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Monday, July 2, 2012

Harris Beach, Miss Marni Smith (s) introduced to the public at June Board of Ed. Meeting.

Shouldn't the public know that Steve invites Harris Beach lawyers to Board of Education meetings?
At the June Board of Education meeting, before the Board voted to eliminate scores of positions due to alleged  lack of district funds, Sally Stephenson introduced the public to one of the lawyers from Harris Beach who was in attendance.
At what cost to the taxpayer?

Funny enough, just a few minutes after Miss Smith(s) is introduced, Dr. Joan Calkins says, that people shouldn't file law suits or file grievances, it costs the district too much money.  

Listen carefully, you can hear Joanie Dearest make a claim that people should not use the tools available to them if they are violated by the districts' actions.

One member of the audience aptly stated, that perhaps the district shouldn't break the law or the labor contracts. 

 Watch these two clips, and see the hypocrisy

Joan Calkins is a hypocrite.

 Joanie Dearest how much money have you authorized Steve Achramovitch spend with Harris Beach????


Anonymous said...

Concerned Hamburger, can you give Harris Beach your Hamburglar award?

Anonymous said...

This is a prime example of how stupid FORMER board president Calkins is. Instead of making sure that children are serviced properly (not teaching them P.E. in the hallway) and community members are not being slandered, she thinks everyone should just stay silent if the District ignores the law and breaks the law. Can she be this stupid? Answer: yes. That is exactly why the people of hamburg spoke on May 15, 2012, Sally steamrolled Joan by several hundred votes. Joan was a few votes from taking 4th place and being bounced off the board. Look out Joan, there is a new Sheriff in town!

Anonymous said...

And sprinville does all it can to be more like hamburg. Now they are adding harris biatch to be new extra lawyers. Go check out the agenda for their meeting this tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Joanie it. Word on the street is she is going to be served for lying about a teacher, and community members. This is an opinion. Good thing she has the Harris beach folks on speed dial.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Marnie got her knickers in a knot after Sally introduced her at the BOE meeting. SHe then wrote , in our opinion, the sloppiest piece of legal trash that was ever written and screwed up the service on the defendents in the civil matter which misappropriates school district funds to line her pockets and the BOE Members, and let us not forget Mr. Wichlacz, Neyman and Bagley. Ms. Smith the professional misconduct charge against you was filed in the 8th District. Better run down the hall and hide under your daddy's desk. Best of Luck to you! Just an opinion of course!

Anonymous said...

THE HTA MUST FILE IMPROPER Practice charges with PERB agains the district. The president of the BOE Mommie Dearest has said at three conseciutive meetings that members should not file grievances. She is attempting to intimidate union members by scaring them... Looks like this lawsuit might be to try and scare an HTA member. File PERB Charges. It's all on tape.

Anonymous said...

Joan, you are on a tape saying that you think Sally Stephenson recorded your illegal executive session. So, does that mean that the other two citizens named as defendents in your profiteering scheme also tape recorded your lie session??? You have publicly defamed two private citizens. You are going to be personally sued for lying about people in a public meeting. A tsunami is coming your way, call 854 2020. Btw, it was stated that Sally was going to be stun gunned. I have the cd, an have slowed it down and cleared the background noise. You are a dirtbag, and should be sentenced by a judge to clean the toilets in Matt dils prison cell.

Anonymous said...

Oh Harris Beach, is the school district paying you to troll around the hamburg ethics blog????? let's see what the itemized invoices say. Please tell stevie that his nuts are in a vice, and it wil be squeezed. My kids wanna learn, and my kids favorite teacher is mr cerrone. Wait until the August boe meeting. Tell Stevie to where his track shoes, he will be running out of town.