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Friday, March 22, 2013

2009-10 School Year Ended with a $4,212,289 fund balance

 Since, May 2010, Hamburg Schools have lost approximately 56 teachers. Some of the teacher positions were not replaced after retirements, but many of the loses were due to program cuts and apparent mismanagement of funds.  

According to the recent 2013-14 budget presentations, the district ended the 2009-2010 school year with a whopping $4.2 million dollar fund balance (surplus).  
Concerned Hamburger wonders, with that much of a fund balance why did former Superintendent Mark Crawford and former Associate Superintendent Gordon Kerr lay off 12.7 teachers in May of 2010.  
When there is money in the bank, and the kids are in the classrooms, there is no basis for cutting staff.  
Kerr and Crawford exited the school district abruptly, and the full extent of their lack of leadership and the damage to the schools is still unknown to the taxpayers. 

Joan embraces Steve in August 2010

In August 2010, in comes Mighty Acramomouse- and swoops up Joan Calkins, to save the day.  
Joan was swept from her feet and swooned by the "legal expertise" of Achamomouse.

More teacher cuts would follow, and Achramomouse went on a spending binge with taxpayer dollars.  Under Achramomouse more than 40 teachers have been eliminated leaving many students in the high school and middle school sitting in study halls, and the elementary children have the shortest school day in the area. 

In exchange for the teacher cuts, the Hamburg taxpayers received a permanent negative impact on the Hamburg Schools. 
 Achramomouse who is charged with an ethical responsibility to guard the taxpayer dollars and provide Hamburg kids with the best education the district can financially manage instead chose to use taxpayer dollars on astronomical legal expenses, frivolous lawsuits and expensive consultants. 

May 2010 12.7 teachers cut
May 2011 23.9 teachers cut
May 2012 18.9 teachers cut

With the Hamburg Bored of Education elections in exactly two months, it seems to Concerned that the  school community must speak loud and clearly in their ouster of Joan Calkins as Bored of Education member and President.  

Dr. Joan Calkins has presided over the darkest days in the history of Hamburg Schools.  

Joan's blind and misplaced trust in Achamomouse has cost Hamburg Central Schools dearly. 

Joan and Steve are revealed for their dirty antics


Anonymous said...

Superintendent Achramovitch works hard and deserves more respect. He keeps his chin up when rude ignorant people antagonize him publicly. Kudos!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious.....8.08 p.m.. Ignorant people? Do you mean the public??? Check out Steves work record in Kenton and Greece....and now Hamburg. Must be Joan writing the idiot comments.

Anonymous said...

referring to anonymous March 22 8:08.

Do you mean when the public speaks the truth or makes a constructive criticism they are rude and antagonizing? Let me say one of his supposed supporters Harold Johnson torn into him at the last public meeting, perhaps this is what you are referring to. Problem Harold was correct. Steve is shallow and we are beginning to see it. Mr. Achramovitch is sneaky and we don't believe a word that he utters. He is abusing us here.

Anonymous said...

Our morale is low because of Acramo and Joan.
Did you see why appr voted down? #1 reason no trust in Steve and Joan. Just stating a statistical fact. Both are concerned now,, Steve needs Joan and Joan believes she needs Steve. Steve Achramovitch and Dr. Calkins need to remake themselves into something they are not CARING.

Steve will do whatever it takes to keep his big fat pay check coming in. It is obvious that this is Joan and Steves new stage show.

kudos concerned said...

Concerned you expressed it perfectly. Clever

morale abuse said...

Anonymous 8:08 you have it backwards Superintendent Achramovitch antagonizes us. He abuses his position to punish teachers and staff. As it was adequately stated appr voted down by 75% because of the distrust of the Superintendent and President of the School Board. Just pointing out the facts.

AES said...

Even Armor sees

change please said...

Steve's few supporters are abandoning him. Vote No on Dr. Joan Calkins and it is a No vote for Steve Achramovitch.

Union Leaders stay strong get out your memberships vote and we can make change.

Anonymous said...

No the girl friend perhaps

Anonymous said...

Blown through almost three quarters of a million bucks on Achramovitch's lawyers. Just as reported in Greece 3 million.
Why are we paying for the Supt. to sue individuals for hthe superintendant's own pocket. Sounds corrupt or at the least wrong.

Our taxes to personally benefit Superintendant financially.

So wrong on all levels, just sayin

Anonymous said...

Word on the Street is that Harold Johnson scolded Steve and barb at the budget meeting. People are saying Harold told Steve the budget looked like it was put together by High School kids. When asked what to cut. dummies Steve and Barb did tell them what what cutable. Really Steve, not everyone is an idiot like Joan Calkins and her Bored of Education.