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Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hamburg Watchdog has updated their web page.

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Anonymous said...

what happened? What did they do now?

steve lies to public & school board again said...

Supt. has the bored of ed bull s**ted we are not in hta negotiations, Steve sents a letter, but that does not start negotiations. The lame excuse for not supporting the"TRUTH" FROM BEING TOLD.. The HTA leadership should have had the courage to stand up and set the sb straight. We were not in negotiations and Steve Achramovitch lies again.

steve fearful of bd knowing about him said...

Watch Dog

there is one LARGE correction HOLLY BALAYA didn't vote against the MOTION to have all the players on the same page at the same time to hear the facts as to why we voted down APPR (public,school board and Union). It is apparent that Steve Achramovitch is fearful the 5 school board members who voted against this MOTION will realize that he has not been honest with them. Trust and dishonest leadership, Steven Achramovitch.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. S. statement on 1/11/13

was correct when she told Steve Achramovitch and the school board, that the vote "was against you Steve" Achramo's response "no not against me, against the plan" Well Steve on 1/14/13 our resounding response was #1 reason for not passing appr/// did not trust the Supt. All 6 building(ARMOR, CHARLOTTE AVE, UNION PLEASANT, BOSTON VALLEY, MIDDLE SCHOOL, HIGH SCHOOL) Steve saw the charts from all 6 schools, he cannot deny the facts anymore. 90% of us (entire school employees) are unhappy with Steve Achramovitch. Achramovitch has referred to us as idiots, four letter words used on us and at us. Achramovitch is disrespectful to his administrators, yelling at them in groups.
Steve Achramovitch is responsible for our poor morale, he puts on his good face for the school board, but what we see and realize is the other side of him (evil & sinister side).

Anonymous said...

Where the BIG FOUR STAND GUILTY (Joan Calkins, Diane Reynolds, Matt DIls and TOM FLYNni) not just the loss of classroom teachers, middle school classes so large difficult to give all the attention this age group needs and demands; it is that this school board has allowed Supt. Steven Achramovitch to drive our once great morale into the dirt. We have and what I mean by we is all school district employees have been disrespected at every level by this Supt. I understand that there is no sense to having a conversation with him because he cannot speak the truth and worse yet YOU WILL BE THE TARGET on HIS ELIMINATION LIST. We have a not so intelligent group on this school board who has allowed him to behave toward all staff in a very unprofessional and discusting manner. We have been referred to as "F^^KEN STUPID". Called our maint. personal idiots, targets anyone he pleases, and worse yet Steve Achramovitch enjoys it. He is fearful the school board will get onto him. Small wonder look at his hx in education not so good.

Anonymous said...

The morale in this school district has been terrible for the past 2 1/2 years - and continues to get worse. So looking forward to the BOE elections in May - hope some caring people decide to run!

Glad to see the Buffalo News was at the BOE meeting and ran an article - EXCELLENT comment from an HTA member online!

Someone who cares.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear Matt Dils speak at the board meeting? Boy is he stupid. Zero college credits!

Ellen said...

How did Holly Ballya vote on this? The teachers are thinking she voted against them and her mom? COncerned Hamburger please post the vote and the motion so we can see it. Why doesnt the board want to meet with the teachers?