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Sunday, June 3, 2012


Concerned Hamburger received this comment from The Hamburg Sun regarding the Matt Dils story as published in the Buffalo News and written about on this blog.  The Sun is looking for concerned citizens to express their views on Matt Dils using scarce District resources to hire an attorney while teachers, staff and programs are being slashed.  

"Contact the Hamburg Sun and get something published on this topic. Perhaps an article and an editorial, and maybe one or two people here will submit some letters to the editor. 716-649-4040, ext 255"



Anonymous said...

Dear Concerned,

the problem ( reality )is if any district resident and employee voiced an opinion, they would be hung out to dry by Achramovitch via his board. (exception of a few borad members). We are delighted to have this site here to get what is ailing us off our chests. Not happy with the Board President who allows this supt. to attack our staff (IDIOTS) is a adjective used on us. We are now to expect to see him as a good guy because he wants us to vote for his candidates. I,m so happy that Sally Stephenson was elected. We were so happy the next day our building was electric. We need strong women like Sally. Holly so glad you voted no on this, we have no buisness paying for a sb member for missing more than 1/2 of sb meetings. I don't care if the board member is a favorate son or daughter. I'm sure if this was Holly or Sally they would be charging after them. This is the problem in the district. Those that are favored are rewarded and those not in the loop ignored and punished. Double standards here. Vote NO to pay for Mr. Dils to stay on the sb.

life long res.,parent & employee said...

Why not tell the SUN?

Let the SUN do some of their investigating. We have the facts and #'s. The petition to the state ed could be sent to the SUN let the SUN run with that. We know that we have no free speech with the current level of creeps. Concerned I cannot tell you the level of distrust out there for the SB Pres and our SUPT. We keep asking who next and what next? To the question,I would love to spell it all out to the SUN but if I do I will loose my job, maybe not right now but he will use some excuse or lie as he has demonstrated already to take a hit on me or anyone of us. We know the levels that he will stoop to for vengence. I vote a resounding NO and I will have my family out and friends to have a resounding vote for any board members who support this. I may not be able to voice my resounding No to the SUN but I will have my voice next May at the polls. We will not forget this one. The parents and school community are in an uproar over this issue.

No No No No No said...

Hopefully someone has the cookies to spell it all out to the SUN.

NO NO NO NO NO . . The number of votes in our house next year. Next May we will get this message out to our family, friends and neighbors. Vote No on paying for this.

no show dils said...

No show Dils should be his by line.

The SUN should do a story and the comments will come, believe me. Maybe not from employees of the dist. There is a dark cloud over the dist. and that is a vendictive Supt. Steve Achramovitch and his side kick Dr. Joan Calkins. We would love to let them all know how we feel on this one, but for now until change on this school board we will continue to vent here. Thanks for the stage.

Anonymous said...

Business First Teacher Salary Rankings out today. While the district spends money to defend someone who does not put the district first, teachers who devote their time to the district are getting underpaid (3rd lowest salary in Erie County - bottom 25% in all of WNY). What a sad statement on the importance of teachers and education.

Anonymous said...

Does the Sun need Concerned to get the job done???? Maybe Concerned should run the district, they, he or she sure does know their stuff. How many people in the hamburg school community are as smart or brazen as Concerned Hamburger??? Any Guesses?

Anonymous said...

to anonym 7:48

I assume that it is someone retired with connections to the present administration. The CONCERNED has information that is on the money. I assume that this person or group are a group of retired personal who are in tight with someone in the administrative building. Just my thoughts

Anonymous said...


I think Klozman is someone in administration or someone with close ties to someone in administration. He is spot on

Anonymous said...


Information is shared in the school community all the time. Often accurate, sometimes not. Whoever concered is with main posts has it all sorted out, what is accurate and what is rumored. My guess administrator or administrators, present or past. Same for Klozman, which I am a fan of both concerned and Klozman.

Anonymous said...

This is really good about the Town Board. Can something like this be written in The Hamburg Sun about the School Board?