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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hamburg Sun Article

The Sun published this article in this weeks edition.  It is a fair representation of  the matter at hand.  Steve Achramovitch and Joan Calkins should step down. And Mr. Flynn should be warned not to go down the road he is on as it will surely lead to rigimortis of the brain  Mr. Achramovitch is misusing taxpayer funds, and should not be anywhere near taxpayer money as he has demonstrated that he is not trustworthy.  It appears that Mrs. Stephenson provided an opportunity for Mr. Achramovitch to drop this matter, but the opportunity was lost in the arrogance and ignorance of Mr. Flynn and Dr. Calkins.  Laughably, it was reported to Concerned Hamburger, that Mr. Flynn wanted to table the matter to have, none other than, Harris Beach review the resolution put forth by Mrs. Stephenson.  Mrs. Stephenson offered the Board of Education to make amendments to the resolution she presented, and the offer was declined by Mr. Thomas Flynn III and Dr. Calkins.

According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners the Profile of the Perpetrator is,
"...the people who use their position within an organization for personal enrichment through the delibrated misuse or misapplication of the organization's resources".

Click to be taken to the article,_Balaya_want_Hamburg_board_members_to_pay_their_own_legal_fees.html


MS teacher said...

I have taught in the MS for many years and I had no idea where the SB met for its Executive Meetings. Since the news broke of this recording, we find the room to be the guidance conference room. That room is locked from the hallway entrance and would have to be accessed through the guidance office with a ton of traffic and witnesses. That office is locked at night. Only conclusion: Inside job by a SB member at that time or by Acromo?

Anonymous said...

Sally won her "self-paid compaints" as a writer called them. Read the decision of the Devlin Court...if you can read. Apparently Steve Achramovitch needs a read 180 class to help him. Or head over to the Middle School and try a period of drop every thing and read. It may help you. Joan you may want to attend an hour quiet reading may help you in your thinking.

Mr. Dils how are those lawsuits going for you??? We understand you have the district paying to protect your house from your lies???

This Board of Education is a disgrace. Of course they want to hide in executive session so they can harass people behind closed doors...they got caught with their pants down...not a pretty sight.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Dils you need to clean up your act...Of course its a statue, Athena.

Anonymous said...

Concerned you hit it.

You cannot use TAX DOLLARS TO LINE YOUR OWN POCKETS. Finally someone is calling them out and exposing this issue. ANY SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER, and community members THAT are INVOLVED IN THIS NEED TO PAY BACK, AND pink slip THE HARRIS BEACH LAW FIRM, THEY SHOULD have KNOWN BETTER. BAD LEGAL ADVISE AND TO THE TUNE OF $400,000. Get Real here pay back the money that you have already spent to the school district.

Use your own $$$ for your own personal vengence toward Sally. She won the election and you hate it. Why because no more shady deals for Steve and now Dr. Calkins.

We support her, because finally someone is exposing Steve and his gang of 5. Sally & Holly have the brains and experience to stop him in is tracks. Remember, (Sally or Holly) didn't cut our programs or lay off our teachers & staff. We know how the vote went dcwn.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone is standing up to Achramo. He referred to some of us employes as IDIOTS. Now you don't have to wonder why our school spirit is so low. He lies to us. His lack of respect and arrogant attitude are reason enough to want anyone but him. We will never support anyone who continues to support him.

get complaints filed now said...

Thie issue needs to be reported to the Governor complaint line on


NYS Attorney General's Office

NYS Education Commissioner.

I know one person who has already contacted the NYS Attorney General. The forms are on line and not difficult. I checkeD.

I was told to report all of this.

Nothing legitimate with using tax dollars for their own personal gain. this group needs to be stopped. The Attorney General and Gov. should be all over this one. Really don't need the NYS Ed., but should follow up on this. Sick of their waste and abuse of their positions. This is abuse of power at its richest.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should file a complaint, raise the flag on them, this self serving group. Thanks for the exposure, we would have no clue without that meeting. Thanks for the information and finally open meetings.

Klozman said...

Achramlet’s Soliloquy:

To sue, or not to sue: that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in my mind to glean
The splendid profits of outrageous litigation,
Or retreat from a sea of pending troubles,
And by such recoil, end this? To cry: to weep forever
And with that flood of tears
End Sally’s undying rage
To which my deceit is heir: It’s end my fervency
Devoutly to be wish’d. To cry, to weep;
To weep: perhaps a flood: ay, there’s the rub;
For in that weeping what torrents may abscond,
When I divest myself of all morality,
Yet must I bear Sally’s whips and scorn,
My oppressive wrongs, My deadly sins,
The pangs of Sally’s loathing, the law’s delay,
My insolence from friends unspurned
The disadvantage of unworthy lies,
I groan and sweat from Sally’s wrath,
And now I dread her pity’s lack
Which makes me bear those ills I’ve caused,
And suckle others I know well,
Had I a conscience, the coward I’d be
Yet I resolve that spite and hatred
Trump all the reason in my thoughts,
More law suits to expand my gains,
To cause my foes unending pains,
Unjust Sally! Unholy Nemesis,
Secrete my sins, that none remains.

Anonymous said...

Concerned, clever,

We are in disbelief as to the recent events with the sb. We are really concerned at the amount of money going to law firms since we hired this new Supt. I am discussed how he is wasting our school taxes.

Anonymous said...

Can the BOE spell Roslyn? The swindling school district on long island. Check it out. Whats the difference between a flat in NYC and a check to a law firm to sue for personal gain????

parents said...

perpetrators///// this waste of our kids dollars

No time can I remember this much abuse. Personal financial gain could cost all you your positions. Get over yourselves and stop. Parents

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:55 pm 7/23/12;

there is a difference, but not much. Using tax dollars for self or possible personal gain is illegal in any form. Didn't their lawyers advise them otherwise? Or did they give our school district bad legal advise? The Supt. must have given some back door story to sell this? Did they all read what they have endorsed? Are they that stupid not to know that they cannot profit from their positions on the school board?

Read the summons...they are stupid. said...

Dr Calkins is a dumb bell. Did she really say that if she gets any money from the lawsuit in which she is personally named she will give it to the district to pay for legal bills. Is she stupid??? Let's sue people to run up the bills and then give the money which she personally seeks to give to the district. She clearly needs a school law book. Dumb dumb Joan, do you realize your can't gift more than 75.00. You dumb ass. Calkins you have damaged your reputation beyond repair by covering up Steve. Even Pom Pom is distancing herself. There will be a mob at the August meeting. Better call in your stun gunners from the village. Oh wait, the middle school is in the town, better move the meeting to HHS!!!!

bad advise by lawyers ans Supt. said...

To read the summons they are stupid:

Yes Dr. Joan Calkins did acknowledge that she is using our money for her own personal gain plus that of others. Now that being said she" will give back to the dist. her financial reward." Well Joan you still cannot use our $$$ for yourself or other no matter how you claim you will distribute your windfall. This is all illegal and whoever gave you this advise, gave all of you bad advise. We are discusted here in this community. Take your personal attacks elsewhere with your own cash. Dr. Calkins has to get over it Sally is our choice.