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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hamburg Teachers Union Contract Committee narrowly pass the beginning of the end of Teacher tenure

Hamburg Teachers Union policy requires that any change to their contract must past through two steps:

STEP ONE: Pass through the teachers contract committee- made up of 15 members- 4 of whom are the unions negotiators
STEP TWO: The entire union membership must vote to make the changes.

"Achraminable" Superintendent 
awaits the outcome of the Hamburg Teachers Union APPR Vote.

Please go to the following website for the up to date news on the Hamburg Central School District APPR negotiations.


Concerned has learned from many teachers who have sent emails over the last few days that the Hamburg Teachers Union contract committee voted on Friday January 4, 2013  in a secret meeting, and very narrowly passed the APPR (see vote below).  (STEP ONE)
Now the APPR will go before the teachers of Hamburg for a thumbs up or thumbs down vote.

Concerned was advised the the Hamburg teachers contract committee which is comprised of 15 members voted as follows:

In favor of APPR  8
Not in favor of APPR 6
Abstained from voting 1

Strangely, a committee member had no opinion on the APPR, and wasted their vote and the voice of their constituents by abstaining. To the teachers of Hamburg, just because the APPR passed through your contract committee, does not mean that it had overwhelming support.  

APPR was passed by the contract committee by two votes.  
Concerned was told that the contract committee vote, at the direction of the newly appointed union chieftress negotiator, Maureen Garra, was done in a secret meeting by secret ballot, so it is unclear how each elected member voted on this important issue which will fundamentally change the evaluation and employment status of teachers all across NYS.  

Why all the secrecy by Hamburg union negotiator Maureen Garra?

Teachers ask your committee person how they voted, you are entitled to this information.  

The entire teacher membership will vote on APPR on Thursday 1-10-13, after a general membership meeting at the Hamburg VFW Post on 1-9-13.  (STEP TWO)

Please click on Hamburg Watch Dog for more details on APPR.


One teacher asked that Concerned to remind all teachers and staff that the  Hamburg Board of Education will meet Tuesday January 8, 2013 at Hamburg Middle School.  This is an opportunity for you to attend and demonstrate to the Board of Education your dissatisfaction with Superintendent Steven Achramovitch.


Anonymous said...


Don't trust Steve said...

I cannot trust Supt. Steve Achramovitch with my job. I will vote no and not give him anymore power. He is a sociopath

2 2 years & counting retain tenure said...

Maureen Garra, unfortunately your elevator doesn't go all the way up or you are not honest. Look Maureen you are suppose to represent the Union not Steve Achramovitch. I have paid my dues 20 years plus and I am getting tired of you undermining our membership. You work for the UNION NOT STEVE ACHRAMOVITCH. This APPR doesn't affect you as a special ed teacher, so I suggest until you realize that you are out of place screwing us, you shouldn't vote appr doesn't affect special ed teachers. Stay out of this you have an ax to grind with yourself.

Anonymous said...

Joan you are so wrong on Steve Achramovitch. We are in this position because of Steve Achramovitch. He is a cruel, abusive, vulgar and dishonest individual. I don't trust him with appr.

Anonymous said...

22 years and counting...
You are completely wrong about APPR not affecting Special Education teachers.
If you have noticed there is a rubric for the evaluation of Special Education teachers. They are subject to walk throughs, had to write SLO's and are responsible for all students in the classroom- just as regular education teachers are. The population Special Education teachers work with are expected to have more than one year's growth in a 10-month period and their performance is harder to predict.
Talk to a Special Ed teacher at the high school whose "performance" as a teacher is going to be measured on how well their students do on a NYS Regents exam. Special Education teachers have a lot to fear with any APPR agreement.If anything, Special Education teachers are at greater jeopardy for losing their jobs with any APPR agreement.

special ed said...

All Special Education Teachers, please vote no on APPR. less than1% of our budget being with held from the State. Small price to pay for what it will cost us personally in legal costs fighting unfair evaluations. We question all the shady moves of our Supt. We have no doubt that we could be his victim.

Special Ed. Teacher voting no to protect my job and my friends. Dishonest Supt. is why.

Klozman said...

Hello APPR...goodby tenure...fellow teachers, you pass this joke at your own peril. Those of you whom Acrevil targets can kiss your jobs adios. I say "joke" because although, in concept, APPR thrives in a perfect world, in fact, abuses by the powerful will flourish.

Solidarity please said...

A question for Maureen Garra (Armor)

Do you know the meaning of SOLIDARITY?

Mauree choose your side fast. You are either with us or against us .

Being on Steve Achramovitch (tainted supt.) you are against us. Solidarity is not how you should sign off. That is a farce.

Thanks News& Views and thanks watch dog.

Solidarity please said...

A question for Maureen Garra (Armor)

Do you know the meaning of SOLIDARITY?

Mauree choose your side fast. You are either with us or against us .

Being on Steve Achramovitch (tainted supt.) you are against us. Solidarity is not how you should sign off. That is a farce.

Thanks News& Views and thanks watch dog.

Klozman fan said...

Klozman you are so wise. A fan

Anonymous said...

Buffalo News reports this am

"District submits unapproved teacher plan to State". News reports a loss of $450,000. not the $750,000. that Achramovitch has given the public. This may seem a small mistake, but it is a just one of many. Not worth the risk to give him that much power, voting no.

What egg he will have on his face if this goes down.

Suggestion: if we don't pass appr this week, the clueless sb, should cut 3 administrative positions, that is the difference to the budget.

Anonymous said...

Special Ed Teacher voting no on APPR, too uncertain. I do my best, my outcomes are not predictable, I will be set up for failure. I love what I do. Too much power for someone to take this from me. Supt. may not like the color of my hair, my friends or family, my union involvement, my size or just about any rumor that a caddy individual manufactures or any lie a kid may tell Dr. Joan Calkins in her office. I will not risk any of this.

Achramovitch? said...

I believe if this goes down it will cost Steve Achramovitch his job. If not vote anyone who supports him out of office. Starting with Board Pres. Calkins, Diane Reynolds and Matt Dils, these are the members up for election this May. This sb needs a wake up call.

Anonymous said...

Appr scares me, we should not risk anything for that little money. On a 65 million dollar budget it is far less tha 1%. I am with those that suggest cutting administration to balance the budget, they have used us too long. Teachers give and administration takes. Achramo has only himself for our poor morale and lack of trust.

Dishonest man Acramovitch said...

listen to your colleague's, what is the most used adjective when mentioning Supt Steve Achramovitch name? Dishonest

If we pass APPR we will be putting our Teaching Careers in a dishonest mans hands. We will never get another job in teaching again. We will be handing him the tools to distroy anyone of us.

I suggest we google him and see all the legal trouble he has caused many a teacher in Greece/ Ken/Ton and here in Hamburg. It shocked me to.

He has the money (our tax dollars) we have only are own to fight him) Our Union to weak to take him on. This is the only opportunity for me to protect myself, VOTE NO ON APPR TO SAVE OURSELVES FROM STEVE ACHRAMOVITCH

senior teacher said...

My world could come crashing down by any administration that decides that I make to much money. I am a senior teacher and I couldn't agree more, I worked all these years to finally make a decent income and unfortunately I believe we will be giving administration the tools to balance our school budget with anyone who has had the fortunate opportunity to teach this long. We need to have a UNION attorney give an opinion. I feel we cannot affort to sign away TENURE. I don't trust administration with my final years in teaching.

Anonymous said...

too much tension for us everyday we teach, the supt. could give the directive to the house principal and the principal must obey because appr affects them to.

We should not give into him on appr. As mentioned here NYC and Yonkers no appr plan for them. That has been reported approx 1/2 the teachers in nys. They see the hand writing on the wall.

Anonymous said...


This is what we should be asking


If you don't trust him with your teaching career, than VOTE NO ON APPR.

If you trust him than vote YES ON APPR.

plain & simple.

I am voting no

no vote said...

450 K not worth my job or my friends. voting no. Stakes to high.

voting a resounding no

trust said...

message to Maureen Garra, you may be a nice woman, but that is not the issure. You have to realize that your personal agenda needs to be put aside. Now lets get back to what my message is really about. Marueen, could you live with another administration that possibly doesn't like your style, politics, who you supprot or don't support with the power to affect your teaching career. Or the career of one of your son's or daughter's. Do you place your trust in all administrations present and future (unknown) You need to realize that things change and it could be you or a loved one. Remember Steve Achramovitch has administgrators right where he wants them. He has a number of untenured administrators 5 or more that were forced to vote on their evaluation plan. Get real we need to think of now and the future. We do not trust the present administration and the future is uncertain. What I do know is that this Supt. has a hit list alreasdy, starting with top step teachers. Wants to replace them with a cheaper one.