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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Achramo's New Community Tour

 Superintendent Steven A. Achramovitch will speak on the state of the school district/2012-13 budget at two community presentations. He will address the Hamburg Sunrise Rotary Club on Thursday, April 19 at 7:30 a.m. in the Hilbert College Campus Center and the Hamburg Rotary Club on Tuesday, April 24 at 6:15 p.m. in the West End Inn.

How is speaking to the Hamburg Rotary Club considered a "community presentation"?


axed said...

Looks like Robert Madden has become part of the dog and pony show. Thanks to Holly Balaya for voting ney on our cuts only symbolic, but a start.

Pink slipped

boston valley parent said...

New to blog.

friend from school dist. directed me here. The Supt. information hard to digest. My husband said that he wouldn't last 5 minutes in the private sector.

Case in point, cannot afford private school for our 3 kids, so we placed our trust in the Boston Valley School, now I read about the dismal state of our hamburg schools. I would have thought our graduation rate at 98 or 99% not 87%. When I told some of our friends they said the same thing.

Anonymous said...

RIP Dick Clark

Anonymous said...

When is the candidates forum?


How many of the 8 candidates will be present?

Anonymous said...

What are the home addresses of each of the candidates? Please publish.

Anonymous said...

To Boston valley parent.. if the Supt. wouldn't last 5 minutes, neither would 95% of all school employees. That's why they are employed in the public sector. Safe with their tenure.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous, the tenure doesnt exist with APPR! Read up and learn the guidelines, you will notice 2 ineffective assessments and the teacher's job is over as well as career!!!!
DON'T be so sure that the public sector employees wouldn't last in the private....most of the staff has been in both but felt need to help kids!
Now, most of the staff believes their efforts, talents, knowledge, experience, and love for job/children would be better served in the private sector, and probably better paid!
Remember, statistics tell us that many teachers move on to government jobs, consultant positions, and higher management jobs because they hold qualities that are required and appreciated!
It's time people acknowledge the positive teachers contribute, like some of our leaders in the world markets do(Asian, Europe). They realize that unless the next generation is taught and established in knowledge, the country and its future will suffer, economically, socially, and etc.
My follow readers, honor education and protect teachers by leading with integrity.
Leave a legacy of decency toward the profession, and those that sacrifice their lives giving daily to your sons, and daughters. Don't lose your soul by selling our future to power, status, and deception.
We as a community neef to unite and support teachers for they have the keys to our sons and daughters future and lives.
It's more than private vs public sector, its more than #'s, money, politics, its so much more! Its....well, you fill in the blank, by getting involved, or doing nothing....ITS YOUR DECISION.......

Anonymous said...

Achramovitch is a blow hard.

Anonymous said...

Hey Stevie Wonder, Nice tactic...go see Rotary. No fewer than two of the 3 Business teachers in the High School are members. What, drumming up business for the Business Dept? THe one teacher had a mommy on the BOE, and Uncle Peter, as she loved to call him, when she got her job fresh out of Canisius...with NO BUSINESS EXPERIENCE!!! THere is only one business teacher worth her pay check, and the others should be sent to the curb. KeyBoarding, Really??? Internships, Really? Whats a kid gonna bring to an internship? Stevie Wonder, you are blind ( pun intended)