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Monday, January 7, 2013

Acramovitch's five finger salute to the teachers union

According to a Monday January 7, 2013 Buffalo News article,  Hamburg Superintendent Achramovitch in an act of utter contempt for bona fide labor relations submitted the APPR plan to New York State Education last week before the teachers had the opportunity to vote on it.

It appears that Mr. Achramovitch has once again cocked a snook at the teachers union. 

In the Buffalo News article, the Superintendent is quoted as saying the following, 
“I don’t expect to have ineffective or developing teachers in Hamburg,” Achramovitch said. 
“I think we do very well. It’s not something I’ve been looking at as a termination process.”

If a termination process is not something you looked at Steve, why bring it up?

Here is a guy, who goes around labor law and submits a teacher evaluation plan to NYSED, and teachers are actually going to trust him with their jobs?  

There are plenty of examples in Hamburg, since Mr. Achramovitch arriving on the scene of labor laws, state laws and federal laws being violated.  You might recall an editorial that Mr. Achramovitch wrote to the Buffalo News, in which he opined that the violations of Open Meeting Laws in 2010 and 2011 were inadvertent, despite the New York State Supreme Court clearly finding direct violations. 

Inadvertent seems to be the Achramo-mantra.  
Let's look at other Achramo-dust-ups.

  1. Was it inadvertent that Mr. Achramovitch lied about a teacher which resulted in that teachers termination (and this was when he was an interim superintendent) ? 
  2. Was it inadvertent that Mr. Achramovitch directed the lay-off  of many clerk typists thereby violating civil service law? 
  3. Was it inadvertent that Mr. Achramovitch ordered the Gym Before Program, to replace teachers with videos?  
  4. Was it inadvertent that Mr. Achramovitch attempted to hire teacher department chairpersons in a method that directly violated the collective bargaining agreement? 
  5. Was it inadvertent that Mr. Achramovitch sent a teacher evaluation plan to NYSED that was not properly ratified by the teachers?
  6. Is it inadvertent that Mr. Achramovitch continues to squander taxpayer dollars in frivolous lawsuits, and continues to blow money into the wind defending Board Member Mr. Dils in his legal wranglings?

So Hamburg teachers, will it be inadvertent when Mr. Achramovitch sets out to destroy your career using the APPR as raison d'├¬tre?
Hamburg Teachers it is human nature to think, "that will never happen to me", but it is in your own self-interest to take a long look at the facts and the history of your superintendent.

So, the bottom line here is: 
Is Steven Achramovitch the kind of person you want working in Hamburg for the next 30 years?
That's what we need to ask.  
Mr. Achramovitch, what does your APPR plan look like?  
Based on the examples in this blog post, and there are many more, it appears that Mr. Achramovitch has exceeded his two years of ineffective.  

Isn't it time Joan and the Bored of Education that you wake up, and do the right thing?
Remember Joan, Mr. Achramovitch was not the choice of the committee to hire a new superintendent in 2010. In fact, it has been reported many times to Concerned, that no one on the superintendent search committee voted for Steve in the secret ballot set up by Mr. Donald Ogilve back in 2010.
  Remember Joan, Steve didn't even apply for the job until after the deadline.   
Joan and the Bored  of Education, it is time to do the right thing and liberate Hamburg Central Schools of the last two and a half years of an ineffective  Superintendent, and get back to the basics of teaching children.

Click the link to go to the article in the Buffalo News 

Hamburg teacher plan submitted to state for approval


Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

What is the scoop on the athletic director. Talk at HHS today is he got the pink slip.

Buffalo News Remark said...

The teachers would better offer if it got rejected. The district has 3700 students. They are getting 450K. According to the Mid-HUD report by SUNY New Paltz it is going to cost around $400 per student to implement the mandates under RTT. That means Hamburg is taking on approx. 1.5 million in mandates for 450K in funding. Taxpayers in Hamburg are going to be in for a rude awakening this May when the school board asks for the max. property increases under

steve the pathological liar said...

We all know it is going to cost us more than 4% increase in State Aid according to Achramo himself only $450,000. when it is going to cost over 1.5 to implement. Steve plans on laying off teacers, and hiring lawyers and consultants. Same vendors who use to sell text books now in the business of teacher evaluations. A whole new industry is being created to steal more from our classroom.

Yes the blogger is right and Steve & Joan do have a hit list of teachers they want eliminated, starting with top steppers.

There is a story on Whitman, Supt, pissed gymba before went down, and greg didn;t stop it. Made Ass hole Supt. look bad. He is next on Achramo hit list. Achramo is manufacturing shit on him as he does with many in this district. Whether you like Greg or not is not the issue. Steve has a habit of misrepresenting the truth. He says whatever it takes for him to get his way with the bored of education.

Anonymous said...

If the teachers vote yes on this, they are screwing themselves as it will never get better in Hamburg. This is your opportunity to take back some control. Someone Who Cares

Anonymous said...

Did anyone get a phone call today from the PTA urging you to go to the Board Meeting on Tuesday. I was told the teachers are getting screwed. My husband will be there are ready to speak on this issue. What are they doing in Hamburg?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Steve and Joan shouldve been watchin the shop instead of spending all their time and resources trying to get Sally Stephenson to lose the election...and then spending my tax dollars suing private citizens. Steve is a child. We need a vote of no confidence brought against the steve. HE MUST GO!