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Monday, March 12, 2012

Hamburg Loves Their Lunch Ladies

It is rumored that the Superintendent is going to outsource its cafeteria workers.  What a nice way to thank these women for all their hard work.  What a slap in the face.


Helping kids at hhs said...

Barb s and Steve told the lunch ladies they were deficit spending.....why was this only revealed now. How about increasing the price of the food. It's good stuff and too cheap. The kids have money formtim hortons and McDonald's....check out the lines. Keep the lunch ladies....they make us all happy with the yummy soups and tacos on Tuesday's.

comparisons said...

A few facts:
Citizen Asks Administration to take a pay cut. Comparisons made between the Supt. of a 4000 student district to the following

President US $400,000.00
V President US $230,000.00
NYS Gov $175,000.00

Supt. of Hamburg $200,000.00 +
with fringe benefits.

How did this happen in

2009/2010 The school board under the aspices of the Crawford/Kerr
administration with the approval of the school board gave themselves a 17% increase in their salaries.

Who was on the SB at the time? Patty Brunner/Collins, Joan Calkins and Matt Dils.

So now you see how we got to this point. As an earlier writer we have never recoved from the Osborne days of loosing 1.8 Million.

A pay freeze is a start but cuts could save some of our staff.

Anonymous said...

Think about this. Two years ago the district was in the midst of creating a performing arts center. Wichlacz, Crawford and Kerr were in cahoots with the music teacher at the HHS. Btw, where's the 4.2 million fund balance from July 2010? And how could achramo not know about the junior high model. He taught at hamburg junior high. Caught in s lie again achramo. The community needs to run him and Joan out of town.

Anonymous said...

Steve Achramovitch would never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

outrageous said...

Numbers speak in volumns

1.3 students out of 10 will not graduate from Hamburg High School. These 13% have a very bleak future.

Cut the administrative salaries. Give them performance evaluations on our kids. What future do you think these kids have without a high school education?

Comparing the Supt. salary to the Pres., V Pres. and Governor puts his outrageous salary in prespective.

Anonymous said...

Our community is under attack by this Supt. Pres Dr. Calkins, and v. pres Patty Collins.

Those three have no empathy, have no idea how they are affecting the lives of our pink slipped staff their families and their kids and our students.
Patty takes great pride in her power on the board, a cavalier attitude toward firing staff.

First premise the Supt. is always looking for a skape goat. and is a good convincing liar.

Anonymous said...

does't know about the junior high model, Because he doesn't know much about education or care for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Hard and appreciated work.

Unionize and fast is my advise to you.

scapegoat said...

using someone for a cover up is as bad as it gets and this is what is happening with Joan, Patty and Steve. The truth and facts never factor into their decision making. They will do whatever it takes to achieve their means.

"the end justifies the means"

Anonymous said...

Dr Joan Calkins;

you are becoming the company you keep. Not good

Patty no heart, cares less said...

What needs to be said to Brunner/Collins.
Patty you need to take something seriously. You are dealing with our kids, people's jobs and the future of our children. You Patty are not doing a very good job. 13% will not even get a high school diploma. This is a serious job and you don't appear to be too serious about it or are clueless about your distructive actions or lack of heart for others.

Underground in hiding said...

Why this district is in such big financial trouble is all the deceit, lies and secret agendas.

Shame on anyone for exposing those lies, deceit and abuse of power. Those in the past (Osborne, Rucker and Roswell) ran this district into the ground.

This is what we referr to as the Hamburg Underground. Many on the Ambassassadors group fall into this category also. Conflict of interest, serving only for the benefits of their oun family or other underground families, that we refer to.

THis little group has had a negative impact on this district.
"don't dare talk about the ambassassadors" was that not a threatening message from them.

What is there to hide? Why not be open and have checks and balances? And anyone with a vested interest for themselves or family should recuse themselves or better yet they should cease to exist.

Anonymous said...

What a way to go;

falling graduation rates and we are cutting HS teachers and creating larger classes.

Anonymous said...

We love our lunch ladies. Keep them and our staff cut administrative salaries. Way out of line with reality.

no heart said...

The district is in great upheaval, because of Dr. Joan Calkins No compassion or concern for teachers. I believe she enjoys the power she has over us and loves to shove it to us anytime she can. Woman has no heart.

Anonymous said...

What a great presentation by our much appreciated maint.

I never knew how much maint. really did.

What a blow to our community that we are experiencing this horrible down turn in our schools.

Anonymous said...

came across this teachers blog

pink slipped said...

Yes a few Armor Teachers sat in the back of the cafeteria at the last board meeting, poking fun at just about anyone who spoke. I sat there in the back also and observed the whole situation.
I am not surprised that one of them poked fun at us for losing our jobs.

You have to wonder what is wrong with this. Not all Armor, just a hand full of bad apples.

Anonymous said...

RMG really mean girls. There is always an ALPHA girl (real bitch). The RMG's must follow the Alpha otherwise expulsion. Mob mentality.

Anonymous said...

Dirt Bags all these heartless people.

Not A Hamburg Teacher said...

What Jr. High School Model are we talking about? Brain research tells us that most 11- 13 year olds are not successful in this type of situation. The Middle School Model - there is a difference - creates a teaming approach among other things for very specific reasons. Are they thinking of going back to a Jr. High? WE have already cut the enrichment programs at the elementary schools, are we thinking about chopping the middle schools too? Please explain.