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Monday, August 6, 2012

The chickens have come home to roost

The Buffalo News reported in the Sunday August 5, 2012 edition that the Hamburg Central School District, as well as a district near Syracuse, will be left holding the bag for the incompetence of the Superintendent (s) and School Business Officer (s).

Concerned Hamburger reported on this matter in the "Missed the Bus" posting.
(see posting December 2010).

Apparently,  Mr. Achramovitch and Mark Crawford, presently Superintendent in West Seneca,  have gone to great lengths to engage local NYS legislators to make the $1.3 million disappear.  But, Gov. Cuomo vetoed the legislative action to "forgive" the transportation transgressions that have spanned over seven years going back to the Thomas Bagley and Peter Roswell days.

One constant theme in this state aid drama is the services of Mr. Matthew Dils, Mrs. Brunner Collins and Dr. Calkins on the Hamburg Board of Education.  One would think that these individuals would be far more diligent in ascertaining the district and the Superintendent stay within the law, do their job and be truthful, since they have been burned before.   This appears not to be the case.  Rather, the Hamburg Board of Education continues to bobble their heads in unison as Mr. Achramovitch waves the conductors baton.

So, how is the State of New York going to levy the $1.3 penalty on the district, in one hit, over several years? Does the district have $1.3 million in an account someplace ready to send to Albany?

Perhaps, Dr. Calkins and Mr. Achramovitch may want to address this matter on the District homepage to calm the nerves of concerned citizens who are fearful this will mean additional cuts to their children's education.

Perhaps Dr. Calkins' should stop the two year chase of the "taper caper" and focus her attention on the Superintendent and the real challenges of a public school system.

It's simple Hamburg Board of Education:


click here for the article


Anonymous said...

Does dils ever tell the truth????Did he graduate from high school???? He lies about people.

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt, Word is that you are trying to convince others to lie for you in September. Be careful....

Anonymous said...

School board members don't lie. LOL. Heck the taper caper is full of all kinds of juicy lies.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Check the agenda for Tuesday's meeting. They posted a letter from a former teacher upset with SS behavior at the Spville board meeting.

Two concerns here:
1. The letter writer claims to be a retired teacher, but why is the writer not just as furious as SS about the emails between the superintendents about our teacher CC?

2. Does this mean the the board will now make it a practice to post on the web ALL the letters they receive that complain about one of their members? If so, get ready for a lot of mail!

Anonymous said...

Margaret Rust should be humiliated. Did you know who she is friends with??? Why no signature mrs rust??? Write to her at her house on rosedale.....she is pals with the grievance chair of the hta. We understand they are graduates of mt mercy academy. Mrs. Rust, why no signature????? It's pretty clear Stevie is trying to embarrass sally, Lindsey and Martha, but he is showing his own true colors. Clearly Calkins and Steve just don't know what to do. Why no mention of the 1.3 million??? Steve should be fired. Is he gonna show up at the meeting with the email he wrote about Chris???? Steve is a our opinion.

HHS GRAD said...

Why no mention of the 1.3 million owed to the State of NY on the district webpage. Did Joanie put Margaret Rust up to the letter writing. When we had her in Hamburg we called her Mrs. Crusty, guess that hasnt changed too much in 25 years. Crusty coming to the Board Meeting this week?Would love to see how the crowd responds to old crusty.

Charlotte Ave Parent said...

PRES. Joan Calkins and SUPT STEVE ACHRAMOVITCH didn't address the $1.3 million owed back to the state.this evening .
. The only information on this was in the Buffalo News. Why are they hiding this from us taxpayers?
we are owed an explanation. How are we to pay this back? How is this going to effect my children?

Mother Charlotte Ave

reveal said...

Emails reveal the nature of the Beast. What was in store for our friend and teacher Chris C.? Why doesn't anyone but a few see the wrong in this abuse and unethical response from our Supt.?

Euclid said...

hey mrs.johnson former teacher. No one cares about your career. And going to Rutgers is the like going to any other state school. For a woman who thinks she knows what she is talking about, you would wise to get your facts straight. As you like to know, Edmund Burke advocated for constitutional limits on the king, and insisted that political factions are necessary in a democracy, although he never saw democracy as possible in his adopted country. In short, Burke would underscore the lively debate that divergent views bring to Hamburg. Clearly, you would like to return to an era of lies behind closed doors. Yes, lies much like the ones Dr. Calkins told about the teacher who was fired. So, dr. Johnson while you teach at caniisius college, you may want to look into the philosophy of st ignatius loyola, and think about what you say and what you teach. Weak people such as yourself are easily fooled. Just because you have a few letters after your name doesn't mean you are intelligent, only foolish enough to think it matters.

Anonymous said...

Was that Harold Johnsons wife???? Watched her on YouTube this morning...Her misquote is an embarrassment. Burke was referencing an unchecked government..... What a nut job. The district has been under seige? Maybe she should go back a learn a few things about school relations???? how about this Doctor, don't get involved in the bullshit that comes out of calkins mouth. You were hovering around waiting for Joanie after the meeting, find some new friends. dr. Do you know that the high school principal made up grades????? Do you know that Joanie and Stevie and Patty lied...want to hear the tape call Sally, she would play it for you. Don't be so foolish.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Johnston,

Executive session should enable any person to lie and break the law? Really? So as educated as you say you are please enlighten the readers on how it is ok to lie and break the law all because it was done in executive session?

Anonymous said...

I don't know how any of those former and current school board members could show their faces in this community after all this mismanagment of our kids school dollars.

Parent North St.

Central said...

Bring back Margie Moses and watch her hiss spit growl and drop F***bombs all evening. The Simpson's could name her side show margie on one of their episodes.

At least this time the elitest Dr. Calkins brought in someone who didn't hiss, spit, growl or drop f*** bombs all evening. This time she brought in her neighbor and Dr. Johnston who was misinformed and lacked the forsight to see anything wrong in targeting a teacher and union leader. It is ok to lie unless it affects her.

Lies Dr. Johnson shouldn't ever be part of anyone norm especially someone in charge of a school district. You shouldn't teach anyone if you advocate for Steve Achramovitch or anyone who supports his underhanded behavior.

Dr. Johnson, by the way you are not a Hamburg school district res. don't work in this dist. but claim to have privledged information. How is that Dr. Johnson? Dr. Johnson the internet I hate to inform you is here. We are a frustrated group, because of this administration led by this dishonest Supt. We will expose the dishonest nature of anyone targeting our profession. We love to teach and love our students, but are discouraged by the dishonesty that our leaders exhibit. We support our blog. Yes some comments are off the charts, but main posts get at the heart of the matter. Sorry you want all to be conducted behind closed doors. I would suggest maybe you have passed your prime let the young and ethical take over for you. Just my suggestion

Anonymous said...

Not just made up grades but possibley affecting the top ten ranking of that class.

who you know, special tx f said...

Quite frankly Ms. Johnston, I don't care about your important self. What I care about is the abuse of our educational system right here in Hamburg. It is who you know in this district.

Do you think that the former sb members daughter will be given special treatment? Her track record is in question now that this is a pattern in two different schools. Remember you only know what is told you, we know more and we are sick of our SUpt. looking for scape goats for this teacher. Our Supt. tried to place blame on an innocent teacher, but got caught. Ms. Johnston keep you nose out of something that you only know what Joan wants you to know. Not the whole truth.

Achramovitch has no boundaries. Now he is making decisions on Joan's friend and a former school board member, who has had two serious separate incidents in two different school buildings. Now we are watching how this is being handled. Perhaps she should be moved to adm bldg to keep an eye on her at best.

Anonymous said...

Aug 19 at 615, do u the boston valley and armor teacher?

Anonymous said...

We know what went on in Armor and BV. ( Who you know, and who daddy is). The parents of these kids will see this through. They are aware of the previous BV incident.

I would imagine Mr. Achramovitch is now looking at an innocent to take the fall for this situation. We will never allow this to happen again to one of our own. All we want is the truth and to be treated fairly. We don't care who your daddy is, she should be treated no differently than anyone of us. No special treatment, please