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Sunday, July 1, 2012

"Marni, I got served again", so says Matthew Dils

Matt Dils was served legal papers at the June 12, 2012 Hamburg Bored of Education meeting
(apparently, Dils is so bored he only attends about 50% of the meetings) .

So, Hamburg taxpayers, now you can see it.  Matt Dils being served with legal papers, again (in his own words), and the taxpayer funded Harris Beach attorney servicing his legal needs.

Taxpayer, ask yourself, why was Marnie Smith, young Harris Beach attorney and daughter of former Williamsville Superintendent waiting in the wings at the last Hamburg BOE meeting???

Is this a good use of taxpayer dollars? 

Your tax dollars should be going to a child to help them learn to read and realize the many joys and benefits of earning a Hamburg education. 

Why are your tax dollars being spent for young lawyers to attend BOE meetings.  Mr. Dils must step down from the Hamburg Board of Education!


Truth hurts said...

Need to stand up with this teacher. He stands up for the teachers and students. Everyone email, write and go to board meetings and press for the release of the emails. Contact the media too.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy Harris beach is busy, busy, busy....suckling on the hamburg taxpayer breast.

Anonymous said...

We all stand up for Chris this shit has to stop with Steve Achramovitch and Paul Connelly suit. of Hamburg and Springville respectively.

We loathe Steve Achramovitch