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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Revenue Generating Idea from a reader

Concerned received this message from a reader.

"Dear Concerned,
Here is a story that was recently published on the BBC news website (British Broadcasting Co) regarding an Upstate New York school district.

Hamburg should begin a recruitment campaign to attract tuition paying foreign students.  Currently, if students from other countries attend Hamburg or any other local school district, they stay with a local family for a year or so, and pay nothing to the school district.  How about turning the administration building into a boarding facility?  The Buffalo Seminary and The Gow School both successfully board students.   This idea would generate revenues for the school district whilst at the same time diversifying a strictly homogenous school body by exposing our local Hamburg students to pluralistic views and different customs. "

US school selling places overseas


Anonymous said...

Great idea, but not realistic

The foreign educational systems in other developed nations is more advanced in math and science curriculums. It would prove no benefit for the students to come to Hamburg. As we have witnessed, the science curriculum has been ravaged by this current board. Any potential students would go to the North Towns or OP for a first rate shot at an American educational experience.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with 8:41. Wealthy parents from Asia and Eastern Europe are sending their kids to America to be edcucated in high school and college because of our school systems. What news reports fail to mention when they rank the US against foreign countries is that education is open to all here. We are being ranked against their best, because those are the kids who go to school there. Just look at St. Francis - they have many foreign students here. I think that the writer has a good point, but I'm not sure that it would actually raise the funds needed. As for the curriculum here, I would like to point out that yes the board has done mager damage to the school, but I give a lot of credit to the teachers. Most of them are first class. They continue to give their all to each and evry student despite the limitations being thrown at them.

parent said...

Teachers great I agree, the policy makers (Aministration & Supt.) suck. They are destroying Hamburg Schools. Cut the core out of SCIENCE give us all a break. My kid will never be able to make up for this and then it is too late. Not just for my kid but for all our kids. I agree the Board Pres a Dr. is a Wacko not a lick of common sense

Anonymous said...

Sally should ask her brother football legend Jim Burt, two time Superbowl winner with the Giants and 49ers to be featured at the Hamburg openning football game. Maybe he would come and sign autographs and bring his Miami of Ohio buddy Jim Kelly. The kids would love it, and he is the real deal. I guess being a superstar athlete runs in the family. I saw him at the Buffalo Sports Hall of Fame, and it was a blast. Get on it Sally! Make a splash at Hamburg the teachers staff and kids need a positive fun environment to learn, play and have fun!!! Get rid of all the old crackpots who have ruined our schools.

friend of family said...

to anonymous 6/15 4:27

Sally's brother is a two time pro bowler. She has 3 ALL AMERICAN'S in her family, A big ten Champion, an Academic All Ivy. Sally has her accomplishments also. Jim Kelly & her brother Jim went to Miami University of Florica not Ohio. friend of family