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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This is why we have courts.

There has been talk and more talk about APPR, and why it failed in Hamburg.  

Most people understand that the teachers in Hamburg are great and are not afraid to be evaluated.  Heck, as we have learned, Hamburg teachers have been evaluated for years under an award winning model of teacher observation and evaluation called- HEMIO. 
As most are aware, with the exception of the majority of the Board of Education, APPR failed because teachers do not trust Steven Achramovitch (duh!) and Joan Calkins.  And, the teachers were irate when they learned one of their own, Colleen Kaney,  made threats to staff members about their jobs.  

The teachers voted down APPR overwhelmingly, and will likely do so again, if the Board of Education fails to see Steve as the culprit.

It dawned on Concerned Hamburger upon reflection on the "fairness" of this mess to the children of New York State, and it seems that Andrew Cuomo, Commissioner King and NYSED is violating our NYS Constitution by failing to provide a sound basic education to our children.  

Me Andrew,
You peasant

But as we have all learned, Andrew Cuomo doesn't take much concern when trampling on our rights that are enshrined in both the U.S. and NYS Constitutions.

New York State Constitution

Section 1.  The legislature shall provide for the maintenance and support of a system of free common schools, wherein all the children of this state may be educated. (Formerly §1 of Art. 9. Renumbered by Constitutional Convention of 1938 and approved by vote of the people November 8, 1938.)

Further research reveals that many NYC area parents, on behalf of their children, are suing Gov. Cuomo, Commissioner King and the NYS Education Department for failing to provide a sound basic education, and for violating the equal protection clause.  

Surely, children in Hamburg deserve the same education as children in Hornell, Frontier and PennYan. 

Isn't  NYS violating the rights of the children of Hamburg by holding school funding hostage?  

The Board of Education fails to see, that until Steve Achramovitch is fired for a myriad of bad decisions and lies, APPR will never pass.  

Concerned asks that all readers view the lawsuit filed by the parents in the NYC Metro area (link below), and that the parents of Hamburg file a similar lawsuit against Cuomo, King and NYSED.  

But, also, the parents of Hamburg should file a lawsuit against the Hamburg Board of Education for failing to removed the biggest impediment to your child's education- Steven Achramovitch.



Anonymous said...

Political blackmail is what this is. RTT (race to the top) a Federal experimental education program has been piloted in 16 States. NYS was rejected during the 1st application for the RTT funds. This expensive experiment to our children's education puts a major emphasis on testing, teaching to the test, a good deal of a teachers evaluation is based on how well his/her students do on these tests. Now, I emphasise this is an experiment actually designed for failing school districts such as Buffalo with a 54% graduation rate.

Legal actions is actually what is needed. Our children should not be held hostage. Now I say we love our children's teachers, we love that they have the advantage to participate in music, art, health. A well balanced educational experience. RTT will take most of this away form our children and this is a big gamble with our children's future, they will never get back what was wasted on rtt [experiment. KUDOS to our Teachers

CAS parents said...

Concerned thanks for the information. We are opt out parents, why all the threats from Albany? I am 3rd generation alum and we have everything in place right now. I am grateful to the teachers for standing up to our Supt. Thank you, parents CAS

Anonymous said...

I have said all along that some school districts are fortunate enough to have school boards and superintendents that are standing up against the state and demanding that education will be full funded by our government in order to provide the education that our children deserve, which the taxpayers have already paid for. However, in Hamburg, our leadership is neither smart enough nor strong enough to do what is right and what is necessary. They have no trouble suing people... Unfortunately they are doing it for their own personal financial benefit.
~ a parent, teacher and taxpayer

theft said...

to line their own pockets with my tax dollars. Board needs to use their own money for their own profit, why use public dollars? This is theft.

parents said...

Shame on our Governor for linking funding to schools (children) to any Union Contracts. This is extortion, with taxes we have already paid to the State of New York.

op out parents

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 2/20/8:03 you hit the nail on the head. "own personal financial benefit". This is as low as it gets. Supt. has rubbed off on what we thought were decent individuals. We see them in a different light now.


Here is the problem- John King wants Arne Duncans Job when Andrew gets Obamas (duh). Collectively these four men have less than 3 years as class room teachers- none of them have enough teaching time to get permanently certified in mentoring, no video- and I understand none have fingerprint clearance. So many they should try teaching first, and get their heads out of their ivy league Joaner Calkins- an effective test taker who has scored well on tests, but has no life experience nor common sense---is that what we want for kids- I think not. Time for a change....perhaps someone should file a federal lawsuit agains Obama and ARNE et. al...for meddling in a state's right- education.

John King NYSED

Tally Ho Room 1 said...

Coleen Kaney- was there an investigation of her alleged remarks? Isnt this a job for David Hoover or Erie One Boces? I know Hoover was called when Gordon Kerr wanted to levy harrassment against two teachers back in 2010- when he and Colleen were "friends'. So where is the investigation? Or is it true that Hamburg only harasses teachers who dont tow the Hamburg line. Call David Hoover, Steve- you know your buddy from your ERIE ONE BOCES DAYS. Or is this a job for Marnie Smiths and Dick Sullivan....why you treating people differently. Tally Ho, perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Flynn you idiot we cannot move forward when you the idiot refuse to listen and accept the fact that we (district employees) "cannot work with Achramo or for achramo". We have no respect for him. acramo is vulgar and inappropriate with us. Students and district employees deserve better. Wake up Tommy you are the fool, we have steve's #

Anonymous said...

What is at the root of our problems here? STEVE ACHRAMOVITCH.

parents said...

if the supt can't work with the teachers and school employees, than why are we keepimg him here.

parents UPES we love our kids teachers.

Anonymous said...

Concerned- Joan Calkins mother was on the BOE when Ogilve was superintendent- and then was a vote when Ogilve went to should fish this out. Joans mom was around when Osbourne was elevated to chief executive thief of the boe. Does Joan take her mom's direction? Dig into the old BOE minutes. Joan Calkins is the reason the district is where it is.....she has blinders on for stevie. THey will bring financial ruin to the district.

Anonymous said...

Hamburg-SUNY Fredonia mark 40th
The Fredonia-Hamburg Teacher Education Center collaboration places Fredonia State College student teachers in Hamburg Schools classrooms under the mentorship of a cooperating teacher. This compentency-based program is structured so that the student teachers have three placements in Hamburg from September to May. About 25 Fredonia seniors a year are accepted as teaching interns at Hamburg. They are mentored by 40-50 cooperating Hamburg teachers.

Carolyn Mooney has been the center's coordinator for 20 years. Next school year, she will be succeeded by Boston Valley Elementary teacher Jackie Rasulo.