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Friday, January 11, 2013

Vote of No Confidence in Steve Achramovitch APPR WENT DOWN IN FLAMES

Hamburg teachers voted down the proposed APPR plan after a day long vote in each of the districts 6 buildings.  

299 teachers voted  
217 voted NO on the plan, 
 82 voted YES.  

The teachers distrust of Superintendent Achramovitch came through loud and clear.
This was not a close vote.   

The teachers in Hamburg cast an overwhelming vote of no confidence in Steve Achramovitch.  
It appears the only ones who have                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        trust in Steve are a few members of the Bored of Education.  

Dr. Calkins take off your blinders.                                        


Klozman said...

Achrappall has no intention of resigning so it now becomes the responsibility of the current conglomerate of sycophantic pansies (with the exception of Sally Stephenson),who would have us believe that they are a viable, legitimate body, to finally demonstrate a modicum of respectability and throw the bum out. His totally questionable misappropriation of taxpayer money not only to silence those who have exposed his lies but also to solidify his own pathetic, self-serving agenda, belongs in the vilest arena of the nether world.

Time wounds all heels.

Anonymous said...

I was beyond thrilled that APPR was voted down as resoundingly as it was. Come on HTA, let's keep the momentum shifting in our direction!

showed him said...

Klozman, we all agree with you, we not only defeated this pathetic measure, and a sham of an appeals process. We stomped on this Dishonest Supt. It was definately a vote of no confidence in the Supt. We hate steve and everything he has done in this district. Supt. & Dr. Calkins will now threaten jobs. Why in hell would anyone of any financially responsible organization , budget $$ on a maybe, he never had the funds, why didn't the school districts auditors ?

A fan

showed him said...

Klozman, we all agree with you, we not only defeated this pathetic measure, and a sham of an appeals process. We stomped on this Dishonest Supt. It was definately a vote of no confidence in the Supt. We hate steve and everything he has done in this district. Supt. & Dr. Calkins will now threaten jobs. Why in hell would anyone of any financially responsible organization , budget $$ on a maybe, he never had the funds, why didn't the school districts auditors ?

A fan

solidarty said...

Achramovitch has lied to the sb:

, as a volunteer on the appr committee, WE BEGGED The Supt. all summer long to meet with us, he would not make himself available. He has his misinformed sb member anti union, anti teacher Tom Flynn believing that we "the teachers sat on this from June on'. This is untrue and further demonstrates how untruth the supt. is. We have all our emails to show how much he has lied to his school board. Tom Flynn and rest of sb, this measure went down because of your Supt. Dishonest to the core Steve Achramovitch, we have sent this sb a strong message this is a vote of no confidence in the dishonest leadership of STEVE ACHRAMOVITCH, Flynn get your head out of your ass and stop believing the filthy lies that this supt has spread, One more thing, our Pres and V Pres won't meet with Steve alone, we have his fuc*ing language that he has screamed at them and degraded Jonh many a times.NYSUT rep. was there for the whole blow out on our HTA leaders. John & Peg we are sorry you had to endure this from Steve Achramovitch.
Solidarity Teachers

Anonymous said...

A vote of no confidence if I ever saw it!

steve misrepresenting the facts said...

Vote for honest, fair and reasonable treatment of our school community. The message to the deceived school board is we were not foolish to place any of our teaching careers in a dishonest supt's control.

Fact, appr comm has all the correspondance to demonstrate the lack of willingness Steve had to meet with the appr comm, from June on. Steve Achramovitch is looking for a scape goat for his inability to do his job.He waited until Dec. before he agreeded to sit down with us. The obstructionist is Steve Achramovitch. We worked many hours as volunteers, Steve didn't treat our teachers well. Appeals process was a set up by Steve to get teachers, Unfair to all teachers.





Anonymous said...

73% against Supt.Steve Achramovitch,
ethics in education poll was on the money 75% no. School board should be given a time line to show the school board that what Achramo is spreading has no validity to it. STEVE'S REFUSAL TO MEET WITH OUR COMMITTEE is the reason this came off this late in Jan. He lies and tells a different story though.

This is just another example of his deception to sb members & the community.

no,no, no to steve said...

Hta Pres. John,

We (HTA) members have sent you a strong message, we are overwhelming against this plan. John sign nothing, you represent us and we have voted a resounding NO!!!!!

we do not want this plan or steve achramovitch

severe blow back said...

Steve Achramovitch's morale fiber is so deeply flawed, he cannot accept the fact that his dirty tricks and blaming HTA for the late date of completion, was all due to steve's cock sure attitude of pusing this to the 11th hour. Steve's fearmonging with our HTA & comm gave steve sever blow back. This blow back was a vote of no confidence for steve achramovitch.

kudos said...

FYI//// every building except one overwhelmingly voted against steve except one, and that was close.\\\\\\

Anonymous said...

Hopefully someone will publish an editorial in the sun. Taxpayers are unaware of went on. All they will see is that the teachers voted no to being evaluated and lost their kids much needed money.

Anonymous said...

Teachers are and have been evaluated each and every year. Teachers have an evaluation plan in place in their contract. It is a good plan and costs the school district very little to implement.

Anonymous said...

First, thank you for the NO vote! Second, very good article in today's Buffalo News telling it like it is! Someone who cares.

Anonymous said...

The APPEALS piece of the appr rejected proposal is a template of HARRIS BEACH law firm. Same law firm crafted Achramovitch's contract.

Read the language carefully

"the absense of a determination shall be deemed a denial of the appeal" Steve could simply ignore us and we would be deemed guilty as charged. Remember 60% of the appr evaluation is opinion, not measureable. Supt. doesn't like youhe will simply deny you of your rights by simply deny you an"absense of a determiniation" thus NO APPEAL.

or the Supt. "could convene an appr review panel will consist of 2 teacher and 2 administrators as chosen by the supt." let us examine this

1st the supt just gave you "absense of a determination shall be deemed a denial of the appeal"

2nd the Supt. now is to determine your fate with- 2 teachers and- 2 administrators of his choosing (his control over) In the event of a tie the SUPT> breaks the tie.

3rd "the decision of the Supt. shall be final and binding on all parties. It should not be subject to any FURTHER APPEAL through any other process including a grievance or arbitration contained within the collective bargining agreement".

4th "unit members may not resort to any other grievance or arbritration procedures contained with the collective bargining agreement or to any administrative or judical forum for the resolution of challenges and appeal to the appr or teacher improvement plan".

Anonymous said...

The entire school board is deceiving themselves, if they contemplate for one second that this was not a vote against Steve Achramovitch 75% or us teachers sent Steve Achramovitch a resounding vote of no because of him. He has lied to our school board, he was the monstor that refused to mmet with our volunteer appr committee, until the middle of Dec. He played his power games with our committee. We understand that he has told our school board that we refused to meet with him from June on"we sat on it" as a sb member stated. Well Mr. Flynn you have it all wrong////Your Supt. sat on it and played political games with our appr committee. He is lying to all of you. Next time ask us with Steve in the room and see if he tells the same story. Oh and by the way Mr. Flynn you should observe how he uses four letter words at our Pres and V Pres. Our Union Leadership doesn't deserve this. We have sent you a resounding NO to a dishonest Supt. This was a vote on a horrible appeals document that would have stoned walled all of usteachers. Anyone would have to be a complete moran to not see through all of his crap.

We voted no on this proposal because it was seriously flawed, but most of all it was a vote against STEVE ACHRAMOVITCH. He cannot lead us or this district, we have been treated badly by him, he has lied to us and about us and most importantly he has lied to a school board that makes decisions based on Steve Achramovitch lies. This is a seriously flawed school board.

Anonymous said...


we have the power to get behind two candidates who we trust to defeat any school board members who support this apparent dishonest Supt. We placed our trust in 2 candidates this past May. We were successful in having one of the two candidates elected #1 out of eight candidates, the second candidate lost by a small # of votes to Dr. Calkins. Dr. Calkins is a strong supporter of Steve Achramovitch, she apparently didn't review the appr document. Right now we will place our trust in 3 candidates that will unseat this dishonest Supt. We trust our endorced and elected school board member.

Dr. Calkins is up for election this past May, she is Steve's lacky.
Diane Reynolds
Matt Dils

Achramo's deception said...

Dr. Calkins doesn't appear to have the time to really look at the appr proposal (rejected), she apparently relies only on what the sly Supt. lets her in on. He has manipulated her with his cunning and sociopathic charming ways.

Anonymous said...

Diane Ravitch thanks Hamburg teachers for standing up!

national attn. said...

HTA , our decision to turn down appr is drawing national attention. Diane Ravitch is a profesor at NYU and the former asst sec. of education under Pres. Bill Clinton & Pres. George Bush Sr. On her blog Diane gives high praise to Hamburg Teachers and there stand against appr. APPR is under funded and far more expensive than the small amt. of funds allocated to implement & maintain appr. in our schools. Appr is determental to students & teachers. Read her blog, worthwhiile. Many district wide supt. have also expressed concern and the neg effects appr will have on school budgets, students and teachers.

Anonymous said...

To Kudos 3:07 - wait, let me guess - Armor?

Sickos said...

The Armor rep let it leak to our building. I said I voted Yes, but I voted NO. Armor was the only building to vote YES.... 23 Yes and 12 NO. The politics that went on about the vote was sickening. Even the principal Leslie Bennet was getting into it. Sandy and Maureen told us we were getting a good deal, but they are bullies. Maureen is flipping out. Steve called her and she wants to get he union committee together on Monday. Teachers..we need to get rid of Steve and Maureen and John.

Anonymous said... has been updated

Anonymous said...

1. Appeals process is a scam
2. No Elementary curriculum provided by the district YET - it's January. Teachers have been working tirelessly on creating curriculum aligned with new Core Standards
3. Not clear in the APPR doc. what primary grades' assessments are based on - since there's NO CURRICULUM - teachers will be evaluated on assessments given that may not match what was taught!
4. Engage NY "Modules" were thrown at us 2 weeks ago - it's scripted CRAP from the state. Not at all good teaching practice. Check the site.
5. Thank goodness the teachers are fantastic and know what they're doing - our kids would be lost.
6. REALLY? Fire teachers IN THE MIDDLE OF THE YEAR??? Best interest of kids??!!
7. Sick of the intimidation and threats of jobs lost!