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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

One and one half month on the job, Sally Stephenson delivers.

After approximately 45 days on the job, new Hamburg Board of Education member Sally Stephenson delivers on one of her campaign concerns;  a tough district wide policy and action plan to educate in an effort to end the use of illegal drugs, prescription drugs and alcohol among the young people in our community. Strangely, Superintendent Achramovitch  attempted to modify Mrs. Stephenson's resolution by only reading one portion of it.  But, Mrs. Stephenson interjected by reading the entire resolution she wrote to those in attendance and into the board minutes at the August 2012 Board of Education meeting. (resolution in purple)

In the resolution authored by Hamburg Board of Education member Sally Stephenson, and unanimously passed by the Board of Education, Sally underscored the importance of utilizing the services of the TOWN OF HAMBURG NARCOTICS UNIT, which she recognized as a full service unit, and one of the most respected in the area.  Strangely, despite the wide reaching capabilities of the town police,  several other of the Hamburg Board members insisted that that the Hamburg Village Police also be a partner. Apparently, the school district enjoys a close working relationship with the village police on many matters.   The resolution was approved by a vote of "yes" by all members of the Board of Education.

Concerned received an email and was asked to publish the following resolution of the Hamburg Board of Education, 

Whereas:   The Board of Education recognizes that the misuse of drugs and/or alcohol  is a serious problem with legal, emotional and social implications for the entire community. 

Whereas:   Through a collaborative efforts of staff, student, parents/guardians and the community as a whole,  our primary focus on prevention K through 12 in which proactive measures of prevention and early intervention are emphasized.

Whereas:  Our district policy makes reference to developing a parent network to serve as a support group and provide a vehicle of communication for parent education.

Whereas:  It is the responsibility of the Superintendent to implement the alcohol and other substances Board policy by collaboration with school personnel, students, parents/guardians and the community at large.

And Whereas:  The intent of  our  Board policy 7320 (2000) is to ensure that we have given our students,  school personnel  and community the information and tools to make good sound decisions to avoid the misuse of drugs and/ or alcohol. 

Be it resolved: That the Hamburg Central School Board direct the Superintendent to contact the TOWN OF HAMBURG POLICE DEPT. Capt. Kevin Trask, head of the full service narcotics division of the Town of Hamburg Police Dept.  to make arrangements and prepare for a community forum on, the trends in student use,  the trends in concealment of illicit drugs and paraphernalia, signs and symptoms of drug use,  legal and personal consequences of drug and alcohol use and any other  related information that could better inform our students, staff, parents/guardians and community.

Be if further resolved:  The Hamburg Central School Superintendent report to this school board at the September 2012 public meeting all information regarding this resolution.

Thank you Mrs. Stephenson for making a meaningful effort to address one of the most serious problems which inflict not only Hamburg but communities across this country. Despite the unfair criticism to which Mrs. Stephenson has been consistently subjected to by Board President Calkins, Vice President Flynn and the Superintendent;  and the outbursts aimed at Sally by local resident and frequent contributor to the Buffalo News blog, Mr. Blair Webster, the July heckles of former teacher, administrator and Board of Education President Margaret Moses and the misinformed and pollyanna letter written by former teacher Marg Rust and published by Mr. Achramovitch on the district webpage, Mrs. Stephenson is staying focused and attempting to make a significant and positive impact on our schools and our student's health, education and safety.  Some of the currently serving Board of Education members have been seated at the table for several years, yet have never authored a bold resolution in an effort to make strong and sustainable change for our students.  

Thank you Mrs. Sally Stephenson for taking bold steps to address serious issues. 


Klozman said...

Brilliant Maneuvering! Achramo and his remaining RSB cronies must be clawing the walls and beating their breasts because there was no way they could attack Sally on this issue, nor could any voice a nay vote without appearing to be a complete jerk. That being opined, this really is an important topic for action which the town (not village) police are extraordinarily well equipped to handle. Kudos to Sally!

Anonymous said...

Sally has received our local "medal of honor" a shout out of kudos from Master Klozman. Congratulations Sally, there is no higher honor.

IN the know said...

Pffff....the village police. hahhhahhhaa, that is funny. Remember about 5 years ago when a teacher went to the admin about the drugs and they made that teacher go to Capt'n Crunch over at the Village PD. The teacher got a memo put in her file because she reported drug use. Then she was banished to a Catholic School. Then we have the teacher who went to Sharra at the Hamburger Fest, while he sat on his bicycle, and told him about the drug use at HHS. He wrote a scathing letter about the teacher, as did the Mayor and sent it to Dr. Crawford and his cronies at the admin building. Teacher Two was reporting a drug problem and the village popos reported her as the problem. Teacher Number Two doesnt miss a trick and got her lawyer to drag the memo out of the Village PoPos. The Joanie, Stevie and gang of thugs lied about the PoPo Memo... You know, " taunting a police officer" and all of that. The Village may wanna stick to jaywalkers and meter maidening. Let the big boys and girls over at the town take care of a problem the village has ignorred, in our opinion (of course)

Anonymous said...

Why does Hamburg need TWO police forces? Seriously, can't you think of anything else on which to spend your tax dollars? Time to disband one of them altogether?

Don't forget, we also have the Erie County Sheriffs and NYS Troopers. I'm starting to think that having the village government costs far more than it's worth.

Class of 07 said...

maybe Sally should've asked the state police precinct in Boston for a school resource officer. I think north Collins has one, in the high school there. State police could station a trooper at HHS. Then, the high school could get rid of an assistant principal and guidance councilor. My dad is a retired sro and made a big difference in his school. There's a lot of drugs at HHS....they were selling oxi when I was there 4 years ago. I in law school and watching our school from Washington.

Thank you middle school parents said...

Thanks Sally and school board members we appreciate the efforts being taken to address the drug issue. Our children cannot hear it enought the dangers of drugs and ethol.
looking forward to the school district having the community forum. We need to do more and thanks

Middle School Parents

Gowand State Rd. res said...

plague of American society. We as a civilized society can never give up on the drug issue.

Just the other day my neighbors car was broken into and the probably was for quick cash for drugs. Notice all the pawn shops cropping up in our community. Stolen property turned into quick cash for illicit drugs. Our kids need to hear and know the permenant danger to themselves their families, community and consequences of this activity.

thanks to the school board and Mrs. S. for initiating this move. Long over due, effecting every family in America

Anonymous said...

Thank you, long over due.

Hamburg Police great in said...

HAMBURG TOWN POLICE DEPT. is doing an excellent job in the Frontier Central School District.

Community involved there.

Klozman LOL said...


you hit it perfectly again.

Can we meet? You've got mail

LOL a fan

Positive steps said...

No policies should sit on a shelf.

This is what leaders do, put policies into action. We are moving in the right direction. Parents need to be involved along with this entire community. As much as Dr. Joan Calkins apparently hates Sally , we are glad that she put her personal agenda aside for our children. Sally we support you and thank you for starting this discussion.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the letter from Ms. Rust is no longer on the web site. I wonder whose lawyer succeeded in getting that piece of slander taken down. My bet is on Ms. Rust's!

Klozman said...

Achramo and his lackeys better get used to being outfoxed and one-upped at every turn by Sally. They are neophytes attempting to foil someone with consummate abilities in the political arena. Good luck RSB...I can't wait to see the issues and resolutions that Sally introduces that you are all forced to vote "aye" on. Not to worry though Achramo and Calkins; there is an upside. For once, despite your perverted, tax payer money wasting attempts to rid yourselves of Sally, you will actually be made to look good.

Sandra said...

Matt Dils is pretty confident in that BOE...he is the constant theme going back over 10 years. What have you done Matt? Let see, you only show up for half the meetings, you served on BOE that lost millions, you have been caught lying on CD that is floating around the internet. You are a thug, a bully and stupid. Yeah Matt, you are stupid. When you open your mouth jibberish comes someone sitting on a barstool just blah blah blah. You wear jeans and sneaker to serve on the BOE. Its not a beerhall, its a school district. Go away Matt.

Anonymous said...

I have never written on this blog before, but I have a few remarks at this time. First, why was Mrs. Rust’s correspondence even put on the agenda and also as a document for the public to read? In the past, correspondence that has been received by the BOE may have been mentioned at a BOE meeting, as Ms. Balaya did at the June 12 meeting, when mentioning a letter that board members received from a terminated clerical worker – but she did not mention the name on purpose. Second, I want to applaud Ms. Stephenson and the BOE on the recent approval of a community forum on drug issues. But whatever became of the DARE program for 5th graders? It has gone by the wayside, but even a modified version may be beneficial. Third, why has the district hired back and how are they paying for a teacher for a new, unplanned Grade 3 class at CAS AND ALL Teacher Aides that had been laid off(even those who had been laid off in 2011)? How can they afford this out of the personnel portion of the voter approved 2012-2013 budget? They are allowed only that specific amount to spend on personnel, from what I understand. So again I ask, how can they do this? And how can they do this without BOE approval prior to the start of school when the next board meeting is not until September? If they can do this, why can’t they hire back the laid off teachers and clerical staff so that the students of this district receive a quality education? Fourth, when are they going to discuss the 1.3 million dollars? Firth, why haven’t the Board Briefings from the August 14 BOE meeting been posted on the website? If Ms. Darstein is unable to do this then someone else should. Any answers would be appreciated!

Someone Who Cares

Anonymous said...

Dear Someone who cares,

The answer you are looking for is, Steve achramovitch does what ever he wants. Joan and the BOE let him do it. Mrs rusts letter was put on the district webpage form the same reason Joan calkins letter of harassment was put on the district web page. Steve and Joan are ballsie enoug to think they can intimidate Sally and others, but the truth is they can't. Sally is the one and only one on that board who can change things. We heard the district is being sued because of the letter joan wrote. You think it's bad now, they have barked up the wrong tree. The lawyers are feasting. Joan is pond scum. There's your answer. Go to board meetings are give them hell.