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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Greece Schools left holding the bag for Mr. Achramovitch's Energy Education contract.

The taxpayers of Greece Schools recently sent a check to Energy Education, Inc. in the sum of $310,800 to end their contract which Steve Achramovitch entered into on February 27, 2009. Apparently, Greece did not realize the savings Steve promised and then were caught having to pay this outrageous sum to end the contract in its second year. At Greece, Steve signed the contract as did the President of Sales and Marketing of Energy Education.

Steve wasted no time when he got to Hamburg to enter into a similar contract with Energy Education signed by he and the very same President of Sales and Marketing at Energy Education. Why did the Board allow Steve to enter into these contracts at the expense of the Hamburg taxpayers? Clearly, Steve and the President of Energy Education had some pre-existing relationship. Didn't Steve know when he left Greece in 2010 that the Energy Education relationship wasn't working?

Joan Calkins and the BOE are guilty of malfeasance. They authorized the squandering of taxpayer dollars. This contract costs the District over $10,000 per month (a correction from a previous post). If Hamburg wants to end the contract with Energy Education it would cost the taxpayer $130,000.



gett serious said...

To the Hamburg Board of Education,

you expect us to trust our children's education to this man. Steve Achramovitch should be given the pink slip STAT. What more does it take for this SB President to get the picture that he has sold us a bad bill of goods.

In the private sector he would have been given the boot for this bad deal of a contract. Steve stop lying and spinning the numbers. Do you think that you can BS all of us. This makes me as mad as hell, he has the ability to destroy our district as the SB members sit idly by and watch. Stop the GROUP THINK, isn't there one independent member of the SB willing to ask some serious questions of him?

taxpayer 6k+school taxes said...

What a deceitful bastard.

Klozman said...

Calkins and her RSB, sycophants all (with perhaps one exception), do not provide the required and essential checks and balances vis a vis the Achramulator. Such inadequate oversight is sufficient cause in and of itself to scrap the lot. These elected officials are brainwashed to the extent that they either refuse or are unable to execute the required duties and obligations of their office. Another argument for altering this cozy arrangement is their pathetic lack of insight in recognizing that they are, indeed, being vacuumed up by the Acramulator's maneuverings.

In the case of this Energy contract (or any financial transaction which appears highly questionable) it’s often a matter of cui bono. I suggest that someone with the proper training follow the money trail.

Loser said...

Win Win for Energy Education. Big loser for the Hamburg School Central School District.

Anonymous said...

Take the 130K out of Steve Achramovitch's salary and end this contract. Let him pay for this with his own bucks, or should I say the $$$$$$ that we pay him.


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe that the adminstrators and school board would expect our teachers to take a pay freeze when you expect twice as much from them. Then after all is said and done...the administrators give themselves a raise for doing nothing!