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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Class Warfare

Concerned recently received this email from a teacher.  The email was apparently sent to "all users" by an Armor elementary teacher and Hamburg graduate who will get laid off at the end of the year.  Please read her "thoughts" (bulldog purple) and then Concerned's comments at the bottom.

"Some thoughts from a teacher who got the "letter" [Click here for post on the "letter"] and is getting axed this year unless the contract is approved...

It may be easy for those of you who are safe from getting cut because of your seniority level to say "send a message to the district."  However, we have a chance to save jobs here people.  If these cuts happen, and they will happen because THERE IS NO MONEY, then say hello to increased class sizes.  Say hello to your seniority number going down because those of us who are getting axed are your buffer.   EVERYONE will be affected with these cuts, including #7 from the bottom (that's me, people) or # 52. 

Think of how greedy the Hamburg teachers will look to the public when we had a chance to save jobs and did nothing.  If you went to any of the recent meetings where the public spoke out, they want to know what we are doing (both administration and the teachers/staff) to help with the budget crisis.  Once word gets out that we voted the contract down and are not willing to do anything, then good luck passing the budget.  Times are tough EVERYWHERE and the public wants to see some effort being made by the district.

We are a UNION people...where is your conscience?  We aren't the only district that is going through hard times this year, so stop acting like it.  So send your "message" at the cost of jobs and people's livelihoods?  Selfish.  I mean, what have YOU got to lose because you're safe due to your seniority, right?  Great message that you're sending out.  Do you teach your students the same???

I will be voting YES

p.s.  If I lose my job then all of you naysayers can help me move my classroom supplies and pay my mortgage.  Seriously."

Concerned's comments: the post is titled "Class Warfare" because that is exactly what is happening in Hamburg.  The young, poor teachers not only get paid very little, they also are the first to get cut.  Young teachers are begging older ones to retire to possibly "save their jobs."  Veteran teachers who are on the largest step increases don't want to freeze their salaries [click here for teachers' contracted salaries]*.  Concerned singled out this email because it exemplifies the type of class warfare just described.  It is also quite clear that this email was sent by a pretty classless young woman; a women with a serious sense of entitlement.  Some questions to consider:
  • Did this young woman consider the teachers laid off in the previous two years?  
  • Did she consider that unlike her, some of the teachers and staff were in the District for 10-15 years?  
  • Did she consider that unlike her, these teachers not only had a mortgage but also children?  
  • Did she consider that unlike her, some of them were the sole income earners for their households?  
  • Did she consider that some of them would be unable to afford health insurance?  
  • Is her mind that small and is she that self-centered that she cannot understand that each person's life situation is unique and she shouldn't judge others, trivialize their needs or put her needs above the needs of anyone else?  
  • Does she realize that "all users" may not care for her opinion?
  • Where was she when they were getting laid off?  
  • Was she there to help them clean out their classrooms?  
Concerned's guess is probably not.  Typical "X Generation" attitude: me, me, me, me, me.  One last thought, did she consider that her position is still getting cut despite the contract ratification?

PS: this teacher is a graduate of Hamburg High School and the Teachers' Union Vice-President lauded her for her email.

*NOTE: This reflects the salary schedule until 2009.  


Armor Mom said...

I hope she does not teach English, people. Seriously?
Who is number 52? Someone on the top step? Concerned you should publish some of the other emails that went around the district if you can get your hands on them. My kid at the High School told me they were a distraction and the kids heard the teachers talking about them. What a disgrace, seriously!

Laid-off said...

That teacher should apologize! How callous.

where were you ? said...

You hit it, where was she for the others before her? Yes supporting the ARMOR RMG ladies. The saying goes. "they came after the disadvantaged, I did nothing, they came after the religious leaders, I did nothing, they came after the union leaders, and I did noththing, they came after the Jewish people and I did nothing and than they came after me." Cannot feel sorry when the only time you speak up is when it affects you. Yes I agree this writer only cared when it affected her.

Anonymous said...

Armor is the trouble in the district, starting with the Principal whose tenure doesn't begin until Sept.

Just an observation

Anonymous said...

Dear young teacher: Where was your email when the teachers were laid off last year or the year before, OH WAIT it didn't have anything to do with you so you did not care.
SOme teachers laid off last year have many more years in the district than you do.Teachers moving to the top step have waited years for their raises and may have counted on that money to help pay for their childrens college tuition.\

Young teacher could care a less that my child can no longer go to the college of their choice because I was counting on that 12,000$ to pay their tuition. SO young teacher tell my child now that even though I worked 16+ years to earn my raise I will only be getting half of it now and have 500? dollars less a month that I was planning on using to pay tuition.

Anonymous said...

Young Teacher, you need to go back to Herb Taylor's English class and revisit grammar. Did it cross your mind that 5 secretaries, several maintenance, food service and teachers with far more experience than you were also let go? Did it occur to you that no one cares about your mortgage? Have you bothered to read the papers the last 5 years. People have been losing their homes because they were let go at work. How brazen of you to put your thoughts in writing to the entire district. My husband lost his job 3 years ago, and he, nor the others that were cut would have considered asking their co-workers to give something up. Is this what you teach your students???

Anonymous said...

the outrage placed on the back of a young and since she is at hamburg i would say talented teacher is misplaced. the outrage should be at the VP of OUR union sending an email supporting this. i remember when our last union vp spoke she was told she spoke for all of us. Nice to be on top stop and not have to give anything up. we on every other step gave up a lot. class warfare.

senior teacher said...

You mean nothing when you only speak up when it affects you. Many more before this have been given the pink slip. District a financial mess, control freak President, Supt. who wouldn't know the truth if it hit him in the face. No room for self serving individuals. I was for the 1/2 step, but not because of this plea. WHAT I COULD RESPECT IS IF YOU STOOP UP FOR THOSE BEFORE YOU, then you would have my respect and sympathy.

Anonymous said...

The parents and teachers of Hamburg need to start looking for people to run for school board, village board, and town board.

Bye bye Joanie said...

I know of at least three people running against Joan, Patti and Bob. Just think if all three of them get ousted :)

Anonymous said...

If we want to get Hamburg schools back on track, we need people at all levels of government fighting for us. Can a teacher run for village or town board? If not, a spouse. We need our voices heard.