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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Au Contraire Monsieur Achramovitch

Concerned is Concerned.

According Sunday's Buffalo News, Mr. Achramovitch is scrambling for another try at an agreement with the Hamburg Teachers.  The News reports (link below), that the first Mr. Achramovitch knew of the teacher's discontent with the appeals process component of the dead APPR plan was when he picked up the Saturday edition of the News and read the wise words of the Hamburg Teachers' Association representative.  

This is simply, untrue.  

Mr. Achramovitch was very well away of the teachers' concerns about the appeal process as he was informed by a member of the board at the emergency meeting on Friday evening.  Mr. Achramovitch also states that a vote was never pursued by the teachers.  This statement is in typical Achramofashion- misleading.  The teachers in Hamburg were one of the first to have an APPR plan. The plan was voted on by teachers in January 2012, and was set to expire on June 30, 2012~after the school year ended.  The teachers on the APPR committee on many occasions attempted to meet with the district, but the district personnel director, Dr. Rick Jetter and Mr. Achramovitch  refused to give teachers release time to meet and hash out an new plan.  The district's delay tactics went on for several months. The picture Mr. Achramovitch paints is simply, untrue.   Upon learning of the teacher's overwhelmingly voting down the APPR plan, Bored of Education Vice President Thomas Flynn III uttered, "shame on the HTA".  And Doctor Joan Calkins made threats to punish the teachers. 

The district has now resorted to fearmongering in an attempt to bully the teachers into submission. 

The district refused to meet or provide time for the HTA to meet.  Many teachers believe this was intentional, and as result lost faith in the process and the plan.

Having heard from many teachers over the last several days, it needs to be stated that there are many other objections the teachers have about the dead APPR plan.  Several teachers wrote, that it was not the appeals process on its face that troubled them, it was Steve Achramovitch.  

It seems there is growing discontent about the Superintendent amongst the teachers and the staff in Hamburg Central Schools. 

One teacher said, " I have never voted for any HTA measure, I just pay my dues, come to work, teacher kids, coach after school and go home.  I love my job, I have been in Hamburg for almost two decades".  This teacher went on to say, "I voted NO, because I do not trust Steve. I talked to my coaching associates in Kenmore, and a friend in Greece, and Steve is not a good fit for Hamburg. So, I voted NO, and I know many of my co-workers did also."

The Hamburg community must be informed that the teacher's resounding vote of No on APPR is a reflection of their discontent for Steve Achramovitch, and also a reflection of their collective concern about the future of education.   

Hamburg Teachers have an observation and evaluation model. It has been in place for many years, and has been extremely effective.  

The community must understand that the expense of implementing the provisions of the APPR plan have been estimated at an approximate $1-1.5 million dollars, and because the teachers voted NO on APPR Hamburg will NOT incur this expense.  


Buffalo News Sunday January 13, 2013~ click link.


Anonymous said...


HTA diversion of funds said...

Who have I been paying my Union dues to Steve Achramovitch?

Anonymous said...

We can always count on armor to slavishly follow the districs orders... Can't they be thier own union.

Anonymous said...

, appeals portion horrible and a set up by Steve Achramovitch to not allow us to have a fair honest hearing. He is in control of the whole process and he is
the deciding and final vote to terminate our teaching careers. We cannot have him involved in the process. He is not to be trusted with any part of our appeals process. We have other issues with this confusing mess. Many mistakes in it, no curriculum to be given. Supt. has not demonstrated that he was even close to be negotiating in good faith.

No Vote and No TRUST. I will vote no as long as we have STEVE ACHRAMOVITCH as our untruthful leader.

Anonymous said...

Our Union Leaders need to be open withus and not meet in SECRET. Our leadership has no input form us HTA colllective. How far off do you have to be operating is secret is completely unacceptable. Overwhelmingly we have told the school district and the union leadership this is a completely unacceptable defeated plan and a unacceptable appeals process that we want Steve Achramovitch to have no hand in anyone of our appeals. Special Ed. you need to be especially concerned. Can Special Ed. figure any of this out? Good luck, Steve can interpert as he so chooses.

Beware the wolf in sheep's clothes///Steve Achramovitch

Anonymous said...

FYI the media is for a day,

the appr and appeals proposal is forever. The got ya piece Steve wants and covets appeals process. We will be at Steve's mercy and he has a history of screwing good teachers.

stay strong, and suggest they cut 3 administrative positions and stop all the stipends they hand out to friends.

Anonymous said...

Steve justifies cutting teachers but not administrators. One threat from Supt. and we file PERB charges against the Supt.

stand up to steve said...

Contract Comm. we will revolt if you continue to allow steve to interfere in our union business. Remember Steve is management and we are labor. We sit on opposite sides of the table.

We have been told that Steve achramovitch has set our union schedule or agendas for our contract committee tomorrow 1/14. Steve is running all meetings all day. Remember he will appear willing to help .Steve is only decent when he wants something and, when he gets what he wants he will spit in our collective face.

We are strong, our leadership is weak and we will start a petition of no confidence in our Union Leadership if you go against our Collective vote on Friday 1/11/13

Anonymous said...

Balance achramo's budget with administrator cuts/

Anonymous said...

Hey Joan,

At the special board meeting on Friday Sally told Steve that the teachers dont trust him. You responded, "and they trust you Sally?" Um, Joan, are you aware that the teachers endorsed Sally in the last Board of Edu. election? The same election that she placed 1st in and you placed
3rd in. So, I guess, yes the teachers do trust her, and a hell of a lot more than they trust you. YOU get your facts straight. You are an out of touch wack job.

new sb members needed said...

I will do my part in electing 3 new candidates to the school board this May. If everyone gets on board, with our families, neighbors and friends we can turn any supporters of the Supt. out of office. Steve has demonstrated that he has caused a wide gap on acceptable relations with the HTA. We need a vote of no confidence again. Let us stay together for another vote. We need to send a strong message to this school board on Steve. Meanwhile we have an election in May and we can turn this board around. Solidarity.

No Vote said...

The most important ????

Do you trust Steven Achramovitch with you teaching careers?

Has Steven Achramovitch demonstrated that he can be above board and trusted?

If NO than we need to send Steven Achramovitch a message.

If you feel powerless against this man, you have the power and the secrecy to stand up to Mr Achramovitch with a NO VOTE!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To contract committee,

we voted no on the appr proposal, we need to say no to Steve. Steve's job is on the line and as we all know there is a consenus that he is dishonest, not to be trusted.

I voted NO, and my contract committee better honor the 75% of us who voted in a fair process to tell him no. He cannot work with us.

We gave Steve a pilot appr, a half step freeze, we received nothing in return, but broken promises and lies. He promised us that if we gave up our one half $$$ step , he wouldn't make any teacher lay offs. Guess what he did? He went back on his word and layed off our teachers anyway. Now He wants us to trust him. Steve leaves out an important part of the proposed contract intentially and we almost didn' catch it. He was exposed and then in typical Steve style (teflon man) he blames our HTA Pres. We must stand strong in solidarity against Steven Achramovitch,