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Monday, August 27, 2012

NYSED Administrative Salary Data for those earning over $123,000 per year

The New York State Education Department compiles salary and benefits of administrators in each school district across the state who earn in excess of $123,000 per year.   This is public information and can be verified by simply visiting the State Ed webpage.  In Hamburg, there are three administrators who share approximately $550,000 between the three of them.

Here is the data as reported on the NYSED webpage, do you own data analysis if you wish.

Superintendent (Steven Achramovitch)    Salary  $170,000       Benefits  $39,760

High School Principal (M. Gallagher)       Salary  $132, 466      Benefits  $42,330

Elementary Principal  (J. Peffer-UPES)    Salary  $127,462       Benefits  $41,310

Total for 3 administrators                         Salary  $429, 928      Benefits  $123,400

Grand Total for 3 administrators $553,328

Concerned Hamburger's Data Analysis
At this rate of compensation one would imagine that these three individuals have some kind of magical skill or knowledge that uniquely qualifies them for this kind of compensation.  

One would think that all the lawyers and consultants that have been hired under the reign of Steven Achramovitch would be unnecessary due to the clearly talented individuals each making close to $200,000 per year including benefits.  
Is this the case?  
It appears not.  
In fact, the two principals mentioned have each managed Hamburg High School for well over ten years, and during this period of time, the school has consistently slipped in the rankings and fallen behind other schools in Erie County whose principals earn far less.  

So why the big bucks? 

$553,328 equates to approximately 10 teachers if one were to apply the Steve Achramovitch logic of $55,000 per FTE.

(definition: FTE: Full Time Equivalent n. educator and/or staff member, human being with feelings and families).


Captain Crook said...

How much money did Captain Crook Davis earn last year?

Anonymous said...

How much did Greg Davis earn in the last three years towards his retirement? Good question.

Achramo gets his rocks off said...

Supt. Achramo, is paid too much at $1.00. Dishonest bad reputation in all three of the districts where he has served. Our school community is just a pay check. He gets his rocks off targeting teachers and personel.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Joan Calkins is an Obama and Democratic supporter. Her actions towards unions is in contradiction to the philosophy of the Democratic party.

Anonymous said...

Dear concerned,

look at the way the Supt. in Williamsville has targeted the 20 plus year basketball coach. This is the culture of these Supt's. Achramovitch leads the pack

Anonymous said...

WOW, did you hear Joan on opening day? Boy, did she sound crazy. Actually it's good that she addressed the entire faculty, so that they could all see and hear how crazy she is.

Anonymous said...

Greg Davis was the assistant superintendent for instruction as the high school rankings decreased.

Could you please post his salary data as well as how much this crook is getting in his pension? He's just as much of a burglar as these other Hamburglars!

Anonymous said...

For almost 200 K per year, Mike G is a horrible public speaker. We had to sit and listen to him talk in circles at the highschool. We need James Martinez to plug the leaks in the sinking ship called HHS. Nice try with the Kids Escaping Drugs lady, she was great. Too bad if a teacher were to take the drug problem seriously they end up at a catholic school or having the village police write a memo about them...we all know the story. Lets get a real leader at HHS

Anonymous said...

Salaries sick, what about the kids? This district is run by over paid consultants and over paid administrators.

Farm all their work to lawyers and consultants.

struggling said...

Concerned FTE, a human being with a name and a family. Steve Achramovitch has tossed us to the road. We are a number to him and the SB Pres. Our families have been devastated and struggling. Do you think this dishonest man cares and our clueless Bd Pres. THe administration gets fatter and lazier with their over paid consultants and we are his fall out. I cannot wait for the day when Joan Calkins is out of here along with her henchman.