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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Concerned recently learned that the Hamburg Teachers Association general meeting today resulted in the teacher vote on APPR being postponed until Friday January 11, 2013.  
It was reported that the glaring errors and inconsistencies in the proposed document caused chaos as teachers clamored for the floor to ask questions seeking clarity on the APPR plan.

As was reported the meeting was a pure disaster with teachers leaving after several hours with more questions than answers. One teacher reported, "even the over seasoned Mark Jurenovitch, Labor Relations Representative from NYSUT was stumped by many questions by the teachers.  Jurenovitch attended the meeting with back up from NYSUT as it was clear he was not well versed in APPR."

Another teacher wrote to us and expressed deep concern that the union is without strong leadership. President John Mrozek said little to nothing, while Maureen Garra attempted to give a presentation with a broken projector and NO handouts.  Both would have received a rating of ineffective if one were to apply the APPR they were attempting to sell. Garra actually stated in her opening remarks that NYSUT thoroughly reviewed the APPR document, so, one teacher commented, why all the errors?  Another attendee stated, President Mrozek will not be subjected to APPR because he is not a teacher. An honourable person who is not impacted by APPR would graciously abstain from voting.  But then again, honour, honesty and transparency are lacking in the Hamburg School District.  This observation is best summed up in a pearl of wisdom from a recent blog comment regarding Superintendent Achramovitch,

The commenter wrote, "essentially what you have here is an opportunity for a no confidence vote. APPR is the law and the district will have to implement it sooner or later. But wouldn't you feel much better about it if you had a superintendent with integrity and honesty, one that you knew was a true educator at heart and would always have your back. 

Put it this way: If this does not get passed; Achramo will likely be let go. Same with the budget. Getting referendums passed is usually part of a super's performance review. Those who cannot get initiatives like this approved, do not keep their jobs. Hamburg will likely have to buy out his newly extended contract, unless the boe finds their spine and terminates him for cause. There's ample evidence for it.

So the question now is whether Hamburg teachers will take this opportunity to use their vote to usher out the super. You may not get another chance at this."

Teachers this is your chance to step up and make real change or stay seated and regret your inertia for years to come. 


Anonymous said...

Putting my lively hood and professional teaching career in Steve Achramovitch's hands is like giving Maddoff all my savings. It is a very bad deal for all teachers. Turn this down, appeals process is no process at all. Steve is in control of the whole appeals process. He holds all the cards, tell him no on Friday and send this bastard packing.

Steve cannot wait to get started, this is his new deal in balancing the budget.

due perocess elimination said...

appeals segment of this appr proposal is stacked against us.

How in the world did we get here? Steve just slipped this appeals portion in, without our HTA knowledge or review. Thanks for catching it. This was a SLY move on the Supt. part. I don't think that this was an oversight on Unions part, I believe that it was a cold calculating move on behalf of Steve Achramovitch. Appeals segment has the completion date of 1/3/13 for the appeals process. The Supt. was making it up as he went along. Supt. knew if we reviewed this unfair appeals process teachers would be up in arms and we are. Do not trust the Supt. after this latest stunt. I didn't trust him before, but for those who seem to think all is well with him, you need to stand up and take notice. Vote no this appeal process it is a bad deal for every teacher in this district. We have the power to do this and stop Steve Achramovitch dead in his sly tracks; if we pass this we will be signing all our rights of defending ourselves in an unfair or targeted elimination process over to Steve. Achramovitch is in control of the entire process. The Supt. was way over the top in trying to trick us into voting on an incomplete document, keeping one of the most important pieces from our HTA and all of us teachers. He is stripping us of our Due Process!!!!

Anonymous said...

Our Teachers need to be in the WIN column on this one. It is the death of a fair appeal on a wrongful termination. All our rights are stripped with Steve Achramovitich's Plan. We actually have no appeal what so ever.

He is the Judge and the Jury. We are stripped of all our rights. Yes this was a sneeky sly move on the Supt. part to keep this from us in hopes we wouldn't notice. Well we did I will be voting no just on this item alone.

deception of Achramo said...

Supt. Achranovitch, cold and calculating.

. intentionally by passed our appr committee, and told the artical V11 committee ( curriculum committee ) to finish the appr process that the volunteer contract commttee worked on for the past year and half.

Why do I refer to this as cold and calculating. He denied the contract committee time off (half day or two half days) to complete the final appr proposal, he than gave it to our artical V11 commitee, which was brought in new to a process that had been developing for the past 1 and half
years . Artical V11 committee basically novices to the appr document process, remember they are responsible for the curriculum piece (we are not getting the curriculum that the Supt. promised) Supt. keeps the appeals process from ArticleV11 comm & appr committee in order to get this appr proposal passed.

Hta members start to ask for the appeals part of the document. The appeals process isn;t there. The Supt. was fully aware that the HTA was voting on an incomplete document. Imagine in the final stages he kicks the appr comm to the road and directs Acticle V11 committee to come in basically cold and finish the process in less than 2 weeks. The two committees did their part, the supt. in a bold move tried to contrive a way to keep this most important appeals process from our membership. He didn't want the right hand knowing what the left hand was doing. Steve Achramovitch wanted to cause last minute chaos and confusion in hopes that no would discover his well thought out deception. This is a gamble for steve and he was busted. Please examine the appeals process well, at any time for any administration this will hang over us forever, we will never be able to negotiate that language out of our contract. It is a win win for Steve Achramovitch and a lose lose for all teachers. Appr is a costly plan to implement and to maintain As warned by my district wide supt's as well as professional education journels are warning that appr is inadequately funded and many school districts will have to make drastic cuts to the classroom especially the special subject areas, namely music ,art guidance, tech, guidance, social workers. Where are we, I am voting no to possibly save my job from a Supt. who has demonstrated that he is not above board on this process.

Anonymous said...

We must win this war. This $450,000. is nothing to what it going to cost to maintain and implement this process.. As calculated by (the center for research, regional education and outreach State University of NY at New Platz) Their Numbers $400. per student " the cost to implement RTTT mandates well exceed the funding...In six Rockland County districts, leaders projected a total four-year cost of almost $11 million. This compares with an aggregate revenue of about $400K in race to the top funding- a$10 million deficit representing an increase in average per pupil spending for this single initiative of nearly $400.00 per student.

Same throughout the State. We are already told that the important curriculum that is in the proposed appr agreement will not be purchased by the district. The supt assured us at one point that we would have it. I can assume there is no funding for this important part of appr. A lot not in place on this, the appeals process is a bad deal for all educators. Why all the dirty tricks by Achramovitch and administration.WHERE IS THIS CLUELESS school bored, why do they allow him to do this to our school district. Our morale has tanked because of him. More on to him now. Thanks you to (Watch Dog) and all the documents to back up what we have learned from Watch Dog.

Anonymous said...

All teachers will become powerless to defend themselfs against the tools we will be giving Steve Achramovitch to target our teaching positions. He is a known liar, creates events as it suits him to get his way. Way too risky for me to give him the weapons without us having any defense to protect ourselves.

Anonymous said...

If we vote this down it is because of Steve Achramovitch. It wil cost him his job here. Give him the pink slip and vote no tomorrow.