility for his actions and doesn't look for a scape goat.

Anonymous said...

My daughter went on this field trip today and came home gushing about it. Her team read The Hunger Games independently, saw the movie and then wrote an essay for ELA today. They even had assignments in math, social studies and science related to the book. Encouraging children to read is not time wasted in my opinion. I definitely see the value of getting my daughter, a struggling reader, to love a book as much as she loved this one. The district indeed has problems, but I can say with absolute certainty that its teachers are not one of them.

Dodge Dart 2012 said...

Hey Mom, so its OK for your daughter to read books that have never been approved by the Board of Education ( because in Hamburg the RSB doesnt approve books), and then miss an entire day of school to go to the movies??? Really, a math essay? Let me guess, the teacher convinced you that some how or another Hungergames will be on the state assessment? Are you for real mom??? We have a school system that gives out inflated grades to kids who cant read or write. Take your kid to the movies on Saturday and tell the teachers to teach in class. Just think in 10 weeks it will be out in video. Drive By Teachers teaching Drive By Education

9th grade dad said...


Anonymous said...

Steve Achramovitch hasn't done one single thing in our district to improve my children's education. Dr. Calkins and Pat Collins not helping in this area also.

Super said...


First of all I have to give theses teachers kudos for thinking out side the box. Anytime you can use a book, movie, play or game to get our children reading it’s a good thing .I see nothing wrong with having a field trip where our kids see a performance of something they have read, the move has a rating of PG 13 most of the kids who saw the movie where 13 or 14 and the parents had to sign a permission slip. As for it being violent they are acting it’s not real. As someone who worked in the preforming arts on productions of To kill a Mockingbird, Romeo and Juliet, The Diary of Anne Frank, Of Mice and Men and almost every Shakespeare theses are all great shows and wonderful books that your child will read while at school. All of theses plays had performances for school age children some younger then the 8th grade. All have adult themes and deal with violence of some kind. I think your outrage over this field trip is just a little too much, your child most likely has seen worse on the evening news

fast forward said...

Super, you are correct. What are these parents going to do with reality and the HOLOCAUST. Nothing like this should ever be forgotton. In Germany from the age of 12 the schools are required to make a field trip to a Holocaust museum. History, especially Holocaust Hx should never be forgotton.

Anonymous said...

More rumored candidates for BOE:

1) Beverly Nenno
2) Joseph Collins
3) Maria Chiacchia Johnson
4) Gary Klumpf
5) Lori Mumbach
6) Christina Whipple
7) Beth Kontrabecki Walters
8) Jenea Costanza Smith
9) Randall Hoak
10) Peter Danforth

Petitions must be submitted by 4/14. There are lots of people talking about running this year, but we will see how many put their money where their mouth is.

Anonymous said...

Former employees need to wait a certain period of time before they run, so sorry Armor cant run a second year teacher. Is that the lawyer on So. Park Ave sister? Anyone to beat Joan and Patty and to can Steve A. The morale tank is empty and the staff are ready for a revolution. Why isnt there picketing going on? The staff and teachers are weak, only a few stand up for what they believe in....and quess what happens. How about someone who knows school law???? Or how about someone who actually shows up to BOE meetings? Erickson claimed when she was running for harpers seat that she wanted to encourage people to attend BOE meetings....stangely she doesnt go to BOE meetings. How about someone who talks the talk and walks the walk?

McKinley andAbbott. said...

Mrs. Stevenson for BOE.

Super said...

To Ninth grade Dad

You want to know what Top School Districts do. Top school Districts have school Boards who DON’T have secret Backroom meetings. Top School Districts have Board of education members who care about all the students needs not just their own child’s. Top school Districts DON’T get sued for breaking open meeting Laws. Top school districts don’t have superintendents who LIE. Top School Districts DON’T have principal’s who make up grades. Top School Districts HAVE superintendents who would cut their staff and take pay cuts over lying off teachers or cutting programs. Top School Districts have amazing sport programs, Art Departments, Music Departments, Theater and Dance programs, Cheer leading, Drill Teams, Amazing Tech programs and offer Excellence's in all aspects of a child’s Education. Top School Districts have parents who support teachers for thinking out side the box and who use every opportunity to help educate their child and demand that the school district pay teachers like the livelihood of the children depend on it.


CD on the radio, and wind blowing thru my hair. said...

I gotta hold of that recording the Board of Education back in September of 2010. If you could only hear the lies told back Steve. HE FLAT OUT LIED ABOUT A TEACHER. AND Dr. Dolittle (love that CH..very funny) chimes in about how courses are graded in the high school for AP classes. She says on the tape she knows a thing about AP classes because she has had so many kids take AP classes. Here is what she says, " Hamburg AP Classes are generally graded on a rounded system. For instance, in Mr. Hills class in Math which is a very reputable class where the kids get 5s on their AP exams the kids in the first quarter tend to get 40s and 50s in terms of their grade point averages so by the end of the quarter the kid that has a 50 can round it up to a 90 and the kid that gets a 40 gets an 80 and this keeps the balance and it makes it really clear which is somethingI know reasonably well but for a teacher to put these 50s and 60s on a report card and not round it up which is an inappropriate approach to these AP course.." Hey Joan, nice to know you advocate for grade fraud. In what world does a 50 get rounded up to a 90 or a 40 to an 80. This Dr. Dollttle is grade fraud. Perhaps it makes more sense if you think of it in terms of money. Would you as PResident of the SChool Board agree to "round up" Mr. Hill's salary from 40-50 K to 80-90 K? Get a clue Joan. Its grade Fraud and YOU are a disgrace. The lies on this recording are that of scumbags. No wonder they are paying lawyers to harass people. Steve, you are a shameful person.

Class of 2009 Rep said...

The only way to get your grade rounded up in AP Calc is if you go to Good Morning Math. Yep, the teachers harass you into go, or you dont get your round up, as Dr. Calkins calls it. Also, most of the kids in the AP Class have been tracked since 7th grade. As for the AP Calc teacher, when I was a student there 3 years ago, he was throwing chairs and swearing. Dr. Calkins, you are clueless, not a good teacher just someone who is good at intimidating kids. He and his wife have temper tantrums.

Anonymous said...

TO AP Calc student...the way I see it is you have a chance to improve your grade by going to Good Morning Math twice a week before 7AM. If you are good at doing math then just calculate how many hours these teachers give their students without getting paid for it. Their real intimidating aren't they? I view these teachers as dedicated to helping their students to become successful no matter how much time they both put into their work and the success of their find someone else to pick on won't you?

Prospect Ave said...

No respect for ACHRAMOVITCH, he is as bad as it gets for a supt. Wastes our tax dollars, doesn't know the laws or our community

Anonymous said...

Top school districts are so open with their sb meetings that they are on the public television access stations. They actually engage the public and encourage their participation. Unlike our district that wants no dialogue, only comments. NYS ed. law is not complicated just read it is easy to comprehend. This Supt. has to call his group of lawyers (on our dime )for clarity on school issues. Achramovitch is wasting our kids school dollars on his lies and incompetence. Concerned you are right. One thing in the 14 points not mentioned is our serious drug problem in Hamburg. It has been addressed here before, but should have been #15.
Supt. is reactionary not proactive, no vision. No accountably on our declining graduation rates either.

more lay offs? said...

We hear rumors that there is more lay offs to come.

What is the stud muffin Acramo sporting on his face, could it be his version of a french tickler?

Anonymous said...

I think we should lay off the administrators in the Administrative Building, who needs them anyway. They are just a bunch of liars looking out for their own welfare, really don't care about our kids...just their paycheck!

Anonymous said...

I can personally verify that an essay was written on two selections of the novel comparing the accuracy of those passages to the movie, a requirement of the new Common Core Standards. (Alternative assignments were given for students who did not attend the movie.). Every parent had the choice to send his or her child knowing that the movie was rated PG 13.(Other local districts also took their students to this movie.) The book was not required reading, it was optional and the teachers (one which was notified of her lay-off prior to planning the field trip) purchased at least 20 some books which I would guess cost over 200 dollars as my child borrowed one. (This has been one if the highest rated Young Adult books in years, getting very reluctant readers to read and continue reading.) Every student on the team was included no matter his/her ability and allowed for socialization experiences that would otherwise not have occurred. The students all participated in a regular math class that day, completed a worksheet and discussion on the forms of government used in the novel/movie, were required to make up any missed work from their electives, and completed an activity about the impact of the games on the characters' body systems in Science class. I am sure the teachers did not shop at Target or Kohl's as suggested and were supervising their students and planning for the essay writing. A few were even seen giving money to students for snacks, and one arrived late as she was getting a student's glasses repaired for him and using her own gas money I am sure. My child commented on how nice the teachers were to these students. The students spent every minute of the day with their teachers according to my child.. Teachers were not given any of the NYS labor department breaks or duty free lunches. I think as a parent, you are fighting a silly battle. I only hope that my children continue to have teachers like these throughout their careers. If you didn't agree with the book, you had every right to keep your child home or send him to school to do the other work.

thank you Miss Nalos said...

Good morning math under Miss Nalo's was another success story. Those kids who graduated from Hamburg High were really prepared for the real world. Not just in math but in life in general. This is what our educational system is all about.

Most of her students received 4's & 5's on AP exam.

Anonymous said...

We understand that the calculus class is a cult item at Hamburg, but the way the administration treats the teachers of that class is nuts. Like they are rock stars. If any other teacher did in class what they do they would be infront of the man in the black robes.

Anonymous said...

Shame on Hamburg for hiring this ruthless, self-centered, arrogant man. Look at what went on in the KenTon and Greece districts. Both accrued huge legal fees because of Steve Achramovitch. He dragged the KenTon district down and now he's doing the same to Hamburg. He secured a $100,000 life insurance policy from KenTon - unconditionally. How much is he getting from Greece & Hamburg?

highland ave said...

Our teachers in the middle school are wonderful. It is to bad that the school board is cutting some of them as well as the great elementary teachers that got our kids to this point. The teachers value education and put their own personal time and money into the mix of providing a great educational esperience for our kids.

These financial cuts to our schools and the axing of many programs is going to impact our kids right through high school. I to was appalled with the surprising graduation rate. Our son went to the movie and he loved the book and movie. I thank all the teachers as well as principal for making this happen. Our kids will be dealing with difficult but true events in history. Why do we think that they have to be sheltered from everything. This is not reality. Before we know it they will be adults and along with family and school we hope they will be ready for college, independence, and will be prepared for the real world.

Anonymous said...

Supt. & SB no vision for district.

Their only vision is to cut the guts out of our childrens school.

Graduation rates pathetic. We get our kids to hs only to not provide them the tools to finish the job.

The teachers are great, volunteer their time and $$$ for the science olympaid.

Our kids teachers go over and above what is expected of them to help our children. Extra help, and often providing supplies for kids who need them.

We are cutting our high school to the point where we have a problem with a 87% graduation rate that percentage is only going to climb. I also agree there is so many recreational drugs in the school that we need to call the police dogs in to sniff out the drugs in the school and the parking lots. Stop hiding and help our kids. CUtting our hs staff is only worsening and making it harder on our children;

Important the Supt. as I gather from friends has been given a blank check book by this school board. He from my sources is spending recklessly our kids school $$$$.

I'd like to yell at all the sb members for not dismissing this guy. Once an liar always a liar, once a cheat always a cheat. What does it take. He lied and broke his oath of office. Lying is a very valid reason to cancel his contract. Appoint an intrium Supt. and hopefully a female supt. The last two guys and Achramovitch have been a disaster. The financial hole is getting too great. Oh yes where is the million or so dollars supposedly coming to the dist for APPR from the State? Is this another of Achramovitch lying ways to get his way. Sorry the Supt. has no credibility in this district. Widely thought of as a sham.

Anonymous said...

If you go see the HungerGames you can identify themes of control and fear, just like the way Joan and Steve run the school district. They are freaks of nature.

Not A Hamburg Teacher said...

My fellow community members, this is why you MUST actively participate in your school district. Schools are supposed to provide an fair and equitible education for all. Even if you have never sent a child through the school a school system, you most likey were educated. Would you want this to be your future? A community's schools directly impact the quality of life of that community. If the schools are nt good no one will want to move here or stay. Keep informed. Attend school board meetings. Speak out. VOTE in May! There needs to be a point where we say stop the madness.

Anonymous said...

Steve is a nut.

Anonymous said...

To not a Hamburg Teacher;

I agree in total. Two of our kids out of 3 graduated over 10 years ago,as I stated earlier on this site oldest two went to Cornell and St. lawtence University. My last kid is in high school, and the Hamburg School today is not the school of yesterday. The same opportunity is not afforded my last kid. The decline is drastic. As concerned has posted as well as writers no vision. The school board looks at you and is disaffected by the whole process. Actually annoyed that you want a part of it. SB Pres known to say she doesn't want the coffee clotching PTA Moms on the SB. Just image those most actively involved in the education of their kids and others, she wants to shut out.

Hamburg Grad Tomasello for BOE said...

Two more upstanding Hamburg Graduates written about in the Buffalo News this morning. Allegedly swindling the Government out of millions and using the money instead to finance a lavish lifestyle without regard to public trust or following the laws. Sound familiar. Remember Crawford, KErr and Wichlacz and their secret meetings to fund a performing arts department with the former music department chair person? Remember Crawford spending millions on a turf field the same year he claims "we were duped out of 1.8 million by the Osbourn, Rucker and Roswell team?" Now we have Achramo and his inflated salary and coffee deliveries. Achramo hires the law firm of Harris Beach to safeguard the district from their corrupt ways. Really, did the top lawyer at Harris Beach who is representing the HSBC Bank in the NY Appeals Court in Rochester against the Knox Family?? Really, why did Achramo want this Harris Beach lawyer to try to understand open meetings laws??? Oh the corruption??? Maybe the RSB should call up one of Hamburg's finest to run for the BOE????

Not A Hamburg Teacher said...

To annonymous April 1 11:51 am

This is why we, the "coffee clutching mom's" must actively fight to help our kids have the best education possible. Let's get people on the SB who care about our kids and their future, as well as the community as a whole. We need to support our teachers and stop allowing the few to control everything. I am willing to step up and stump for anyone out their willing to run on a platform of a poistive future. I work in a district taht is trying many creative ways to save money without killing our programming.