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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Joan Calkins MD making up the rules and duping the taxpayer

40 years after the Watergate scandal one would think anyone in public office would hold themselves to a higher standard.

Joan Calkins came in 3rd place in the May Board of Education elections. The third seat on the BOE was to be filled immediately, May 16, 2012, and vacated on June 30, 2013.  Per NYS Public Officers Law, an oath of office needed to be filed within 30 days.   Dr Calkins took an oath of office on May 30,2012, in secret.   This was not acknowledged nor recorded into the minutes of the June 12, 2012 Board of Education meeting.

Upon taking her new oath of office to serve out the remainder of the Kelly Harper term, Dr Calkins vacated the seat in which she had served for the last 2 years and 11 months, and with it vacated her right to serve as Board of Education President. Upon Joan's resignation, Vice President of the Board of Education Patty Brunner Collins should have acted in the role of President until a new Board President is elected by the Board of Education at the reorganization meeting scheduled for early July.

Instead, Joan covertly moved into her new seat, and ignored her obligation to the taxpayers and district employees to be honest and open in all her dealings.  Dr. Calkins swore an oath of office to support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of NYS and that she would FAITHFULLY DISCHARGE THE DUTIES OF her office.

Concerned opines, that Dr.Calkin's behavior is based in deception, and that she acted in concert with the Superintendent to dupe the public, and to keep any other person from serving out the one month she had left in the term of office set to expire on June 30th.

So why the secrecy?

Perhaps Joan and the Superintendent thought this would be the best scenario to effectuate an extension of the Superintendent's contract? 

One might ask if Dr.Calkins' actions of presiding over the June BOE meeting in faux presidential style is reason to render void any actions voted on by the Board that night?

 So Dr. Calkins as you scratch your head and wonder why most people in the community think you are unethical, you may want to visit your record on the Board of Education. 

 Think about the following when asking yourself, "what good have I done for the students, taxpayers and staff members in Hamburg Central Schools?" 

 1. You allowed the BOE to turn a blind eye to the bogus superintendent search which brought us a superintendent who was released from his two former districts under dubious circumstances.

 2. You have served over a BOE that has gutted science, health, physical education and social studies while leaving untouched music.

 3. You have lied about teachers and staff, and that is a fact that should keep you up at night.

 4. Your arrogance lead to Article 78 charges being filed and successfully won by a member of the community, because you did not want to comply with open meeting laws. Your arrogance shines through with the Calkins Statement on the District website. Perhaps a concerned citizen ought drag you back to court and expose your latest shenanigans.

 5. You have presided over a BOE that has sent tens of thousands of dollars to Harris Beach Law firm.

  6. Your latest actions reveal you as the sneak that you are. 

 Nice job Dr. Calkins the next time you cry foul play to one of the patients who come into your office for medical attention, take a short moment and look in the mirror.


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Anonymous said...

There are emails that went back and forth between Joan and Steve and SOME other BOE Members on this...loose lips let it go at work. I work with him...oops.

Klozman said...

Marvelous...keep up the pressure. You are spot on.

Anonymous said...

Dils and Calkins are dishonest crooks!!! How much have they spent in legal fees. Joan you are a mockery..Matt, we hear the guys in at the prison have a special spot in their hearts for you. Must be hard to be a prison guard and know you are breaking the law. Many of your prisoners have more honor than you....Perhaps you should have an orange jump suit fitted for the alden or attica.

Anonymous said... do u know so much. Bust out a poem or two.

News junkie said...

Concerned, a group of kids from Achramos old district harassed a female adult bus monitor. These kids should be in jail...please watch the video on you tube, search Greece schools making the bus monitor cry. Nyou will not believe is sick. And the new superintendent of Greece schools has asked you tube to take it off. Please make a posting. Kids are bullying adults in hamburg too....Do a story. Thanks a fan.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the review of potential candidate's pool for the teacher and assistant principal position that were opened?? Concerned above all, this sounds and looks nuts...!

fyi said...


all decisions and votes RENDERED null and void at last sb meeting. Joan Calkins shouldn't have presided as sb Pres. Brunner/Collins should have. Achramovitch's contract will have to be decided by the new board. Klozman is correct as usual. You definately are on to something. So now they continue the legal meter with Harris Beach.

Anonymous said...

Steve Achramovitch's experience as a school board supt. is only 8 years. He is 58 yrs old 59 in Sept. He has no legal experience.

Anonymous said...

Depew had a similar situation. In october 2011, Patrick law was selected to fill the seat of a trustee who resigned. Patrick ran in may and lost to a Batavia teacher, Justin Young. Justin was sworn in and took his seat at the June 19 Depew BOE meeting. Joan on the other hand slithered her way into her seat, with slimmy Steve leading the way. An article 78 should be filed to overturn all business the boe fraudulently voted on including Steve's contract at the June 12 boe meeting. Joan actually signed certificates for the retirees as president of the boe, even though she vacated her seat. There is medicine dr catkins for those with delusions of grandEur. You call yourself a pediatric rheumatologist, but your not, now you call yourself the boe president, and your not. Seek help woman.

Klozman said...

Hamburger, you are wandering. Stay on point.

Anonymous said...


Dr Joan Calkins isn't board certified as a pediatric rheumatologist.

The iron lady said...

Hey Klozman, you are loved, but , "the lady'(gent) is not for turning" An iron lady utterance. There will be no U turn on this Blog.

Anonymous said...

File an article 78 charge.....Joan is nuts.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if joan the imposter is acting as boe president at graduation....she gave up her seat. She is a fraud.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Dolittle's sister is making $$ off new standards for our nation's schools:

Anonymous said...

Check out Steve certification on the NYSED website...why the retirement waiver in Hamburg?? Is he retired and collecting his 170K?