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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Florida 2000 comes to Hamburg

The district is presently deciding what to do about the voting machine malfunction. District budget, and school board election results are still unknown.


Anonymous said...

Achramo itch will pull any stunt to keep Sally off the BOE. Hopefully someone is watching.

Not a Teacher said...

Buffalo News reported this Tuesday night at 11:15 pm on their blog:

"Hamburg school officials had read the results from three of the four machines before the fourth one malfunctioned. Here are the INCOMPLETE results. These are not even to the point of being unofficial results, since what is on the last machine might change things.
Budget: yes- 1,472, no-610
Sally Stephenson: 1,034
Patricia Brunner-Collins: 901
Joan Calkins: 861
Laura Heeter: 813
Robert Madden: 693
John Maurer: 569
Tracy O'Connor Robillard: 377
Ginger Taylor: 150"

Still complaining about tampering, Concerned?

Anonymous said...

Is this a surprise? It didn't look like anyone under age 80 was working the election. The woman took over 10 minutes to find our names and hand us ballots. I hope this was truly a malfunction and not a matter of trying to change the outcome.

Not A Hamburg Teacher said...

When I voted at 3:30ish, they lost a ballot in my letter line. It was assigned to the gentleman in front of me, but somehow disappeared. It held things up for a while. Could this be the flaw?

Super said...

I find it odd that the District can post on its website as of 1:15 pm that "Voters have OK'd Hamburg Central's 2012-13 budget. The $56.6 million package passed 1,863-778 in voting on Tuesday, May 15." but still can't post the school board winners. looks like someones a sore looser

Anonymous said...

Not a Teacher:

I would like to thank Greg Davis for standing up and making sure that everything was done properly in the face of such adversity, it was a very difficult situation for a district clerk to be put in. In light of the contentious race even worse.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Sally

Anonymous said...

Acromo, there's a new sheriff in town! Tell your deputy DIls to call for backup!

Anonymous said...

Are you gonna call the village police and have Sally stun gunned???? Achramo, you cant stun gun democracy. Go squeeze your cheeks on the's on tape.