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Monday, January 21, 2013

Nero Fiddled while Rome was burning

Achramovitch and the Hamburg Schools Bored of Education

According to the letter on the District web page, the Hamburg Teachers Association and the Hamburg School District reached a "initial tentative agreement" on June 12, 2012.  According to union sources, this is simply another "fib" told by the author of the District memo.  

Let us exam what was on the mind of Mr. Steven Achramovitch on June 12, 2012.  
As readers may recall, June 12, 2012 was a Tuesday, and a regularly scheduled Bored of Education meeting.  
Concerned has provided pictures of the June 12, 2012 Bored of Education minutes where the 
BOE voted to extend the contract of Mr. Steven Achramovitch.

Please note at the bottom of the page next to Superintendent's contract. 

Click here to be directed to the minutes as published on the District web page.

A simple review of the Bored of Education minutes will tell you, that there was no discussion of APPR  on June 12, 2012.  It seems mighty odd that a Superintendent who was having his contracted voted on for an extention didn't plump up his feathers by telling the BOE look what I have done- a new APPR agreement.  If in fact an tentative agreement were reached on June 12, 2012, there is no record of it.  

If you look at some of the other preoccupations at the June 12, 2012 Bored of Education meeting, you will recall that Concerned reported the presence of Dick Sullivan and Marnie Smith the Harris Beach duo. It seems clear now, the executive session that evening was likely regarding the extension of the Achramo-contract and a lengthy discussion on the lawsuit the district would file a few short days after the June 12, 2012 Bored of Education meeting. 

So as you can see, Mr. Achramovitch's attention has not been on APPR.  Despite what he says, one need only to review the Bored of Education minutes on the district web page to see that APPR had not been discussed with the Bored of Education since January 10, 2012.  
On January 10, 2012, the BOE voted to amend the APPR they vote on November 8, 2011.  The APPR plan the BOE voted had not been approved by the teachers- Achramovitch attempted to pull a fast one on the Bored of Education.  The HTA did not vote on the "pilot" APPR plan until January 12, 2012.

The Bored of Education is so out of whack with reality, it had no idea they voted on an APPR agreement before the teachers had a chance to look at it or have the union vote on it. The Bored would not have known they voted illegally on APPR had it not been for a teacher who signed in to advise the seven member body of  this simple fact at the December 13, 2012 Bored of Education meeting. (See Bored Minutes October-January 2011-12 on district web page)

Since January 10, 2012, there was no mention of APPR in Superintendent updates, nor during any discussion on the school budget.  

Surely if $450,000 where hanging in the wind, APPR should have been a central topic of discussion? 

The Bored has been duped by Steve Achramovitch.  

So, what happened with APPR between January 2012-December 2012? 
Concerned has been told through multiple emails that the teachers did try to meet with Mr. Achramovitch and Mr. Jetter, and they simply refused.

The Bored of Education must launch an investigation into this matter.  
It appears that Steve was more concerned about extending his contract before a new Bored of Education was seated July1, 2012, and to commence a lawsuit against innocent parties in a hope against hope to line his own pockets.  

At the June 12, 2012 Bored of Education member-elect Stevenson told Mr. Achramovitch that he is not liked in Hamburg.


If the Bored of Education does not act to remove Mr. Achramovitch as Superintendent of Hamburg Central Schools, perhaps a mindful caring citizen will take issue with the malfeasance and file a claim with the NYSED Commissioner for Mr. Achramovitch's removal,  and revocation of his NYSED certifications.

Click on the video, and fast forward to approximately 28 minutes to hear the last time APPR was discussed with the Bored of Education before January 3, 2013.
Mr. Achramovitch and Mr. Davis both fail to mention that the BOE had to vote again, because they violated the law the first time in November 2011.


snake oil said...

Looks like Steve is caught again trying to spin a tale of deception. Greece warned Hamburg, he never carries anything through. I blame him alone, Jetter just follows. Steve is to lead and Achramo cannot lead,we do not trust this man who sells snake oil.

Anonymous said...

NICE WORK CONCERNED!!! Let me see if i understand. Steven achramovitch and our board of education do have priorities and they seem to be attending to their priorities (getting themselves paid, suing people and getting paid) but they have the WRONG PRIORITIES. So wrong that one might even say they should be ashamed of themselves...... if they were capable of doing so and less entitled.

Anonymous said...

Nice Work Concerned!! Let me see if I understand. Steven Achramovitch and the Board Of Education at Hamburg Central School District does have priorities! And, they seem to be attending to their priorities (getting paid, and suing people then getting paid). But they have the WRONG PRIORITIES. So wrong that one might even say that they should be ashamed of themselves ...... if they were capable of doing so and less entitled.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I see a note in the minutes under the HTA president's section where APPR is mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Anony: all meeetings video taped, not an item the board discussed at school board meetings. Steve's last minute plan (tricks) imploded.

CANCER said...

Vote against him would be more like 98% of staff and teachers want him gone. Reason for low morale in our schools. Steve is a cancer here

Anonymous said...

Mr. Davis played both sides and everyone. He had one goal – to do whatever it took to get the money for himself. Yes. He lied. He made a career of it. He hired Colleen Kaney who broke the law and threatened our teachers. Mr. Davis had his hand in everything that is now a mess. He was Joanie’s boy and Steve’s boy and Osborne’s boy. He played people like a fiddle. Where is Mr. Davis now? Rolling in your cash and out sight enjoying retirement on his fat cat pension from Hamburg. He’s another Hamburglar!

vote on steve, no said...

Give a vote to prove our point 98% want him gone. Don't believe us, have a secret ballot in all 6 buildings, just for good measure put one in administrative building. Even Armor

patience said...

be patient everyone, be patient

Anonymous said...

Never trusted Greg, you have him pegged, slick played everyone. Kiss ass

district entitlements said...

entitled, that is what this district is all about. Sipprell,kaney, too much we are sick of it.

Anonymous said...

To Patience at 10:07:
Sounds like you know something. Care to share?

vote said...

poor leadership, distrust, threats, and the sb that supports this supt. times are changing & so will this sb reynolds///no/calkins//no//no show dils/no this = a new supt.

be patient we have the vote 98% against dishonest steve. that means 3 of our pro education candidates. stay strong against the bully achramovitch show them.

Anonymous said...

watch dog update?

alum teacher parent said...

concerned group, Achramovitch making his rounds again in the school buildings, we cringe when we saw him today at UPES also popped into the hs. same reaction. What is described as remaking of the MAN ACHRAMOVITVCH., SORRY WE cannot work for him or with HIM. The vote was mainly against Achramovitch, we don't trust this dishonest supt. We want him gone and anyone who shores him up. We sent out school board a strong message we want him gone. Our input on the Monday after the 1/11 vote #1 reason why appr defeated Steve Achramovitch we don't trust.

Hamburg parents,teacher & alum, our families feel the same here.


Can Steve and let him sue the sd with his own coin. We want him gone and we will upset his balance in power this May for sure. We are fired up and we will shove it to all his supporters. Flynn we'd love it if you were up this year. Dull fLYNN

sue the dist. steve said...

Steve can come to all 6 of our schools we will not buy anything he sells. We will no buy anything from a "dishonest salesman."

He is only trying to save his ass. Just think Harris Beach law firm, Steve is their best client with our tax dollars, cannot represent him, they will be representing the district against Steve if or when we can him and he sues the district. He deserves everything he has dealt out to some very good people, who happen to be friends of many of us. We are not forgiving. Once a cheat always a cheat, once a liar always a liar. Get rid of this bastard, we will give him nothing.

Scum I say, Scum said...

Someone should drag G Kerrs ass back to Hamburg and make him answer some questions. He told a group of non-tenured teachers, "I give you life" . Typical evangelical creep, preaching the word of God, and pretended to have the cloak of morality...but cheating on his wife sons and daughter with a woman in central office. Exactly 3 years ago, the hormones were raging on Abbott Road. How funny was in when Gordon called the News and had an article put in about himself going away to be a CEO for a half year. Bahhhhhaaahhhaaa, he was caught with his trousers down. And didnt Joaner call him, " a man of God'. Colleen Kaney should have her ass dragged in front of an investigator and she should be fired from the district asap. I heard she and Gordon had their pillow talk to get rid of a few teachers so Colleens cousin Erin could get a job in Hamburg. But, they the love affair was discovered. The filth and scum runs deep in Hamburg. Anyone know what Joans mother covered up when she was on the BOE??? I heard all kinds of Armor dirt involving none other than OZ. And Gregg Davis' ex wife collected a huge Hamburg payout. Was Gregg getting shut up money? Scum.