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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hamburg Teachers receive applause from Internationally Recognized Education Expert Diane Ravitch

Hamburg Central School Teachers your strength and resolve to say no to APPR and stand up to the bullying of Steven Achramovitch has been recognized across the United States. 

Diane Ravitch is Research Professor of Education at New York University and a historian of education.  Dr. Ravitch was former Assistant Secretary of Education under President G.H.W. Bush, and appointed to many senior posts in education by former President Clinton.

Dr. Ravitch recognized Hamburg Teachers in a blog post on January 12, 2013.  
Dr. Ravitch's post reads,  
 Kudos to the teachers of Hamburg Central School District
"When teachers stand together and refuse to be bullied by the powerful, they deserve our commendation.

The teachers in the Hamburg Central School District in New York voted overwhelmingly to reject a bad deal on teacher evaluation. In the plan at issue, the school superintendent would have been the sole arbiter on any appeals of a teacher’s rating. The teachers held out for an independent arbiter. They voted 217-82 not to accept the deal. 

They will be hammered and told that they are costing the district $450,000 in Race to the Top funds, but they know not a penny of that money may be spent to reduce class size or hire social workers or guidance counselors or librarians or anything else that would meet the needs of students. 

They also know that New York State has an untried evaluation system designed by AIR, whose researchers warned that value-added methods are not ready for high-stakes uses, such as determining the fate of teachers.

Someday in the future, people will look back on this era of teacher-bashing, this insatiable thirst for metrics, and wonder if our society succumbed to collective madness.

Thank you for your courage, teachers of Central Hamburg.
Stay strong. Your colleagues support you."

Click here to go to Dr. Ravitch's  blog


Anonymous said...

I wonder what Lucy Calkins has to say about this???

Anonymous said...

Professional educators warning of the risk of RTT (appr. stay stront the Supt. will start to strong arm us next.

I will vote No on anything as long as Steve Achramovitch is Supt. here. NO!!!!No!!!!!no!!!!!

to Supt Steve Achramovtich a dishonest individual)

high priced experiment said...

AIR is a private contracting comp, designing and selling programs to school districts to evaluate teachers. Multi Million dollar industry, where tax dollars are taken from the students programs and classrooms and put into high priced experiment in evaluation of teachers.

Klozman said...

Achravenge will now shift into warp drive to exact reprisals and vengeance against those who led the opposition to thwart his craving for total dictatorship. "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead". "Now is the time for all good men..." and women to tighten the screws by pressuring that sad excuse of a school board (minus Sally) to rid our ranks of this conniving sleazebag. Failure is not an option.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Achramovitch:

A riddle for you:

How do you know when you have pushed a group of thoughtful, giving, hardworking, intelligent people to far?

Anonymous said...

HTA Leadershiip;

unless we get just what we deserve in the appeals process (a fair process), just walk away.

WHAT WE WANT & DEMAND, is a fair process, not that garbage that the Supt. tried to trick us into voting on.

1. appeals committee to consist of 2 teachers chosen by the teacher who is being judged for termination, 2 administrators (not an administrator who evaluated the teacher) and an impartial arbitrator agreed to by the accused teacher, (to break a tie vote if one exists). School district to pay all fees incurred in this process.

Supt is not to in any way be factored into the appeals process. Supt.. isn't to run any interference otherwise the teacher being judged is given a pass.

Anonymous said...

HTA do not undermine our vote of No on this appr proposal. We said No; HTA leaders better respect our vote.

Anonymous said...

Something magical has happened here. We have told steve Achramovitch no. Thanks HTA Members.

Anonymous said...

Do not meet with the Supt., we have given him our answer. No to all his devious designs on our teaching careers.

Achramo hit lists now his toilet paper said...

What is dishonest Steve Achramovitch up to now?

What is achramo doing with his hit lists? I hear he is using them for his toilet paper now? Watch out for his dirty sly moves.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen an updated article in the Buffalo News that has Achram saying the opposite of what Chris said: it is all on the teachers who did not meet and he had no idea that the teachers were concerned about the appeals process. WHAT???? And Mrozek can't be reached for comment??? Really????

Anonymous said...

Our lack of an APPR plan has made national news- and our union leader can't even answer the phone to respond to questions from The Buffalo News?! This WAS NOT the time to play shy with the press. Once again Achramovitch put his spin on the APPR story, naming us as the guilty parties- stating that he never refused to meet and didn't know that the Appeals plan was ever an issue. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! We need to get some new union leadership- someone who will actually stand up for the HTA, NOT HIDE!!!

Anonymous said...

AND as he has Harris Beach monitoring this blog, there is absolutely NO WAY he wasn't aware that the Appeals plan was a huge sticking point in getting the APPR plan passed!

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of ok with John turning his phone off. Its over. Besides we (the HTA) have a corresponding secretary that can MORE THAN handle corresponding with the news.

Anonymous said...

Let me say "it is not over". The majority of the Hamburg Community reads the news, not this blog, and what they read was a very one-sided presentation of the "facts" per Achramovitch. If the public isn't provided with ACCURATE information, they have no other choice but to believe the inaccuracies of the Superintendent. John should have answered the phone and told the news to forward all questions to the corresponding secretary. No action is unacceptable.

NYC KATE said...

LUCY CALKINS THE WORST EDU-HATER ON THE PLANET IS SISTERS WITH JOAN THE PRES OF TE BORED. LUCY IS making millions off of writers workshop, which teaches students to write about themselves. A Narcissistic approach from the queen narcissist. Joan is a teacher hater. Neither calkins have any business being near education. Lucy will make millions with common core and APPR. Of course, her sister Joan can't even control the teachers in her district. Joan you will be defeated bad in may....go away and stop with your threats.

Anonymous said...