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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dr. Calkins, it is not all about you.

Concerned is concerned, and offers this commentary regarding  Dr. Joan Calkins, MD, President of the the Hamburg Board of Education (because no one else wants it).   According to the Buffalo News, Dr. Calkins claims she is President of the Board of Education, because nobody else wants it.  

Dr. Calkins, have you asked anyone if they would like to be President of the Board of Education?  

Perhaps, what you meant to say to the Buffalo News reporter, is that you are President of the Board of Education, so you can do and say whatever you please to whom ever you want, whenever you want, under some false sense of security, that you are a "President".    Or  you feel you can shut someone down at a board meeting because of your elitist liberal sense of self that has little time for listening to what others have to say.

Dr. Calkins, presidents preside.  In your case,  as in the case of all school board presidents, you have no greater power than any other member of the board of education.  

We are sorry to enlighten you on this matter, but you are just one of seven, no more, no less.  
You are just one of the guys and gals, Dr. Calkins.  Simply an ordinary member of a small school district's board of education.  In an alternate view, some could argue that you are less than the seven, because Dr. Calkins you were only elected because Kelly Harper stepped down.  Had Kelly Harper not stepped down, you would be out enjoying life and not having to deal with the "drama". 

Dr. Calkins, you oversee the proceedings of the Board of Education, and little else.  The district's webpage is NOT your soapbox, and as it has been reported in the News and from the August  meeting, your impulsive, "I gotcha" approach is causing the district to have to spend more money with the lawyers.  While $5,000 may seem a pittance to you in your elitist Johns Hopkins doctor world, it is in some cases some dedicated employees half year take home pay.  Think of the clubs that might be restored with $5,000?  Or perhaps a window or two, so Hamburg staff and students are safe in school. We bet that $5,000 would be more than adequate to put the gas in the lawn mowers to cut the grass, or it would likely buy a few Ipads or other devices to help students with learning, and being all they can be.  Where is your head Dr. Calkins?

You, and the Board of Education, and others have spent taxpayers to line your pockets.

You should remove yourself immediately from any connection with the Hamburg Central School District. 


Super said...

the Sun is worng again .
At the next board meeting can we please pool OUR money and get the reporter from the Hamburg Sun a tape recorder ... they have Miss quoted people again and again and they never print a correction. I don't recall Ms Balaya asking that the district consider introducing a policy that enforces the resignation of any person found to be in violation of district regulations that forbid school officials from mentioning or insinuating of names of specific individuals on public message boards or Hamburg’s district website. I do remember her saying that anyone and all who violated the district policy 3180R be removed or disciplined.

Klozman said...

If Calkins believes that no one other than herself wants to be president I suggest she defer to Sally Stephenson who has far more meaningful political experience and savvy than anyone either on the BOE or in that lack-luster administration. Achramo's track record at both Kenton and Greece has the appearance of gross incompetence (if this were not true why was he axed from both positions), and Calkins, for reasons perhaps not difficult to fathom, is merely one of his myriad pawns. In my opinion Calkins has no business being president anyway as technically she is merely filling out the final year term of a retiree and should have been considered ineligible in the election process.

Maple Ave Parents said...

Elitest, entitlement, above the rules or in this case Hamburg Board of Education Policies. What is new? It has been suggested that Dr. Joan Calkins believes that she owns the Hamburg Central School District. As an earlier post she is only one voting member. Where was there a board vote to violate or suspend district policies for her own personal gripes?

This needs to be addressed by the entire school board. Be careful what you start.

Maple Ave Parents

Sunset Dr. parents said...

Why did Dr. Calkins start this all over again? This is almost 3 years old and she strikes on the very last day before Sally is to take office. We understand that Dr. Calkins is sore that Sally was elected, but isn't that what democracy is all about.

Dr. Calkins needs to get her own web sight not associated with the
district. THis way she can be as irresponsible as she likes. Just our opinion and suggestion.

All school board members need to start acting in a responsible manner. Dr. Calkins latest attack, I fear , is going to cost us dearly.

$1.3 owed by Hamburg to the State how are we to pay? said...

Mr. Blare Webster,

implied that the sd was falling apart at the seams and that Sally S. is responsible. Well just a little more than a month on the board I think it isn't likely. I would suggest to Mr. Webster to look at the senior members of this school board and the financial mess starting back to 2005. Why no mention of the $1.3 million owed to the State. This is an important issue right now. How in God's name are we to pay this money back without sever consequences to our kids? We have a right to be informed on this financial issue, not this personal attack on anyone.

fact steve achramovitch lies said...

Concerned, as long as Dr. Joan Calkins continues to believe everything that Steve Achramovitch throws at her without verification, we are going to continue to make grave unhealthy decisions concerning our staff and students. If Dr. Calkins doesn't have the time or will she should step down. Morale is very low in our district and it starts with the Supt. WHAT DID HE PLAN FOR CHRIS C. OUR FRIEND AND UNION OFFICER? THIS SB NEEDS TO HAVE THE ANSWER. Steve Achramovitch is known to manufacture lies about individuals. a fact

parent & teacher said...

Klozman, you said it perfectly. This is his 3rd Supt. position. He was dismissed from the previous two others. In Hamburg he should have never been given the position. We had 5 stand up candidates for the position. Why did Donald Ogilvie select him?

Please remove him, we can vote Joan out of office this May if she continues in this spiteful manner.

Klozman said...

Let us regress a couple of years when Sally S. virtually single-handedly thwarted Olgilvie's attempt to transfer the EMT program from from HHS to BOCES. Enter Achramo, forced on the district even though, considering his far less than stellar conduct at both Kenton and Greece, no one with half a brain cell operating should have voted for his appointment.

And then, coincidentally, one of his initial as acting superintendent was to manufacture lies about Sally's daughter Lindsey in order to get her fired. These proceedings are enumerated on the tape which Achramo and his RSB have gone to great lengths and spent large sums of taxpayer money to suppress.

The above can be viewed as a feasible cause/effect scenario.

Anonymous said...

The good old boys club always wins when deciding who to appoint as superintendent!

Anonymous said...

Calkins family destroying education again :

Anonymous said...

So Steve got an opinion from the NYS school board association regarding a conflict of interest with Harris beach. The lawyers at Harris beach belong to the NYS school assoc, and they are the planners or key planners for the way conferences...duh, what opinion did ya think you were gonna get. Sally RIDE these assholes out of town.

Anonymous said...

As far as Dr. Calkins is concerned it is about her.

Children require time, not egos