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Monday, August 13, 2012

Hamburg Central Schools District Website is beginning to resemble The National Enquirer


Google said...

Searched mr. cerrone and springville and came up with these interesting links, Looks like he is active in educ reform.

worth a read

New to this said...

Check out this blog in NYC....guess there is a Calkins down there terrorizing the schools.

HHS 2009 Grad said...

Concerned, I went to the NYSED Educator Certificate holder look up, and Steven Achramovitch' certification does not show up. I looked a few months ago and it said there was a retirement waiver pending? What happened to his name? What isnt it there. I smell a rat.

Barbara Sporaz doesnt show up either....
Check it out.

Anonymous said...

its bout time some body said some thing about SS. good for you Mrs. rust. psycho sally is coting us to much $ for her laqw suits.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:25, please work on your spelling. It's mommy dearest Joan Calkins spending all the money. You can not give one spread of evidence that SS is costing money. Its PSYCHO STEVE AND JOANIE. Wait until the Harris Beach Bills start coming in for the pending lawsuit against them. Ask Matt Dils why the district is paying for the lawsuit that is filed against him personally. Get a clue anonymous. You are out of your mind.

Anonymous said...

Question: why don't Sally and Holly have district e-mail addresses listed on the HCSD website?

Someone please answer. Thanks:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:31 PM

Y dont u wrk on yr speling?
I would like to see your "Spread" of evidence.
You should get more of a clue!

Klozman said...

Arrogance, ignorance, power, stupidity and superstition are the traveling companions of the truly evil. Those who embrace the above comprise the most loathsome, malevolent, dangerous, self-serving group of individuals, more so because nightly they are able to snuggle into the arms of Morpheus with a clear conscious.

Anonymous said...

Why don't Holly or sally had district email addresses? Well simply put Joan Calkins doesn't consider them part of the school board. Just this evening they found out about the $1.3 million owed back to the State of New York.

I would say just by that statement that they are not considered part of the sb. Their email addresses are on this blog I just checked.

Anonymous said...

Klozman, you nailed it. Abuse of power is at the heart of all of this. They lie and the other board members accept it as though it is ok. We have something brewing in Armor, not Boston this time. What is the common denominator here? Same teacher?

A fan

sean crowley said...

63 dgempows
ecelres 20
Chris Cerrone IS NOT INVOLVED with ED REFORM. "Ed reform" is code for privatizing public schools and providing a third rate education is a shoddy charter whose true clear purpose IS TO MAKE A PROFIT. Chris is against the idiotic testing regimen the so called Reformers LOVE because they use test results to fire teachers and turn "poorly performing" schools into charters. Please be aware of the connotations of the terms you use especially when one of them is Ed reform because ed reform these days is not about ed or reform just profits.

Charlotte Ave. parents said...

Thank you Sean for the correction. I stand corrected. I support Chris and all that he is doing. I am going to op out of our children's testing this year. Why should a teacher be held responsible for any child who misses an excessive amout of school, or who refuses to take the test seriously.
I believe that we are on a slippery path to no where with our children. At the expense of a well rounded education all efforts and resources are put into the teaching to these tests. It is realized here by cutting so many electives or revamping what was once a High School graduation requirement go by the way side.

When more parents op out the State will have to reevaluate this issue.

Thank you Chris and to all those brave individuals willing to push Mr. Achramovitc for those emails. How dare anyone punish this fine man for standing up for what he believes in for our children, and for him voicing his concerns regarding our budget.

If the emails are not threatening to teachers statewide, then why not release them. We realize that with the refusal to release them that they are damanging in nature to Chris and teachers Statewide. THis is why these two Supt. should be removed from their positions.

THey have the power to do terrible things to our teachers.

Charlotte Ave.